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    Monday Night Wars

    The deleted song was AC/DC's "Back in Black". Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0j6HVQU6Zo
  2. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    In Your House #4 - October 1995

    The original pay-per-view price of IYH #1-5 was $12.95.
  3. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    The Worst Wrestling Show of All-Time

    First off, Nitro, Smackdown, Thunder, Raw, and Hardcore TV don't count. They're free. Only counting WWF/E, WCW, NWA, and ECW Pay-Per-Views. Also, weigh in the prestige of certain events and what should have been expected. i.e. "SummerSlam is the second biggest show of the year and Diesel/Mabel was a slap in the face to the fans." Give solid reasons for your picks and list your Top (Bottom?) 1-3. If you haven't actually seen the show, don't vote for it. _____________________ I'm popping in KOTR '95, which I was at live, but haven't ever watched on TV. I was bored out of my mind there as a youngster. Certainly the horrible matches, combined with the strength of the talent involved going out 1st round (Michaels, Taker), as well as the tarnish on the crown that wouldn't be saved until Angle won it in 2000 and DID something with the KOTR victory, are examples of why this show is just horrible. And Tatanka main evented. With Nash. And Sid. IN PHILLY. ____________
  4. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    Let's Talk About...Vince Russo's first stint booking WCW

    GAB 91 is worse than KOTR 95, without a doubt. Both shows are awful. KOTR is just a bad show. GAB is embarassing to watch featuring talent and matches that make TNA seem like 2000 WWE.
  5. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    ECW tapings to take place before Raw; Heat canceled

    I think he was referring to your sentence attempt.
  6. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    Fucking Mexicans

    Matt Young used to have sex with a Mexican, no?
  7. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    Monday Night Wars

    Jericho's first stock music is not owned by World Wrestling Entertainment. Raven had no music at Clash XXXV. He did have a stock theme shortly after.
  8. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    It was your fucking idea, nimrod! "Oh, I don't care for Scott Keith, let me sell the other idiot on a big idea that we can sticky where we'll discuss SK's history and have him answer questions because's he's a mark who has written books."
  9. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    I hardly post anymore, but checked the board after a few months and find this "cheech" guy has A) a Scott Keith dick-sucking fascination and B) A thread about shitty "Carlito" so all I can summarize is that Cheech both sucks dick and likes bad wrestling. I hope his next "changes" to the WWE forum are of equal relevance, such as "A look at Triple H's 2003 Title reign" or "How much did Russo do for the WWF?"
  10. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    History of ECW

    Pillman/Douglas WAS a hot match, when Douglas a fresh babyface in WCW and Pillman just turned heel. On an October '92 WCW SN, they had a killer match, ended in DQ, with Douglas KILLING Pillman with a snap belly-to-belly on the arena floor. Concrete floor.
  11. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    "I really hate that they changed Floyd's music from "I get Money" to generic WWE hip hop theme 234." Yeah, I hated his new song when he came to the ring last OH WAIT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Your comment should say: "I really hate that Mayweather's music was edited in replay packages because of royalities."
  12. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    The alledged Randy Savage ban from WWE.

