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  1. Robert

    YOUR Fight Team...MMA Draft!

    Gonna have to drop out, my internet is going to be disconnected for the next few days.
  2. Robert

    YOUR Fight Team...MMA Draft!

    Sure, sign me up.
  3. Robert

    The Dark Knight

    The Joker is Coming! A new image of the Joker, or possibly the teaser poster. The poster is hitting theatres November 30th, no word on what it will be.
  4. Robert

    The Dark Knight

    Well, we got all the clues and we got a new picture of The Joker. I had the pic, but it doesn't work. The picture leads to a new site: rorysdeathkiss.com. From there, the new game is some picture thing. If anything, the camera looks like the same camera from the cover of The Killing Joke.
  5. Robert

    South Park: Season 11

    Here's what I have: Goro Jason Fred Krueger Dart Maul The Joker (Heath Ledger Version) Image: Alien Predator Khan Pinhead Frankenstein Terminator Exoskeloton Cylon (Battlestar Gallatica) That gold guy from Kingdom of Heaven Saget Red-headed guy from Street Fighter
  6. Robert

    The Dark Knight

    About the poster, there are two rumored posters: As for the footage, no word on what the 7 minute footage will be, theories range from the following: 1. A fluff making-of piece about how filming with IMAX cameras helped change the way the movie was filmed. Have something footage from the robbery, or the image of The Joker in-front of the blurry mirror. 2. The famous Wizard Wolrd footage, that Nolan didn't want getting out because it wasn't done editing or having effects being added. 3. The Comic Con stuff: The man delivering clues then killed, the scavanger hunt, and the Joker crime scene. Those are most popular ideas going around the internet.
  7. Crappy remakes and crappy sequels are coming to life! Today is a bad day to be fans of the following films: Terminator Films Escape From New York They found a director for Terminator 4: McG, who also did the Charlie's Angels films, and the so-so We Are Marshall film. Why can't they leave the film series away? I know it didn't go out with the bang many expected, but it was a decent ending to the franchise. In the rumored Escaped From New York remake, Len Wiseman is off the film. You think that they would get a pretty good replace him, right? Well, Brett Ratner, the man whose claim to fame is the Rush Hour films and X-Men: The Last Stand. I know he did Red Dragon, but I liked Manhunter a lot more. I half expect to see Chris Tucker as The Duke of New York. One more thing: They are remaking The Dirty Dozen, and the script isn't looking that good. It's an updated version setting in modern times, and it doesn't look good.
  8. Robert

    House: Season 4

    Good episode tonight. The twist at the end was pretty good, and the Wilson/House stuff was pretty funny.
  9. Robert

    House: Season 4

    No, they are still on the show in different roles. If I remember, each one is still working at the hospital in different areas.
  10. Robert

    The College Football Thread 9/20 - 9/22

    Potential upset alert: Syracuse is leading Louisville 21-7 right now with 3:57 left in the first half.
  11. Robert

    The College Football Thread 9/6 - 9/8

    Dixon has more TD's by himself then Michigan. I'm not a Michigan fan (Go Badgers) but Lloyd Carr should be fired if Michigan play's like this against ND. That game is definetly gonna be the worse game of the year, and I'm going to the game. Lucky me.
  12. Robert

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    I'm at a loss of words about this: Seriously, what the fuck Bristol?
  13. Robert

    Rob Zombie to direct next Halloween movie

    The Producers Cut is pretty good, the one I have seen makes a lot more sense than the original cut. I saw it about three or four years ago. It fleshes the film out, and makes a lot more sense. Some of the gore was cut out of my version, but a pretty good film. I picked Halloween 4 at a used DVD shop (Multi-Media Exchange) and it's not bad. I got for 11 bucks and it's got decent video and audio. It was a limited edition that came in a tin case. My copy is 1733/40,000. I'm seeing the film tonight since I got nothing better to do and my friend gets me in for half the price. If it sucks badly, I'll go see Death Sentence the next day or at a drive-in.
  14. Robert

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    With Umaga, they can always use: "He ate some bad fish" They used that when one of The Headshrinkers left and they replaced him with The Barbarian. Really, I don't think that Vince will be able to wiggle out of this one.
  15. Robert

    The Youtube Thread

    Did some looking on Hogan in Japan, and found some decent stuff. Hogan vs Abdullah The Butcher Hogan vs Stan Hansen from 4/13/90. Billed as a "Special Dream Match." Part 1 Part 2 Hogan vs Tenryu from 12/12/91 Part 1 Part 2 Hogan vs Inoki from 1984: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4, Crowd Riots