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63. Randall Orton.

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Randall now faces his JUDGMENT~


Match Quality: This can't be too high, because for most non-important filler, his matches are slow and boring as fuck because of his neverending chinlocks. However, for most PPV matches outside the HHH disasters in 2004-05, he brings the quality. His selling is top-notch, and Randy can tell a great story in the ring. His concussion angle a few years ago was extremely believable, and even fooled the biggest smarks. 18/25


Sexxiness: Randall could be a legit model in any form. His body is perfect. His face is perfection. Sexy, yet rugged and tough looking. The full package. 35/35


Charisma, whatever Unfortunately, Randall can be rather on/off with his promos. Sometimes he'll stumble over his words, and sometimes he'll sound great. Randall plays a great heel, and despite what the jealous dorks here say, he gets good heel heat when the angle isn't ridiculous. As far as facial reactions, Randall is up near the top. You just want to smack him in the face when he does his smirks and shit. If only he could be given that one angle that really makes his heel character shine. The Evolution stuff was a great start, but it's all gone downhill from there. But, eventually WWE will get it right with Randall... they won't stop until they try 10000 times. 35/40


Randall Orton: 88%


Very good. Randy is definitely one of the best stars in wrestling.


Samoa Joe will be next.

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I fast forward through most wrestlers' chinlock sequences. But not Orton's, because they're WRENCHING~


The only WWE wrestlers who really interest me in the ring nowadays are Orton, Spirit Squad, and Finlay. I'd deduct only a few points from Orton's (WWE style) in-ring grade. He needs to bust out an Ortonsault.


5 point deduction in the character section is a bit harsh. Who hasn't messed up a little in a live promo? He shined in the RNN and Legend Killer angles. Although that was a while ago. Uh, he also killed Undertaker with Eddie's lowrider! Hey, it isn't his fault that he doesn't get used properly.


His handsomeness is indisputable.



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Finlay is another good one to do. Thanks for the idea.


Randall messes up a little too much. Also, he struggles with longer promos. The RNN stuff was gold, though. He needs to be more like that, and hopefully that comes around since he's on Raw and won't be going on Eddie or playing with his dad.


I'd also like to see him bust out an Ortonsault. I'm sure he's capable of it.

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I'd like to see Orton pull out a Swanton Bomb.


His voice grates on my nerves too much for me to consider him as a good promo cutter, and I'm a spotfest fan, so any wrestler doing an orthodox rest hold bores me. Fair point on the RNN and Evolution promos, though.

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he'll be where he needs to be by 07...no doubt in my mind. He's been humbled due to his backstage crap, he's getting better and better in the ring, despite what the haters say. Just keep him heel, WWE....just keep him heel.

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He has, undeniably, the best pose in wrestling.


It's a combo of the pose and the look of the man himself, however.


Plus he needs the golden sparks back.

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I only liked him when he was paired up w/ Cowboy Bob . . . and that was for seeing Bobbo be a better heel at 50+ years old than his baby boy.


Ok ok ok . . . I marked for the RNN stuff too.

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