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  1. RHR

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    True. Of course maybe, just maybe, they could try to build someone else up, too. My main point is that I don't "hate" Cena, I'm just somewhat sick of him. I can completely see why he gets the UBER push (Money!).
  2. RHR

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    See Steve Austin, 2001. True, but that's why I added the young part. With Austin they ran out of ideas. I think a downfall into evil and the subsequent face turn could be amazing if done right. And Cena is young enough to recover if it went wrong.
  3. RHR

    Working on a theory.

    Don't. Stop. Believing. No, really. Please stop. And before I go, isn't "South Detroit" in fucking Canada? And also, Total Eclipse of the Heart. I leave my bar everytime that fucking song comes on.
  4. RHR

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    I don't hate John Cena per se, but, the way he is booked is completely unlikable. It's beyond stale. I actually think he is being stunted by being such an uber-Face that it could hurt his long term legacy. A heel turn would keep him fresh and add new edges to his character. In fact, if pulled off right a heel turn could lead to a more believable Face status down the road. He's young and doesn't appear to be going anywhere, so, why not switch it around for a bit?
  5. Fake Wrestlers Pinned Down By State's Department of Licensing By Nick Wingfield, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition SEATTLE -- Among the enduring questions of modern times is whether professional wrestling is real or pretend. Washington-state bureaucrats have opened a new chapter in the debate by ruling that wrestling is a real form of sport even when it consists of a man in a banana suit performing fake kung-fu moves in a tavern. A group called Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling has for six years packed bars around this city with its lampoons of World Wrestling Entertainment, the pro league. Cast members have included a husky everyman who likes to tick off environmentalists by boasting about chopping down trees, and Ronald McFondle, a raunchy rendition of a clown character, who finishes off his opponents with a lewd gesture ( Just so you know...it's the SHOCKER). They grapple on foam pads placed on stages in bars, not in rings. Washington state's Department of Licensing takes the high jinks seriously. Earlier this month, it classified the performances as "sports entertainment." The ruling means the spoofers must meet safety regulations and could force the league to post a $10,000 bond, station medical personnel at events and buy a regulation wrestling ring. The league, "SSP" for short, says those costs would bust its shoestring budget. It says it will appeal the ruling but has halted matches for now. The Seattle league calls itself "fight cabaret" -- in essence, theater with singlets, suplexes and sweat, as unworthy of regulation as a Shakespeare play. "It's a bunch of grown men and women in costumes pretending to be professional wrestlers," says David Osgood, the league's lawyer. "It is to wrestling as 'West Side Story' is to actual gang relations." The licensing department says it doesn't care that SSP is faking it. State laws define a "wrestling show" or "wrestling exhibition" as "a form of sports entertainment in which the participants display their skills in a physical struggle against each other in the ring and either the outcome may be predetermined or the participants do not necessarily strive to win, or both." Authentic pro wrestling "is just as much theater as these guys claim to be," says Christine Anthony, a department spokeswoman. The WWE is considered sports entertainment and needs a license to perform in the state, she says. A WWE spokesman says its matches are scripted, with a predetermined winner and loser. He declined to comment on the Seattle league. The Seattle league debuted in 2003 as an "art joke" to make fun of pro-wrestling antics, says Nathaniel Pinzon, a bouncer at a gay karaoke club who started it with friends. There's little in common between the physiques of muscular WWE wrestlers and those of SSP members, many of whom are under 