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    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    Actually, I think he wanted to build up Santino to fight Angle, actually. I don't think he was ever supposed to feud with Punk in ECW... OVW maybe. Both Puder and Santino were really good at doing the pseudo-MMA style... it looked really good, especially since Al Snow is pretty familiar with that style.
  2. Fro

    ECW 3/6/2007

    Burke's way better than Orlando Jordan... the guy had good matches with all sorts of stiffs like Matt Morgan and Shad Gaspard (back when he was "Da Beast" in OVW and was useless). Since he's heel, WWE probably isn't letting him work that underdog babyface style.
  3. Fro

    Impact Spoilers

    Last xplosion/dark match is very interesting as it points to Cornette getting some booking power with two former OVW teams (Riggs Brothers and the Heartbreakers). I liked what I saw of the Riggs Brothers a lot and was surprised they got released. You know my opinions already on WWE blowing it with the Heartbreakers.
  4. Fro

    The Beatles' Solo Work

    But for Incandenza to say he had "the least commercially and critically popular solo catalog" discounts how popular his early solo work was, and also how you define "solo" since a great deal of Paul McCartney's later success was when he TECHNICALLY wasn't solo (i.e. songs released by Wings or when he was collaborating with Michael Jackson). That ignores the fact that all of his "hits" were covers or songs George Harrison co-wrote with him, and many of the other Beatles made "guest appearances" on his early albums. Harrison easily had more success than Ringo, and Lennon/McCartney had even more success than Harrison.
  5. Fro

    Best Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five songs....

    "Sports and Wine" is a great rocker too It's pretty much all been covered already besides that... but everything up to and including "Whatever and Ever Amen" is pure gold. There's also good stuff on Autobiography, but that's an entirely different tone.. first few songs + "Army" are amazing though. Rocking the Suburbs is great and his second best album. I don't really care for Saving Silverman. The EPs had their moments. I really hope Folds records his next album with the drummer/bassist he's been touring with lately... they're like the Five... but better.
  6. Fro

    WON News + Notes, December 25th Issue

    Cornette, Russo, and Heyman in a booking meeting would look like some sort of weird Thunderdome/Elimination Chamber match. It would take a hell of a lot more than West and Tenay sitting between them to keep the shit from flying. Although I commend Russo for not taking out after Cornette after listening to Jim bitch about everything he's given (allegedly). Actually Heyman and Cornette are on a lot better terms than Russo and Cornette were. They buried the hatchet in OVW and get along now.
  7. Fro

    WON News + Notes (December 11 Issue)

    Which says to me that they really must not watch that much MMA after all... Exactly... Matt Hughes is 5-9 and probably walks around at 185 or so (and cuts weight to 170) and he's drawn more money in the last year than HHH has in his whole damn career.
  8. Fro

    OAO 12/14 Impact Thread

    Wow, that was one helluva show this week. They obviously did a little too much, as Russo is prone to do, but everything was firing on all cylinders.
  9. Fro

