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  1. Crimson Platypus

    WWE Raw - December 22, 2008

    Kelly is much hotter than Torrie ever was imo
  2. Crimson Platypus

    UFN 16 - Fight for the Troops

    Bottom line, you either tap or get your arm broken (or elbow dislocated in this case), he was excited about it and celebrated. Calling him a doucebag or whatever because he was excited is idiotic. Apparently you are perfect in every way and would NEVER get excited about winning in spectacular fashion.
  3. Crimson Platypus

    UFN 16 - Fight for the Troops

    What is with the Steve Cantwell hate? Dude didn't tap so he forced the issue. So what if he was pumped and talking shit after, I'd be pretty fucking excited if I busted someone's arm like that too...
  4. Crimson Platypus

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Orton's way past looking cocky. He's going for cold and calculating now. He is failing in that venture.
  5. Crimson Platypus

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    I love how Randy Orton thinks that move slowly = look cocky...
  6. Crimson Platypus

    WWE Raw (7/28/2008)

    Sometimes I think they should just run the whole show as these video segments. That was great.
  7. Crimson Platypus

    WWE Raw (7/28/2008)

    "I'm good lookin like Barak Obama" Awesome.
  8. Crimson Platypus

    NCAA Basketball Tournament 1st/2nd Round Thread

    I can't believe how bad of a draw MSU got this year. Marquette in the first round, with UNC if they win that one. I guess we get to see if Izzo's usual tough schedule does what it was supposed to do and prepared them for this. I really don't think State will win that first round game, and would put money against them in the second
  9. Crimson Platypus

    College Basketball 06/07

    This one I actually agree with. Michigan State fans storming the court after beating Wisconsin is like Duke fans storming Cameron after beating Carolina. Act like you've been there before. I kinda agree, but at the same time, it IS a big win regardless of MSU's recent history. Remember, MSU had never beaten a team that was ranked number 1, ever. On top of that, this year's Spartans are definitely NOT that same team. As previously mentioned, none of the students (at least, a very small portion) that stormed the court were even at MSU in 2000. On the other hand, I personally think storming the court is stupid.
  10. Crimson Platypus

    College Basketball 06/07

    Yeah, but that's hardly surprising considering their past history in choking in big games. By the way, that Drew Neitzel fella is pretty darn good eh?
  11. Crimson Platypus

    College Basketball 06/07

    You probably should have watched. That Drew Neitzel fellow had an awesome game. I wish I could have, saw the end and bits and pieces while at Outback. I'm shocked.
  12. Crimson Platypus

    College Basketball 06/07

    MSU/Wisconsin tonight, thankfully my fiance made dinner plans for us with some friends so I will be spared from watching the beating State is going to get.
  13. Crimson Platypus

    Offseason College Football Thread

    Love it, and I absolutely agree with him.
  14. Crimson Platypus

    This Week in College Football 11/30 - 12/2

    I'll be there
  15. Crimson Platypus

    This Week in College Football 10/12 - 10/15

    Well you guys won't have to worry about Ohio State being number one after Saturday when the Spartans... bah I can't even type that sarcastically, it just doesn't work. The sad thing is that I have a fairly strong source that says that MSU can't afford to buy out Joke L.'s contract anytime soon. Looks like we are stuck with him for 2 more years.