6 feet tall and don't appear to spend much time in the gym. SSP wrestlers are volunteers who don't earn money from performances. SSP performers do mimic the choreographed violence of pro wrestling, clobbering each other with folding chairs, hopping from ladders onto opponents and pile-driving them headfirst into the floor. The league used to encourage spectators to pelt wrestlers with empty beer cans but stopped when unruly patrons threw full cans; the league began passing out plastic balls, instead. There was usually a cover charge to get into bars where its matches were held, typically between $5 and $8. The league says most proceeds go towards costumes and props. Most SSP performances are more racy, political or downright absurd than pro wrestling. Mr. Pinzon wrestles as the vainglorious Deevious Silvertongue, dressed like a glam rocker in a satin outfit and cape -- a "mix between Liberace and David Bowie," he said as he tried on the costume in the dingy backroom of a bar near the Seattle Space Needle where SSP has performed. The smackdown by the state started because of a grudge match between the league and The Banana, played by a wrestler named Paul Richards. Mr. Richards, a driver for a mail-services company, says he left the league in April because of plans to sideline his character. The league had named Lucas Keyes, a videogame programmer, as the Second Banana to be a sidekick to The Banana. In a match, the league says it planned to have the Second Banana betray The Banana, defeating Mr. Richards's character. Mr. Richards says he quit rather than lose top-banana status. After he says he heard that members were making fun of him behind his back, Mr. Richards says he took retribution by emailing the licensing department in June and telling officials he believed SSP was violating the law. "The guy in the clown outfit kept running his mouth," says Mr. Richards, 40 years old, who says he enjoys playing a real-life "heel" -- the wrestler that audiences love to boo. The clown in question is Josh Kuntz, who plays Ronald McFondle, a perpetually mock-soused sendup of Ronald McDonald who has eyebrows shaped like the McDonald's arches and wears red high tops. Mr. Kuntz says he never spoke ill of Mr. Richards. "None of us knew he was upset," says Mr. Kuntz, 31, who works as a deejay. A spokesman for McDonald's Corp. said he wasn't aware of the Seattle sendup. "There's only one Ronald McDonald," he said. Mr. Richards says he took wrestling more seriously than other league members and had little interest in the clowning. The SSP league is "a living cartoon," says Mr. Keyes, the other banana. "The Banana is a joke," says Mr. Keyes, 28, whose character evolved into the Kung Fu Banana, who boasts of his potassium power. "It's like you're given a role in 'Dumb and Dumber' and try to act like Sidney Poitier." In a document containing its March 6 ruling, the state licensing department said two unnamed Seattle police officers reported on an August match. "Although the physical contact was light, there were acrobatic stunts such as the performers jumping into the air approximately four feet and landing on the neck of another performer," one of the officers wrote in his report. "There were flips, kicks and face slapping all in the show." Later, an SSP performer got onstage and boasted: "I'm telling you and the whole world this wrestling is not fake. It is for real!" according to a report from one of the officers. Mr. Osgood says the performer's comments were part of an "'it's all real' schtick." In the league's appeal, Mr. Osgood says he'll argue that Washington's ruling violates First Amendment free-speech rights. He says the move threatens everything from jello wrestlers to actors engaging in a sword fight in "Hamlet" with burdensome regulations. "We're in 'Looney Tunes' territory here," he says. Write to Nick Wingfield at [email protected] It was also a topic on Fox NewsFox Newsi I am the lead announcer for this, and I tell you this as a life long wrestling fan....this is local (bad) theater...it's funny...and it is a thing we started to support friend's local bands....and then it got bigger. I was hesitant to post this...but...I think some of you will find the irony of what we do. Thanks for reading.
  6. RHR

