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    So mycomputercareer.com; is it worth it?

    I've been mulling whether or not to take these IT classes through mycomputercareer.com. It costs 25,000 bucks and it gets me seven different certifications as well as guaranteed job placement upon completion of the course. The computer business is pretty recession proof and the pay is good so I figured it might be worth a shot. However, I'm already up to my elbows in school debt from college, so having another debt to pay off doesn't sound too appealing. Not sure if I can do two four hour classes a week either at this stage. Anybody done this type of thing before? Anybody have any of these certifications (A+ certified, Cisco certifications, Microsoft certifications)? If so, how hard were they to get? Thanks beforehand.
  2. AboveAverage484

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    I have to give props to Newton. The guy has probably has probably faced more tough opponents in his career than anyone else.
  3. AboveAverage484

    The Sweet 16 & Elite 8 Thread

    Dama, always the positive thinker.
  4. AboveAverage484

    Japanese MMA Thread

    Schiavello only works in small doses for me.
  5. AboveAverage484

    Japanese MMA Thread

    You're thinking of Michael Schiavello, him and Ray are actually pretty good friends. Maeda holding the HW title is good for K-1 in Japan until he eventually faces Hari and gets murdered.
  6. AboveAverage484

    Japanese MMA Thread

    The Remy/Alistair fight was pretty boring, definitely not what a lot of people were expecting. The rest of the night was great, Japan finally has a legitimate K-1 champion, believe it or not. Spong naturally didn't look as quick or as smooth with all the extra weight; hopefully he will be better prepared next time he fights.
  7. Usually the live-action movies do a better job at making the characters look "realistic." Kind of not the case here... and that's still taking into consideration that this was a guy that wore a hood with eye holes in it the majority of the time and the rest of the time wore a blue helmet with an anti-tamper self destruct mechanism installed in it.
  8. AboveAverage484

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Gegard Mousasi's first fight at 205 will be against Sokoudjou at DREAM 9: http://fiveouncesofpain.com/2009/03/27/geg...djou-at-dream9/
  9. AboveAverage484

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Speaking of Brazilian kicks...
  10. AboveAverage484

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    I've always thought Nogueira was a terrible styles matchup for Randy, but after the Mir fight I might have to rethink that opinion. With that said, I still have Nog.
  11. AboveAverage484

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD talk

    Is the cage match with DiBiase the one where a fan starts climbing the cage before Virgil pulls him down? I seem to remember that being the most famous match of theirs, but I had thought it was in July of '88, rather than June.
  12. AboveAverage484

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Well, I guess what I meant to say was that the LW division is so stacked that being outside the top 15 or 20 in a weight class is far from top level when you consider the fighters above him. Heck, the top 50 LW's in the world are probably collectively pound for pound better than the top 20 HW's. Have I confused you yet?
  13. AboveAverage484

    Saturday Night's Main Event

    Has anyone else noticed Akeem falling out of the ring while running the ropes during the Mega Powers/Twin Towers match? It doesn't look like it was intentional either, he just flies through the ropes and splats on the outside. It's pretty far off to the left of the camera and I believe it cut away to the back or something right after, IIRC.
  14. AboveAverage484

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Even if he wins the fight, I don't think it's enough for anybody to say "he's back." Nakakura has potential, but he is still far from being a top level fighter.
  15. AboveAverage484

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    5/10 Shooto card has Gomi back against Takashi Nakakura. Also, Kotetsu Boku is fighting Yutaka Ueda which should be great, while Rumina Sato will be taking on Lion Takeshi. http://www.mmafighting.com/news/2009/03/20...s-shooto-may-10
  16. AboveAverage484

    Yahoo NCAA Tourney Pick 'em

  17. AboveAverage484

    College Basketball: March '09

    Bob is slowly turning me around on Memphis. Even considering they lost Rose and Douglas-Roberts, their team arguably still has the most tournament experience out of it's remaining players, with the exception of Carolina and UCLA. They have the potential to take it all the way to the final game again this year.
  18. AboveAverage484

    The Indiana Pacers may have to move

    Really? I have heard conflicting statements concerning the following question, so I will ask it with the hope of getting more clarification. So when the Sonics move and become the Thunder, did the Sonics franchise become defunct as an organization and the Thunder become a new one, with new records and everything?
  19. AboveAverage484

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Believe it or not, Fire Pro Wrestling has had the best video game MMA simulation. The "Critical" just adds a whole new level of unpredictability into the mix.
  20. AboveAverage484

    College Basketball: March '09

    Because it wasn't a foul. At least not in my biased opinion.
  21. AboveAverage484

    Sporcle Thread

    Whoops, sorry, I just spoiler tagged my stuff. Team's all-time leading scorers was fun. I got 25/30, IIRC.
  22. AboveAverage484

    Sporcle Thread

    I got the same, I actually got lucky and got just guessing common NBA names. I missed
  23. AboveAverage484

    Sporcle Thread

    I got 19/20 on NBA all-time scorers and like 14/20 on assists. I think I got all of the 20 highest scoring games, but those are easier since one answer can count more than once (e.g. Chamberlain had multiple appearances.)
  24. AboveAverage484

    The WKO 100 is Finally in!

    Where's the DVDVR 500 when you need it?
  25. AboveAverage484

    UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine

    It does suck, I heartily agree. It seems that they have gotten pussier with the stoppages lately, though, but this is not the way to go about rectifying that situation.