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  1. Anya

    Xbox 360

    Ok so here we go. The next generation starts now. Yay. So who else is getting one? I am doing the midnight camp out tomorrow. Planning on getting Call of Duty 2, Quake IV and Perfect Dark Zero. All FPS games.
  2. Anya

    The OAO Vs. Fighting Game Thread

    I haven't played Tekken much in like 6 months. I watch more T6/BR match vids on youtube than actually playing now. I'm way into Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. It's so much better than I thought it'd be it's ridiculous, biggest surprise of all time. Ed Boon redeemed. It's not exactly what I'd objectively call a great game but I dig the 2D/3D hybrid they were going for. It's the mechanics and rules of a 3D fighter(juggles, sidestep, wakeup, mids, throws...) but feels 2D(strong special moves, zoning with projectile spam, useful jumping, a meter). It actually works. Well sort of...the 3D button is awkward and the animation and feel is still stiff and clunky but I got used to it. It's balanced relatively well. Most of the cast is completely viable. There's a top 5 who are too good but they're not game killing broke. The game is a patch away from being pretty well balanced(we'll see if that ever happens though). I don't know if I'm going to play SF IV much. I mean I'm buying it but I don't know if I'll invest much into it.
  3. Anya

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    I take back what I said earlier. I love this game. I'm not kidding. I play it every day, I'm like seriously really into high level MKDC.
  4. Anya

    Peace out EGM

    That's a shame. Gamepro's fighting game coverage was very good in the early 90s.
  5. Anya

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    This game sucks. It's MKDA with a coat of fresh paint.
  6. Anya

    Tekken 6

    Trailer At the AOU arcade show Namco debuted a new trailer that is much better then the E3 debacle. 2 new characters! A new girl with a style described as "spider like" and a new guy who....looks like a female Rock Howard. Also freatures Jack getting customized with tons of armor and Bryan firing a shotgun!!! The greatest game in the universe comes out at the end of the year in arcades and PS3 in 2008. WHY am I posting this? I don't know. Will anyone but Jer care? Of course this will only be big news at TSM if it's annouced as no longer PS3 exclusive.......
  7. Anya

    Tekken 6

    10 frame jabs isn't that bad. The movement is a bigger change. Bob is fun ya. He has everything. He's got a set of CD moves including an epic Shoryuken. He's got this roll, you can roll back or roll forward with moves from it. His command throw tosses them way up in the air. He has some goofy looking strings and moves that are amusing just cause of his weight. Like he has a Devil Jinesque b+4 but with his giant legs. He is awesome. "Speed and weight!!!". and even in BR with a toned down d/f+2 and Hellsweep he'll still be really good. You couldn't pay me to play King.
  8. Anya

    Tekken 6

    You can go BT from d+1,2~b and ws+2~b. New BT moves are like BT+1 and BT+2 are special BT jabs. BT 3+4 has replaced her old one(the reverse version of her 3+4 flip on your head) and is now some short flip into a punch. BT d+1, BT 1+2, and BT d+3+4 are still the best BT moves. Still not that great of a stance imo. f,f+4 is still there, still + on hit. Still her best low. Also the old d/b+3 is now d/b+3+4 and no longer trips on normal hit. I have no idea why, that move already sucked. She got a new move after u/f+3+4. u/f+3+4, 3. It's like her old standing 3 animation. It's high. I guess in theory you could mix up u/f+3+4, 3+4 and this to see if they'll try to duck the 3...whatever. qcf+3+4 is a new move that kind of looks like Anna's qcf+4.
  9. Anya

