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  1. Cavi

    Battlestar Galactica

    Yeah, the short rules. It's awesome when Jane Espenson thinks that Bear is an actual bear. "That must be the most talented bear in the world!"
  2. Cavi

    Battlestar Galactica

    The ep did feature a cameo appearance from series music composer Bear McCreary, though! He was in the background during the scene at the bar. It was a very small, but cool bit; would have been more obvious had he been the one playing the piano.
  3. Cavi

    New Clue

    My sister owns that PC game. I don't think even Tim Curry could have saved it had he been in it. She also has the SNES Clue game, which was actually decent from what I remember. I would rather have a scythe than an ax.
  4. Cavi

    The Dark Knight

    I don't think I've ever heard this reasoning for liking one movie in a series over the other ever in my life. My above post wasn't very clear. The loud sound wasn't much of a factor in my liking the first film more than the new one. It was more of a general issue I had with watching the film in the theater. Strictly speaking about the film itself, I just enjoyed the story, action, and atmosphere of Batman Begins a bit more.
  5. Cavi

    The Dark Knight

    I saw the film on Imax last week. I enjoyed it, but liked Batman Begins more. An issue I had was that the sound was too damn loud. Granted, that is really a problem with the industry itself, but it was so loud that it detracted from the experience. Dialogue during action scenes was particularly hard to make out due to the distortion. Sod the loudness wars.
  6. Cavi

    Ad Campaigns - Past, Present, and Future

    The Tommy Tallarico ad from that second 1UP article rules. Awesome clothes. The print ad for the Genesis game Skitchin' always comes to mind - "Skitchin' is Bitchin'!" In more recent times, when the PS2 first came out and there was a shortage of the console, Sega ran that print ad mocking Sony's troubles. It had a kid sticking out his tongue. Funny how the Dreamcast was dead shortly after.
  7. Cavi


    I received Boom Blox as a birthday present the other week. It's a fun game, except that the Wii can barely run it on some levels. The frame rate gets killed and the system sounds like it's going to die from exhaustion. The Wii itself has been so unreliable for me. It often has trouble simply booting games. Other times, the games will boot, but the load times will be out of wack. When I first played the new Mario Kart, I thought I was playing a Sega CD game with the long load times. After taking the game out and restarting, it played fine. I just read that the system is prone to problems with dust, but I'm fastidious about keeping my stuff clean. Weaksauce.
  8. Cavi


    Some Wii thoughts, as I just recently played the console for the first time. My sister bought one solely to play Mario Galaxy and some VC games. I have never had much of an interest in the console, though after playing Galaxy, I liked the game enough to finish it in the past week. I was surprised that a live orchestra was used for a great deal of the soundtrack. Sounded good. There is something about the ergonomics of the classic controller that doesn't jive with my hands. The layout of the buttons and/or the travel when pressing them down makes my fingers very fatigued. I can only last for a few stages in Shinobi III before I want to quit in discomfort.
  9. Cavi

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Yeah, I remember that Shenmue stuff. GameSpot said that they neglected aspects of the game (or some BS) in their first review when they changed the score. I guess they didn't fully appreciate FREE at first. On the GameFan FFVIII review subject, the word was that Square was none too pleased with the bad review, and pulled advertising from the magazine due to it.
  10. Cavi

    What are you listening to right now?

    "Polyrhythm" from Perfume.
  11. Cavi

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I remember the GameFan slur drama, in addition to their FFVIII review drama. I was a big reader of the magazine throughout its run, especially due to their SNK coverage. Their reviews also didn't read like press releases as with many other mags. Nice screenshots, as well. I totally marked out when they printed the movelists for Way of the Warrior. The current Hardcore Gamer publication is similar to GF in staff and content. They review stuff like Cave STGs. Cool.
  12. Cavi

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I played Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at the arcade the other day, and I was reminded of just how bland and boring the game's stages are. The 3D stuff makes the sprites look even nastier. I had also forgotten about that "Take You For A Ride" music. I saw that Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is soon to be released in the US for PS2. Did the game turn out to be any good? It has been a few years since its original release. I'm tempted, simply because Mudman is a playable character.
  13. Cavi

    Are arcades dead to you?

    Proper arcades are completely dead here. There is an uber small arcade "room" located on the local university campus. Visiting it these days is depressing, as it used to be part of a booming, full on arcade. They have like MvC2, VF4, one of the older DDRs, and Police Trainer. I wish they would get a Beatmania or Para Para Paradise. The cool thing is that they still have the same exact Bubble Bobble machine they have had since I started going there as a child in the 80s! The game's music still rules.
  14. Cavi

    Poll: How do you say "NES/SNES"?

    "Ness" and "Super Ness"! I remember phoning the GamePro tips hotline back in the day, and the dude on the line called the SNES the "Super Snezz" for some goofy reason. My friend's Dad used to call every game console the "Intendo"; "That damn Intendo will mess you up real good!" even if we were using the Genesis.
  15. Cavi

    Ninja Warrior

    I always seem to catch the show whenever they are just on the first stage. I did see comedian Korikki Choshu on an ep though, which I got a bit of a kick out of.