    Nineties Runoff

    Some of my favorites from the 90s that I didn't see: "Ditty" by Paperboy "I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)" by Hi-Five "Plowed" by Sponge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHjdmNLs0go AND FUCK THE FACT THAT THIS WAS NOT ON THE "LIST"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obXsstZWDz8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHjdmNLs0go
  7. RHR

    On Display Name Changes

    Mine did the same thing. Anyway I can change this? Sorry...I know...7 years as a lurker you'd figure I'd know these things by now. Hell, I didn't even know my aol address was still on file. I haven't used it in YEARS.
  8. RHR

    Your 10 Favorite Albums

    No order except the first one, of the top of my head things I can clean my apartment to, drive to, smoke to, drink to, and fuck to: DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN-Bruce Springsteen Vitalogy-Pearl Jam Revolver-The Beatles Grace-Jeff Buckley New American Language-Dan Bern Fire!-Electric Six What's Going On?-Marvin Gaye My Favorite Things-John Coltrane Back In Black-AC/DC Otis Redding-Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
  9. RHR

    WWE SmackDown - February 20, 2009

    No, I like this. Let Koslov fight the winner of JBL/HBK, then throw more people in---and end this "Round Robin" sort tournament with Shawn winning because he wants this more. Make beating Taker that important. I like it.
  10. RHR

    Pictures I Like

    I know these guys quite well, and have worked a few shows with them (I am an announcer/performer for a Fighting Cabaret (Long story, we are not WRESTLING, even if the state of Washington thinks so and is trying to shut us down. Just look up Seattle Semi Pro Wrestling). And Bacon Salt/Baconaisse is amaing. Go to their website and there are a shit ton of recipes that rock. Just last night after No Way Out, we ordered plain cheese pizza and just sprinkled Bacon Salt on it. And their promotions are great...I'll post their new ad campaign here when I get it (It's a really funny picture). In fact, that's how I got tickets to the show: I'm Bacon. Audio From Kofi and Mickie vs. Bacon.
  11. RHR

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    With Orton's nearly "tweener" act lately, does he have what it takes to parlay it into "so bad he's cool=face" level? The guy's T-Shirt is selling fast (according to 411mania.com), his reactions are huge, and a big win at Mania against a huge opponent could be great. I'd love to see a heel "alliance" wherin Stephanie sides with Randy, who in turn reaches out to form a RKO reunion, with Edge and Vikki running SD and Steph and Randy running RAW. Making life for HHH and whatever face is on RAW living hell. It'd be an interesting post-WM storyline.
  12. RHR

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Definite: Walter Jones Maybe: Tatupu with a few more good years, maybe a ring. Former player not eligible yet: Shaun Alexander. A longshot, but, did score 100 TD's, and an MVP. Also, Holmgren ain't a player...but he's a lock for Coach eventually. SEATTLE MARINERS Definite: Ichiro. I am saying definite because once he gets past 2500 hits, it's a done deal. Hell...if he makes it to 3000 he might be first ballot. Former players not eligible: Edgar Martinez. Not his fault they didn't play him full time until he was 28. Best DH ever. And, a Seattle institution. Also, Ken Griffey Jr will go in as a Mariner I think. Jamie Moyer is making a run at a Vet's Pick. Randy Johnson won't go in as a Mariner, I think. He might though. CHICAGO CUBS Definite: Eh. This all depends on if guys like Ramierez, Lee, and Soriano can win a ring. If they do, punch their tickets. I think a Cubs World Series win would give a Cubs bump to the standouts on the team. And I would like to add, that he hasn't played for them in over 30 years, but, god dammit, put RON SANTO in before all of his limbs are removed. Do it already.
  13. RHR

    Oscar Nominations Thread

    1. This is two years in a row the Best Song from the Golden Globes DID NOT EVEN GET NOMINATED: "Guaranteed" Eddie Vedder, "The Wrestler" Bruce Springsteen I am a HUGE FAN of both artists, but, even objectively I cannot fathom how neither got NOMINATED. Especially Springsteen, since a)brings in viewers; and b) the song is the perfect companion to the movie. 2. Also on the songs, "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" was eligible? Man...they should have had fun with it and done both the "Sarah Marshall" song and "Rock Me Sexy Jesus". I would have watched the Oscars for both of those alone. 3. On that Top Ten link, how did two critics put "Twilight" in their list? What? What? I feel bad for anyone subjected to those reviews. 4. Fuck The Reader. I saw it. "Yawn". Although, Kate naked was a great thing.
  14. #1-5485 Everyone else. #5486: Marvin In all seriousness: Bobbarron Fazzle JAxl UYI Kinetic and Dandy