    No DVD, HOF mention, toys, etc. Alledged rumor, and a big rumor it is, was Savage nailed a young Stephanie...blah blah. I popped in WWF Raw is War from November 10, 1997. From Ottawa, the day after the "screwjob". This was well into Savage being a constant WCW main eventer, and long after the incident with Stephanie would have occurred. JR does a sit-down with the returning Jeff Jarrett to discuss his thoughts on certain wrestlers. They do word association. Bret Hart: "Dedication." NOD: "Strength in numbers." Then, they show a clip of Randy Savage. Ross: "Randy Savage." Jarrett: "The Hardest Working Wrestler I've Ever Known." Why would WWE air such a segment? An attempt to recruit Savage to the WWF? It was heavily rumored at this time. But why would they basically put over Savage if he was blackballed? Perhaps the incident was revealed when Stephanie became a regular TV fixture in '99-'00. I don't know. Throw in TONS of hyped Savage matches on MSG Classics and plenty of WM Recall footage, and I don't know what to believe. Is there ANY reason to believe this Savage rumor is true? What has been put out on the 'net from Meltzer? MY BELIEF: Savage never did anything with Stephanie McMahon. Savage verbally guaranteed Vince he would be returning to the WWF in early 1998. Savage re-nigged on his word. To reward him, Savage was given a WCW World Title reign in April 1998. Vince blackballed him because of this. INSANE PSYCHOTIC RANDY SAVAGE '97 Vs. CRAZY OVER FOUL-MOUTHED STEVE AUSTIN... Man, Vince had a gold mine.
  13. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    Who won the "WEF Title Match" that Mike Adamle hyped? Was this a dark match? Is that a boxing title?
  14. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    Mayweather just legit broke Big Show's nose. Amazing segment.
  15. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    Stampede was a 4-match PPV (10-Man, Mankind/HHH, Taka/Sasuke, Taker/Vader) but was only 2 hours. Ratings so far: Chavo/Punk: ** 1/2 Solid, better than their TV matches, more energetic. Smackdown Chamber: ** 1/2 Chamber started off horribly slow. Taker/Batista first 5 minutes was all choking and stomps. Taker accidently fell out fo the cage, dangerously, to the floor. Khali's manager hit the concrete with a bad bump. Khali was slipping and fucked up a choke spot. Finlay brought energy. Batista and Taker did fine after the initial 5 minutes. MVP had slight offensive flurry but would have been better used in a singles match. Nice final 5 minutes or so. Great finish. "BOO!" "YAY!" from the crowd as Taker (Yay) and Batista (Boo) traded punches.
  16. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    I still don't like the idea of "...ALL ABOUT THE GAME, AND HOW YA PLAY IT!" blasting at the end of the PPV for the fans to "CELEBRATE!" when Triple H hasn't been on television in 20 days. I like Cena to capture, Chavo to retain, Taker, HHH, Flair, and Edge to retain. Leading to Mania: WWE: Cena/HHH CAREER: Shawn/Flair WORLD: Taker/Edge GRUDGE: Finlay & Hornswoggle Vs. Vince & Shane WOMEN'S: Beth/Candice U.S.: Hardy/MVP MITB: Jeff Hardy wins I got nothin' for Orton. And I have no interest in seeing Y2J or JBL compete. I don't see how the WM Main Event CAN'T contain Orton, but I guess it'll be like 2001 when Angle had a 4 month reign heading into No Way Out and barely even made the WM card. Although a Interpromotional Match program between Orton and Punk might be decent and help freshen those guys up. Two guys that recently lost their titles just getting under each other's skin.
  17. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    "When has that logic ever been used by WWE?" To be fair, this is like the first 6-match PPV since WM 12. Possibly SSeries 02 was. Technically, all matches on this show have importance, the ECW Title match being the lowest valued. So it opens.
  18. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    1. ECW Title 2. Flair or SD Chamber 3. Flair or SD Chamber 4. World Title 5. WWE Title 6. Raw Chamber
  19. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    No Way Out

    ECW Title will go first, as it's the least important match.
  20. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    Second night of Impact/Xplosion spoilers (Ongoing?)

    Tiger Mask and Curry Man got a good match out of Rave and Hoyt, whose awful Guitar Hero guitar gimmick was topped by Christy Hemme making a total ass out of herself by screaming to a crowd that could care less about the three of them.
  21. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    I expect it to be Jim Ross, Jonathon Coachman, and Tazz. Keep in mind last year featured Jerry Lawler, JBL, and Michael Cole. Cole is the more established "voice" of Smackdown so it could be him in there for Coachman.
  22. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    That's not so recently. Apologies for my rude comment, BTW.
  23. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    Michael Cole doesn't run WWE.com, but nice try at a dig.
  24. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    ECW on Sci-Fi HD -- January 22, 2008

    "Edge just doesn't have the body mass to make the spear look believable as a finisher." Bullshit. Find a clip of him hitting RHYNO with it on Raw sometime around 2005, right when he was breaking out the Edgelock submission (he made Rhyno submit to it). Rhyno, being a longtime friend of Edge's, sold it like a million bucks. I have to agree, though, that most of the admittingly larger opponents of Edge take the spear as a set-up maneuever, which, BTW, is usually what it is.
  25. UseTheSledgehammerUh

    ECW on Sci-Fi HD -- January 22, 2008

    Punk's immediate concern in regaining the ECW Title because it is a title he cherished and lost by dubious means, both as a way to prove to himself he deserves it and to prove to his non-tobacco, non-alcohol, non-drug using fans that he is better than Chavo. Once he wins by DQ he will go after Edge. This will be at No Way Out. He will lose by dubious means.