    Tekken 6

    Oh a few other things about Lili d/b+4 launches on normal hit now but is VERY slow. Snake Edge slow. Same animation but it takes her a year to start. f,f+3(of the mostly useless f,f,+3,3+4 move) launches. It's slow and linear but hey, it's another safe launcher to throw out. d/f+2 is now -10 but you can hold B to go BT. new 3,2 strings seem useless in normal play but are great juggle filler. 3,2, d/f+1, 3,2,3 is used off a bunch of launchers(doesn't even use your bound). Wall combo is W! b+1 B! f+3+4,3,4....yeah that all hits. She has a wall THROW. Looks very awesome, does about regular throw damage, but it's easy to run up and do it after carrying to the wall. So if you're not going to be able to do the full b+1 combo you can do it. Nice finish too for the replay. d/f+1 is now -1 on block and 1,2,3 is no longer nc. ss+1+2 was a move I never used in DR. It's still slow but now it's safe and on CH you can hit d+3+4 for a full juggle....
  10. Anya

    Tekken 6

    Yeah it's brutal. I've played T6. Movement feels a lot different, step and backdash nerfed, it's jarring at first. Bound is fun. At least when you're the one juggling. Graphics are good, animation is especially awesome. Most of the old characters have a ton of reanimation. A lot of reanimating for getting hit, KOed, and win poses. Game looks really hard hitting. Lili is pretty good. Tracking isn't as much of an issue now because of system changes, f+3 is now a "homing move" and f+4 tracks better. She has a d+3 low poke and some new BT moves. Damage and juggles are still good. You can do good damage and wall carry without even using her bound. Julia is totally different. 1,2,1 is completely gone, Elbow doesn't knock down but f,f+1,4 is a mid, high nc. Lots of weird new moves. I've most played Lili. One thing that really sucks is that you can't do good damage in juggles without shotgun which I've never been good at when it counts. New characters are all great, very cool looking, strong. Bob is super broke. Good jab strings, good d/f+1, good low poke, hellsweep, broke d/f+2, some good shenanigans. Funny though. Azazel sucks. Not fun to fight at all. He just kinda stands there using his magical attacks. Lasers, falling rocks, crystal shard projectiles. He doesn't even really block moves, a force field randomly activates and prevents him from taking damage.
  11. Anya

    Total Non-Stop Action

    A couple of MK guys worked on it but no it wasn't Ed Boon & John Tobias MK team. That game was headed by Mark Turmell, the NBA Jam guy.
  12. Anya

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    A couple years. Did the cabinet you played have the camera that takes a picture of your face and uses it for your character? That's the most awesome part. I played quite a bit of the original and well, it's fun and cool because...it's Mario Kart arcade but honestly it wasn't that good. The track design was the worst in the series that I've played. So flat, empty and boring. You could only use like 3 items and it had a bunch of new items that weren't interesting at all, just like various projectiles and swatting attacks. Only 2 credits to play is nice though. Everywhere I've seen it has always been 3 or 4, which is just ridiculous.
  13. Anya

    E3 2008

    Everything ever(like not even video games) can be broke down like this. No, they're not all the same. Gears is not a 3rd person Doom, the cover mechanic is significant. Bioshock is a completely different experience than Call of Duty 4. And on and on.
  14. Anya


    This so called "Mega Drive" would have been doomed without America. Genesis forever!
  15. Anya


    We are the only country that matters. MM9 on PSN is great news.
  16. Anya


    The metal blade is strong even against bosses. It kills metal man himself! Finite lives was only one example theres plenty of others in games of that era like bottomless pits and one hit kills. I don't care if Ninja Gaiden has infinite continues when it's still super hard.
  17. Anya


    BTW the 4 I said I'd play now are Double Dragon 2, River City Ransom, MM1-6 and Guerilla War. Maybe Rescue Rangers and Contra too. I'd play some of the others if I could use a Game Genie or save states. That fixes one of the worst problems of NES era games, they're way too difficult(but have no real depth and the challenge is frustrating instead of satisfying). Finite lives and continues was a terrible tradition that never should have applied to console games. Megaman having a long energy bar, frequent health pickups and infinite continues was partly what made it so awesome. As for MM2...yeah it's great but it does have some dumb stuff. Why is the Metal Blade so good? The Wily stage boss with a bunch of walls you HAVE to use bombs on is the worst in the series. Just terrible design, based entirely on your weapon energy not skill. I honestly can't pick a favorite classic MM. They're all really good. They tend to bleed together for me, when I play one I will them all back to back.
  18. Anya


