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  1. vermilion

    Mitsuharu Misawa Dead

    The only thing I would say against the puro style being so dangerous is we haven't really truly seen any other deaths due to the head drops. I don't disagree with you, but it's hard to pass judgment when there's only been one case (that I know of, I could be way off). Regardless, very sad news, I was incredibly shocked to see this. I don't know anyone that's seen his work that isn't a fan in some aspect.
  2. vermilion

    Jeff Hardy leaving?

    Not to turn this into a TNA discussion but Lashley can't wrestle? Why's that? He's talking about Taz. Hmm, ok. I just figured they advertised a former champ, then Lashley showed up. I would think that was the champ they meant, not some guy that hasn't been on TV yet.
  3. vermilion

    Jeff Hardy leaving?

    Not to turn this into a TNA discussion but Lashley can't wrestle? Why's that?
  4. vermilion

    The OaO Monday Night Raw thread for 5/4/09!

    I'm surprised that gimmick hasn't be recycled long before now. I guess D'Lo had his chest protector... While I'm not terribly keen, his look needed freshening up. He could still use a haircut other than the Hardy/RVD fade aka the new Mullet. I think ke looks sorta like Raven with the jacket. I agree 100%. I hate his look. That haircut and stupid little strip of beard are very tired. It's been well over 10 years with that look, it's about time to cut it off. If not for wrestling, at least so you don't look like a tool.
  5. vermilion

    The future of WWE.

    I wouldn't put much stock into Low-Ki. Personally, I don't get the love for him myself. He kicks pretty hard, which is cool, but I don't see that stiff style gaining him many fans among the guys in the WWE. The first time he lays one into Batista or HHH, he's done. They definitely should pull the trigger on Punk already. I know he's solid on the mic and yet in his entire time in the WWE, I can't remember him talking for more than a few seconds here and there. My biggest problem is that you always hear the older guys say "These kids need to get themselves over. They can't just wait for creative to help them." That's true, however, if none of them are given any promo time whatsoever, how are they supposed to do that? Kofi, Punk, Bourne, Rhodes, DiBiase, Swagger, Kidd, etc........none of them are given more than a few really short little snippets to speak.
  6. vermilion

    Reid Flair Arrested Again

    DUI, yes. But this goes way beyond that. Heroin is pretty bad news, he's heading to a pretty short life real fast.
  7. vermilion

    Impact Spoilers for 4/30

    Not to mention it fits in with the whole Sacrifice theme. Should make for a decent main event, however, who wins then? I'd say Kurt Angle won't b/c he has the least to lose. Foley losing wouldn't do much either. Sting losing....well, he'd have to retire. And Jarrett losing would take him out as the on-screen owner, creating room for Dixie's long awaited character debut (just kidding). Sting seems the most logical to win based on what everyone has to lose, unless he's seriously going to end his career in a fatal four-way match.
  8. vermilion

    The Next WWE Superstar

    I picked DiBiase. He has a good size, decent charisma, and seems pretty good in the ring overall. On top of that, he has the name as well. I think Bourne (hometown boy) and Kendrick are amazing but this is the WWE, and they don't generally know how to use smaller guys. Guys like Triple H aren't going to let someone like Bourne hit all his high spots. He'll cut his legs off like he did with RVD and produce shit matches playing only to his strengths. As far as DiBiase's finisher, it's alright. I like that it's a play on his old man's move. I'd like to see him lock into a submission, like mentioned above though. Perhaps hit it exactly like he does now, then float over into a Million Dollar Dream crossface type move. It'd look brutal and I'm sure the fans would buy it immediately, as both the MDD and the crossface are established submissions.
  9. vermilion

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I'd I was to throw out a guess I'd say Daniel Puder. It really could be anybody though... He definitely has the "hasn't learned to wrestle yet" part down. They bring this guy up but poor Colt Cabana is just sitting around? Waste of talent in my opinion.
  10. vermilion

