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  1. Kardo

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Tenays way of talking and facial expressions make me want to knock him out.
  2. Kardo

    A Small History of My Declined Interest

    Cena-Orton from Summerslam is awesome (2007) . Cena-HBK (WM and the Raw match), the match he had with HHH after the draft (Night of Champions). The Batista match from Summerslam (2008) was great too. Really exciting match, reminded me of the Batista-Taker match from WM (2007). If you want old school Rico-Cena vs. DOS and Rico-Cena vs. Lesnar-Benjamin from 2001 were also very good.
  3. Kardo

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    He still does the throwback sometimes. it's the move he does where the opponent is bent over and he sort of jumps over them doing a blockbuster sort of move.
  4. After watching the doco about him and his role in WCW with Creative Control and Hogan's own power from his contract, talent leaving here there and everywhere he did pretty decently under the circumstances.
  5. Jericho was joking, he put over ROH for the most part.
  6. Kardo

    Examples of a Wrestler TRULY Being Put Over

    No way, the finish for the No Mercy match killed Jericho's credibility from the start. Had he won clean and beaten him again, then you could make a case, but the Jericho lame duck booking began there when they just didn't put him over The Rock.
  7. Kardo

    Best of Smackdown 2006 Thread

    It's a pretty good show, a lot of the focus is on Rey which is always good.
  8. Meaning what excatly? Whoever gets a win is guarnteed a spot in the rumble? Whoever gets the quickest win gets to be No.1 contender for the WWE title.
  9. Smackdown just aired here in Australia. Fridays news is that next week the "Smackdown Sprint" (fastest win) will take place and determine the Number 1 Contender for the Royal Rumble.
  10. Kardo

    WON News + Notes for TNA

    It's actually 2 weeks, we're not that far behind down here.
  11. I still think Mysterio should be booked as a crafty 15 year vet like he really is.
  12. Kardo

    Dumbest Songs of all time

    I wish I was a punk rocker - Sandi Thom, terrible sub-standard pop song.
  13. Kardo

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Special Edition

    Personally I think LOTR has a weak ending... Even thought it reading the book. (spoiler thoughts) Aragorn should have gotten to the cave just after Frodo, and held the ring over the flames while Gollum and Frodo fought, debating with himself, then finally dropping it in. Everything else could have been exactly the same, just with a more satifactory "Aragorn isn't like his fore-fathers" payoff.
  14. Yeah, Mayfair is the most expensive property in Monopoly UK version.
  15. Kardo

    5 Star Tag Matches

    Southern Boys vs. Midnight Express from the GAB 1990. Unbelieveable match. As Cornette points out, they were in Baltimore and the Southern Boys were faces teh action was so great.