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  1. The second and third were better I think. Especially the second.


    I was really disappointed by Joe/Kobashi though. It was nowhere near as good as some people had been shilling it as. The crowd heat was great but it was pretty paint by numbers for Kobashi. If you want to see some good Kobashi you should find the tag team match he and Go Shiosaki had with Sasaki and Nakijima. Or older All Japan stuff againt Steve Williams.

  2. I'm right on the coast. It's more conservative but not ultra conservative like alot of the states in America.


    Despite being in the conservative area British Columbia has a horrible crime rate. I live in Abbotsford and we were the Murder Capital of Canada in 2003, and now we have the third worst crime rate in the country. And we're not even a major city.


    You should see all the hippies in Vancouver though. There's always a shit load of them sitting at the Museum or the Library. They don't even have anything to protest most of the time.


    I'll wing a water bottle at them for you tomorrow.