    OAO TNA Turning Point Thread

    Yeah, the sequence before the ref bump was just insanely good. And Joe clearly came out looking like the better guy tonight, Angle tapped out and then tried to cheat to win, and then tapped out yet again. This totally made Joe as the crowd was going crazy for him at the end. Definitely left things open for them to top it with the rubber match, hopefully in several months.
  10. OVW TV Report for 6/25/05... Taped, as always, from the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY on the Wednesday before this aired. You go looked up the date if you're a completist archiving wrestling history, I'm too lazy this week. - We start with a clip of Synn "returning" and attacking Beth Phoenix from last week, which is apparently supposed to be a big deal. Synn is Cornette's girlfriend and is really gross. - LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOAHAR! - Our Hosts are Jim Cornette and Dean "The Duke of Louisville" Hill. Tonight Bolin and Cornette reveal their Six Flags teams, a "Beat the Champ TV Title" rematch, the Blonde Bombers and Ken Anderson get ready for Chris Cage and the Dudleys at Six Flags. Danny Inferno (w/ Synn) v.s. "The" Paul Burchill. Synn is rocking about 4 double chins and is grosser than ever. Burchill is well on his way to getting in WWE shape. This Friday, Danny Inferno and Aaron "The Idol" Stevens blow off their six month long running feud. Solid match here but nothing special. I'm high on Paul Burchill, especially knowing the crazy spots he used to do in England. The only trace of that here was a standing moonsault attempt. Inferno hits a Michinoku Driver #2 for a 2-count. Burchill reaches in his tights to either pull out a chain or whack off. Synn sprays him with mace and Inferno hits a flatliner for the three count. Next Team Bolin Services and Team OVW will be announced! - OVW in Derby Park Expo 5 and the WWE PPV. Five big matches! One low price! - OVW Fundraiser. Receive a portion of the money OVW doesn't make on shows! - OVWrestling.com - Ad for "Raw Live". See all the Raw superstars... Batista, HHH, Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, and... CHRIS BENOIT. Plus Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Edge, and more! Saturday July 16th! - Tonight we reveal the teams for the Elimination Match at Kentucky Kingdom. It's Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin with "The Giant Killer" Mike Mondo, and Blaster Lasheley. The losing manager will kiss the feet of the winning manager. Mike Mondo is the first member the team, big surprise. The second member of "Team BS" is Blaster Lasheley. God, he sounds like Michael Jackson, this is not good for a monster heel. Cornette says Bolin is a "Big Man in Any Town". Cornette announces Elijah Burke as the first member of his team, and the second member is the OVW Heavyweight Champion, "The Shooter" Brent Albright. Bolin says you rushed him. His third member of his team is Ken Donne. Donne says he was held back so he's going to embarass Jim Cornette. An update when we come back. - OVW at Six Flags Friday July 6. Dudleys/Cage v.s. Blonde Bombers/Ken Anderson. Team BS v.s. Team Cornette. Apparently Cornette has a "mystery partner" to round out his team. Aaron Stevens v.s. Danny Inferno. The Thrillseekers v.s. Da Beast and Osama (w/ Mo Greene. - Let us take you back to last week when Chris Cage fought both Blond Bombers and lost, setting up the match at Six Flags. Here comes Tank Toland, Chad Toland, Ken Anderson, Jillian Hall, and Melissa Coates for an interview. Ken Anderson is now "Mr. Anderson" or something. He claims everyone is a "natural blonde" and is "over six foot two". Tank Toland says they are the "alpha males" and are the "top of the food chain". Tank says he beat Chris Cage all by himself last week and Chad would have beaten Cage if Cage wasn't a cheater. - OVW Live in Vernon. 6 big matches July 8. - Let us take you back to last week with The Thrillseekers v.s. Osama and Da Beast. Mo Greene interfered to help the heels win. - Osama and Da Beast v.s. Chet the Jet and Nick Nemuth. Pretty dull match. Mo Green sits in on commentary and explains after the Heartbreakers "stabbed him in the back" and left him behind in OVW, he looked for a new team. He asked the Thrillseekers if he could manage them and they told him no, so he went to Osama and Da Beast and now he's going to get his revenge on them for turning him down. Anyway, Osama and the Da Beast finally win clean with a sidewalk slam/elbow combination doubleteam. - Ken Donne (w/ Kenny Bolin) v.s. Deuce Shade. Beat the Champ TV Title match. Deuce Shade was Jimmy Snuka, Jr before, now he's got some kind of lame "The Gambler"/Kill Bill gimmick. He throws a deck of cards into the crowd. Deuce hits a nice top rope legdrop/armbreaker and later a top rope leg lariat, but this is quite dull. Cornette hard sells the Six Flags Show. Donne hits the Donneation for a 2 count and he can't believe it. Bolin tries to hit Shade with the briefcase but gets punched out. Mike Mondo runs in and hits Shade with the briefcase. Elbow drop by Donne and he gets a 3 count. Donne is the new TV champ and gets ... one thousand dollars. Blaster hits a powerslam on Shade. Albright and Elijah Burke hit the ring and clean house until Bolin throws powder in their eyes. Cornette goes crazy and says "THAT'S TOO DAMN MUCH" and hits the ring. He starts punching Bolin like crazy. Hill goes "OH JESUS, NO" as Donne decks Cornette and Blaster Lasheley gives him a big powerslam. Bolin takes his shoes and sock off and Donne makes Cornette kiss Bolin's foot. Hill is really racking up the "JESUS" count here as he gets another mention and a "Good GAWD" in. There's a huge pop! It's Eugene with a KENDO STICK. Huge "EUGENE" chant. Dinsmore goes crazy and clears the ring with Kendo stick shots. Cornette and Eugene hug. We'll be back with a final word from Team OVW. - Cornette cuts a classic promo to close out the show. Deuce Shade will be guarding the door with a kendo stick. He says Mama Dinsmore named him Nick but the world knows him as Eugene and he will be the third man in Team OVW. Lots of great lines in this one as Cornette uses a bottle of water to try to wash the taste of Bolin's foot. Wow... this show was very dull, but that angle at the end was super-hot and a great promo by Cornette saved it. The stuff at the end makes the show worth checking out this week.
  11. Fro

    Bound For GLory

    Here's the Sting pics...
  12. Fro

    Bound For GLory

    Tenay/Shane Douglas with Don West as the designated shill guy for PPVs ala Mean Gene would probably be the best option. Well, actually Cornette/Douglas would be the best possible team they could put together, but that ain't happening since Cornette is too lazy.
  13. Fro

    Bound For GLory

    Better shape, although he was slimmed down. Looked like a smaller version of his mid-90s self. He ended up looking like the Great Muta more than anything in this look... pretty cool.
  14. Fro

    Raw Thread - October 16th, 2006

    Yeah, JTG is decent enough to be face in peril and Shad can do your typical hoss stuff. They've got more charisma than I thought, especially after seeing "Da Beast" in OVW for years. Doesn't hurt too that they actually have an idea of what's somewhat hip.
  15. Definitely a quality show tonight. The Christian/Joe stuff was all great, and there's plenty of other interesting things going on.
  16. I thought it was a pretty good and intriguing show. Russo's exactly what they needed as far as character development goes and giving guys direction. Nothing offensive except for putting the camera on Christian so much while the X-Division match was going on. The wrestling being cut down doesn't really bother me because they weren't giving the matches enough time to be good and were ignoring most of the matches already on Impact.
  17. Guess you missed the Ultimate X match then.
  18. Crash TV is definitely in full effect (and so far, so good)
  19. Yeah, god-forbid they give him a non-wrestling role that makes sense since he's not in condition to wrestle at this point.
  20. Looks like TNA is doing this the right way: http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.asp?id=20524&p=1
  21. That's exactly how I'd book it. Angle on Impact in a couple weeks to cut a promo, refs the match at BFG, and wrestles for the first time on the primetime debut show
  22. he might improve ratings in a morbid, "Faces of Death" kinda way. Anyone who doesn't think Angle will pop a rating for TNA is nuts... just look at the reaction online. They're not going to start doing 3.0s, but they should be doing in the mid 1.0s.
  23. Judging by the internet wrestling sites imploding, absolutely they're gonna go up signficantly.