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    I wish he would move his fucking knee pads up to his actual knees. he looks so fucking stupid with them down near his ankles. Yeah, like that asshole Ric Flair.
  11. vermilion

    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    Personally I want to see Kane with one last run in the mask also, maybe with a Muta like over the head type deal based on his old mask. Personally I've always liked Kane, I'd like to see him get one more shot at the ME before hanging it up.
  12. vermilion

    Your Band

    General Theory of Collaboration - Not Giving a Damn
  13. vermilion

    Kong vs. Angle

    In regards to the feuds after the intergender match, Kong can go back to ODB. I'd just have her lay ODB out now, and not in a completely clean fashion. You start an injury angle with that. While ODB is "injured", Kong does everything Lance said in his column. The next Impact after the match, ODB jumps Kong, wanting revenge for the injury and a fair shot at the title. I don't care what Angle does, he can retire or something, I'd be happy.
  14. vermilion

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    I don't think that Kurt Angle wearing a wig made a difference at all. In fact, Kurt Angle himself never made much of a difference. Disco just needs to look at his own company (TNA). Angle has virtually nothing for them buyrates-wise. And the Mexicools? Umm, yeah, they were on SmackDown!. For all the things you could fault the WWE for, you have to make up shit like that? Then again, if he had any clue as to what works and what doesn't, maybe TNA wouldn't be such a mess either.
  15. vermilion

    ROH Boston/Jersey Weekend

    EDIT: Nevermind this post, reread and answered my own question.
  16. vermilion

    Puroresu comments

    Oh god, I hope this never, ever happens. Kurt Angle is probably my least favorite wrestler, and that's saying a lot. I hate his stupid yelling, veins bulging, roid raging gimmick (if you can call it a gimmick....the WWE of all places let him go b/c of his drug problems. Think about it). He's all over TNA, which is bad enough, but he doesn't need to go over the future of New Japan in Shinsuke Nakamura. I hope Nakamura Landslides the shit out of him and unifies the IWGP belts and uses the newer one as the main belt; it's so cool looking. Shortly after this, I hope TNA realizes they shouldn't build their company around washed-up, overrated drug addicts and cut back on the amount of time he's on TV so people like Murder/Motor City Machine Guns and AJ Styles get showcased even more.
  17. vermilion

    The TNA Exodus Starts...

    A TNA exodus sounds horrible. If it's not the Murder/Motor City Machine Guns, Christian coming back, AJ Styles, or maybe even Tomko, I couldn't care less. Harris isn't horrible but really, he's nothing special either. I don't like Killings much either. I guess it could be worse though, it could be Angle coming back or like Robert Roode or something.
  18. vermilion

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Oh I agree, it's obvious the WWE didn't know what to do with him. I don't get it b/c he was big, dominating, and fairly agile for his size. They love the big man, they could do plenty but.....we got A-Train instead. I don't have any faith that TNA would do him any better to be honest. I'm glad he's getting success in New Japan though, I always thought he was solid and stood out from the generic big men.
  19. vermilion

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Really? I was hoping Tanahashi/Nakamura was going to be awesome. Then again, Angle is very competent and Nagata is godly so it should be no surprise. I guess the unification of the IWGP titles is going to happen now with Nakamura. I can't imagine Angle would be the one to unify them......god I hope not. Either way, another Japan trips for Kurt. On another note, why hasn't TNA brought in Giant Bernard yet? He and Tomko are the v5 IWGP tag champs and a pretty imposing tag team. Perhaps it's something they will do in this new Tomko is alone angle. As long as they don't bring him as another Mitchell flunkie to fall on broken glass or whatever. If WWE was smart, they'd go for him again. He has a unique look, is very big, and has turned into a solid enough wrestler.
  20. vermilion

