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  1. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    UFC 88: Breakthrough - Liddell vs. Evans

    anywhere i canb stream this?? i've been ordering recently but I just went off to college and i'd like to watch so a stream would be the best
  2. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice on CBS

    Isn't Kimbo like 40lbs heavier than Shamrock?? Wiki lists sham as 205 and Slice as 240. Dunno how reliable that is but I'd always remembered Shamrock as a man not NEARLY as big as Kimbo.
  3. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Pineapple Express

    I don't think he was supposed to be a homo at all. At times somethings he said seemed a little gay but I don't think he was actually supposed to be gay at all. Rather I'd say stoned and "happy" and really wanting a friend. Also, I don't think they ever really make it clear who he was talking to, I just assumed his grandmother because I believe he shows up to see her shortly after and thats when he is kidnapped?? I could have something out of order though
  4. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Pineapple Express

    Just saw it. Very, very funny. I dunno if I'd put it on the same level as Knocked Up(my favorite Apatow movie) or even Superbad, but it was certainly worth the price of admission.
  5. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Well its summertime

    Ahhh summertime. I just graduated high school so I plan to work a lot (to get extra money to spend in college next year) and of course celebrate a lot all summer haha. Prob go camping once or twice, and I plan to go to the beach for two seperate weeks. Looks to be a busy but excellent summer for me.
  6. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    The Highschool Thread

    Holy shit. High school has been crazy. By the way, I'm 18 and graduating in 2 days. During middle school fucking Lee Malvo got caught 10 miles from my middle school, I think he was coming for ours next but whatever. Some crazy shit haha. High school has been awesome. Lots of parties, lots of friends, just good times really. Socially, I came into my own about 8th grade so I really "flourished" in high school. I loved my time but i'm not some jock who will cherish football for the rest of my life. Regardless, the friends I had for just high school have been great, and I've made one or two that I think I'll try to keep for life. Shit...since i'm living it right now it's crazy haha. Sorry this is stupid but i'm drunk right now.... Came back from an awesome party, y'all can make fun of me for whatever I don't give a fuck cause I'm a cool guy. Anyway, high school has been great, I think college will be fun. Hope you all had good times, and if not, make fun of me for being drunk/sounding like a stupid high schooler.
  7. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Bigger, Stronger, Faster

    I live in eastern MD, but I think I'm gonna drive to DC to see this pretty soon. Great reviews and i'm really interested in it
  8. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    I really, really enjoyed this one. I thought it was better than Superbad, maybe even as good as Knocked Up(previously my favorite). Segel performing the Dracula song was absolutley hilarious and of course Kunis was looking as good as ever all movie long.
  9. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    can't wait for GTA4. After a bit of reading about it, I kinda didn't really care because it's going to be a lot of what we've already seen. But at the same time, there isn't much else for me to play and im expecting lots of quality out of this one.
  10. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    Street Kings...

    Damnit I was going to post a rather lengthy reply to this explaining my view on Evan's character as well on my view on the movie but I am kinda still drunk and it wouldn't post when I first typed it all out. Anyway, I'm too frusterated to repost it so maybe i will tomorrow. Long story short: I really enjoyed the movie for what it was. Everyone seemed to do pretty well in their roles and even Reeves did very well for his usual self. Nice movie, pretty good writing, and it was what it was marketed as, a nice police drama filled with action. If the previews look good to you, you should enjoy it. Good enough for me. I'd give it 3 or 3.5 stars out of 4. Very, very entertaining, and certainly much better than many reviews have said it has been. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in this type of movie
  11. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    2008: The Year in Music

    to any rap fans I recommend checking out Crooked I's Hip Hop Weekly series. 53 songs over 53 weeks. Some of it is really really nice if you like rap. It's free and it's pretty damn easy to find, I really, really recommend checking it out to anyone who hasn't heard it and might even be slightly interested in something new.
  12. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    OAO Raw Thread - February 18, 2008

    tonight I will be watching Raw for the first time in about 10 years. ill post back with my thoughts
  13. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    The Wire: Final Season

    yeah. He was at the Barack Obama rally at College Park today. After Obama spoke, I pushed my way through the crowd to meet him. Really nice guy, you should just approach him sometime, he's really cool.
  14. SpikeFayeJettEdBebop

    The Writer's Strike

    He updated the blog later and unfortuantely thats not the case.