    Yes, or rather the late SNES/PSX era and on. So I'll be more accurate. Video games in general mostly sucked back then. Out of your list there's only like 4 I'd care to play today and even then it'd be like a quick playthrough once every couple of years kind of thing. I don't particularly like 2D platformers and side scrolling shooters. The type of game experience I love wasn't even possible back then. So while it was the best in gaming at that time, I guess, it still isn't something I look back on fondly like most of you do. My nostalgic period is from like 1993-1999. For the record just because I don't like the retro graphics doesn't mean it wouldn't be a day one purchase for me if it came out on XBLA or PSN.
  19. Anya


    What are you talking about? I love Mega. That's my stake, that's why I care. You know this. Sure I hate Nintendo but this is about Capcom. I haven't posted in this thread in like a YEAR. Why would I come in to randomly troll Nintendo? No, this seriously bothers me. I cried about it to you privately! It's silly to suggest a 9 with modern graphics would have the same flaws as 7 and 8. It could be responsive and have positive changes. I don't even mind old school gameplay that much. It could play the same but look modern and be cool, like SF II HD Remix. I didn't whine to NES, I said that I don't feel nostalgic over it. Which is partly why I don't like this.
  20. Anya


    It's not trolling if it's my serious(and completely rational) opinion. I can't be held responsible because some can't even handle a 20 year old Nintendo console being criticized.
  21. Anya


    Wow. I like cinematic action games and fighting games. That I wouldn't like NES should not be outrageous. There's nothing unreasonable about not caring for old graphics either. I love Street Fighter II, doesn't mean I want to play SF IV with CPS1 level animation. The first time Capcom updated MM we got MMX, one of my favorite games of all time.
  22. Anya


    I hate MM9 looking like a NES game. The NES mostly sucked, I have no nostalgic feelings for it. It doesn't even make sense. Are we supposed to forget about 7 and 8? An old school themed game with high quality modern 2D animation would be much cooler than this. This is a waste.
  23. Anya

    PlayStation 3

    So I've been playing Uncharted. I beat it 3 times in a row in the course of a week, including doing it on crushing difficulty and finally got all the medals. What a great game. I like it more now than I did last year. I'm kind of thinking calling Mass Effect GOTY was a mistake. Uncharted on crushing was much harder and satisfying than Gears of War on insane. Oh and I beat MGS4 twice. I liked it a lot, but still not as much as the first two. I've lost interest in the MGS formula. I'm tired of the repetitive exposition and goofy pseudo philosophy. The gameplay in the first 2 acts was awesome but then the ratio between cutscenes and gameplay tilted in the wrong direction. I don't mean to say I hated the story, it's fun, but it's now only something I can tolerate once or twice.
  24. Anya

    New Soul Calibur IV characters announced

    You already have tools to break turtles: lows and throws. This new feature is stupid. This whole game looks pretty stupid. I don't have the reflexes or mental skill to play Tekken well and I still would rather play it. SC IV needs to hurry up and come out so Namco's real game can be released. I'm interested in the online play. Supposedly T5DR was their beta test and this will be their next try before T6. It better have improved because DR's was horrible. Unless you enjoy playing the worst bryans on earth throwing out snake edge. The Soul Blade intro song is awesome. Recently I was playing Ninja Gaiden II and during the slow mo 100 ninjas stairs part I put on that song. It was the greatest thing ever.
  25. Anya

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    Goofy fat guy fighters are pretty awesome but I hate the costume. If he wore regular clothes like Tekken 6's Bob or Cheng Sinzan he'd be the best thing in the game so far.