    Future WWE Main Eventers

    Davey Richards is 5' 6". The only guys anywhere near that height with ME success are Eddie (5' 8", roided til it killed him, and charisma dripping out of his pores (well, that and nandrolone)), and Rey Mysterio, who got where he did because of one guy dying, and had every Hispanic rooting for him by default. Not a chance. Not to mention Rey is also juiced like crazy (which may or may not kill him eventually as well). Plus Richards seems to remind me of another wrestler that I'm not sure the WWE will acknowledge.
  21. vermilion

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    Santino? Santino?! C'mon. Santino is very funny, and very relaxed on the mic but I definitely agree. He has never cut a real promo to be mentioned in the breath with any of those people. I would like to mention Regal for consideration though. I've always thought he was very good on the mic. I'm on the fence on Cena. He doesn't really do anything for me. His promos seem pretty generic, and when they aren't, they are goofy (and those ones suck). He gets the crowd going though, so he's doing something right.
  22. vermilion

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    Jericho didn't exactly have a gun in that duel. He got his ass handed to him. Ass handed to him? JBL started off all happy/laughing at what he did to at the PPV but by the time Jericho was done ripping on him, JBL was pissed off and ready to fight. He fell right into the trap that Jericho wanted him to (to show up on Raw face to face). I thought both guys did great in their role and if they keep it up, this feud should get some pretty good heat. Everything JBL said about Jericho was true. He made him look like someone who will never win the big one (again). JBL basically shot on Jericho the entire time and Chris sat there with a stupid look on his face and threw in a couple of JHS level insults. Jericho may have gotten the result he wanted, but he took a verbal beating to get it. Didn't Jericho say something about JBL being a wrestling afterthought? How he was just an announcer now? That he was soft? Look at all the posts here, everyone likes JBL as an announcer, but as a wrestler, he IS an afterthought. No one cares about him anymore other than his talking. All JBL said about Jericho is that he was going to see what a wrestling god is like firsthand. I'm pretty sure he didn't even insult Jericho for most of the promo.
  23. vermilion

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    Jericho didn't exactly have a gun in that duel. He got his ass handed to him. Ass handed to him? JBL started off all happy/laughing at what he did to at the PPV but by the time Jericho was done ripping on him, JBL was pissed off and ready to fight. He fell right into the trap that Jericho wanted him to (to show up on Raw face to face). I thought both guys did great in their role and if they keep it up, this feud should get some pretty good heat. As far as JBL being awesome and Jericho weak, that's pretty debatable. Jericho has had some problems with a strong offense in the past but I think he's brought out some nice new moves since his return. JBL isn't horrible in the ring but I wouldn't say awesome by any stretch. He's a brawler, that's it. He had a good match with Eddie Guerrero? That's nothing new really. I think people might underrate JBL slightly, but don't go too far the other way, he's far from great in ring.
  24. vermilion

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    I thought Jericho more than held his own there. It was a very good back and forth. I thought Chris couldn't do serious according to some people here. He looked good out there tonight with JBL to trade off with.
  25. vermilion

    RAW XV

    Shhhhh, you better not say that or they will say you hate jericho or something. Really though I totally agree. Every segment he has been in has been flat and the crowd has even booed him once. They just don't accept him as a face...he is so much better as a heel. Just look at tonight, when he hit Eric, there was absolutely no positive crowd response. Jericho as a face just doesn't work...especially the way he dresses. This is my favorite. I agree that Jericho has been kinda bland on the stick since coming back, but what is with everyone whining about his clothes? I personally don't give a shit about what some cat is wearing to the ring if he's entertaining. A sparkly vest is gay......as opposed to watching guys rolling around in their underwear with other men all oiled up. I'm pretty sure it's just supposed to be flamboyant, he's supposed to be a showman, like an 80s rock star (think David Lee Roth). I think this was a pretty entertaining show though. Sadly, I laughed at Hornswoggle at the end, pretending to talk to Triple H while casually dumping beer on McMahon. On a side note, does anyone have any clue what was up with Hogan referencing Savage? I know their past and Macho's album and all that, but that seemed really random to mention.