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  1. DokDoyle

    Monday Night Wars

    It was 100% real. They were on a TNN talk show called "Crook & Chase". It was essentially a TNN version of Regis & Kathie Lee. I remember my Dad calling me into his bedroom and asked me who they were, since he watched TNN every night before going to sleep. They also had Sting on a few months before Undertaker & Paul Bearer appeared. Paul Bearer had a picture of him and Taker with some people at the afformentioned taping. The other people in that picture are The Bellamy Brothers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bellamy_Brothers
  2. DokDoyle

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    Dustin Diamond Vs Danny Bonaduchi (Sp?) for the ECW title That's a wrestlemania match of the year right there
  3. DokDoyle

    Final Resolution 2008 thread

    SO I came in a little late...What happened with JB
  4. DokDoyle

    Tuesday's "Blockbuster Announcement"

    http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2008/06/02/5746911-ap.html Wrestling boss Vince McMahon promotes show with $1 million giveaway LOS ANGELES - Wrestling fans eager to get their hands on Vince McMahon's money will have to jump through a few hoops first. The World Wrestling Entertainment chairman announced during last week's "Monday Night Raw" that he would give away $1 million of his own wealth to viewers, but he didn't specify when or how it would be distributed. The cash will be given away as part of a lengthy promotional sweepstakes, McMahon and the WWE told The Associated Press. For a chance to win a part - but not all - of the $1 million, viewers must pre-register on WWE.com and then watch the beginning of "Raw" each week to receive a special code, which viewers must tell McMahon if he calls them during the live broadcast. The code will change each week of the promotion and will not be revealed until the beginning of each episode. While the USA Network series continues to be one of the most watched shows on cable TV, its ratings have recently declined. Last Monday's episode received the lowest ratings in five years, according to Nielsen Media Research. McMahon said his goal with the giveaway, which begins June 9, is to reward loyal "Raw" fans and draw new and former viewers back to the show. -
  5. DokDoyle

    RAW XV

    Have you got the latest version of Windows Media Player? A lot of new media online won't play without it. I can't get anything to load in firefox at all, I ended up using the IEtab extention, seems to let everything load fine I'm watching this when I get home from Work...from what I heard I can't wait.
  6. DokDoyle

    The Old School questions thread

    If anyone has a copy of the "Get the F Out" video, I've been looking for it for awhile and can't see it anywhere. Thanks in Advance
  7. DokDoyle

    Summer Television

    I just watched the whole run of the show in a marathon today. I love this show.
  8. DokDoyle

    Professional Wrestling in 1995

    Very interesting, where did you find it?
  9. DokDoyle

    More comes from tonights tapings.....

    This is Awesome *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* This is Awesome *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP*
  10. DokDoyle

    The Youtube Thread

    I asked this question over at DVDVR, but I guess I didn't kiss someone's ring or something before I did it so it got erased. I'm looking for the interview that The Rock did the night that Austin Walked out on the WWE. I think it was June 10, 2002. I don't know if it's not been posted or if I'm just not getting the right tags. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  11. DokDoyle

    OAO Monday Night Raw Thread- June 11, 2007

    Too bad they already used Monty Brown, he'd of been perfect for that
  12. DokDoyle

    OAO Monday Night Raw Thread- June 11, 2007

    Cole's skittles sell sucked...Have JR show him how to do it !!
  13. DokDoyle

    Full SNME Spoilers

    How far back was SNME pushed back? I was watching on NBC and at 12:30 it was still local news due to the stanley cup finals game running late. luckily for me, I could just turn over to Global to see it on time. How lucky are they that the game didn't go into OT?
  14. DokDoyle

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    The official NWA announcement
  15. DokDoyle

    WWE ends relationship with DSW

    weird, as I just saw last night on the fight network that they were going to start showing Deep south. I thought WWE wanted to stay away from The Fight network. Maybe that's got something to do with it