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  1. Dimensions

    Pictures I Like

    Bear cavalry redefined.
  2. Dimensions

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    Source: Variety WWE pins down distrib deal at Fox Studio gets first-look at wrestler pics By MARC GRASER Cena World Wrestling Entertainment has found a tag-team partner in 20th Century Fox, inking a first-look deal that gives the studio rights to distrib pics headlined by the company's pro wrestlers. Beginning next year, WWE Films plans to develop, finance and produce at least one theatrical release and up to four direct-to-video titles annually, with Fox receiving a distribution fee should it release the pics in theaters, on homevid or digitally. It's similar to the pact comicbook giant Marvel Entertainment has with Paramount and Universal on the upcoming "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk." Going forward, though, WWE will focus on making movies across all genres that appeal to a broader audience and land a PG-13 rating, vs. the hard R it had been going after with its previous pics. "We had to refocus where we wanted to go," said Michael Lake, prexy of WWE Films, a former Village Roadshow exec who took the post in October, and quickly began reworking the company's development slate. "There's a strong audience base that is ready for movies that star our guys. A lot of our audience is in the PG-13 area." First pic out of the multi-year deal with Fox is "12 Rounds," an actioner toplined by John Cena that bows in 2009 and will be released under the Fox Atomic label. Production on the pic, with Renny Harlin at the helm, begins this month in New Orleans. WWE is looking to spend around $20 million for theatrical releases while direct-to-DVD titles would be made for around $3 million to $5 million. The wrestling org has had mixed success since forming its film division in 2002, releasing three pics, "See No Evil," featuring Glen "Kane" Jacobs; "The Marine," also with Cena; and "The Condemned," with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Fox distribbed "The Marine" in 2006, WWE's biggest earner to date, that collected $22 million at the worldwide box office. Lionsgate handled the other two releases. While ticket sales were less than expected, the pics performed well on homevid, which has proved a lucrative revenue generator for the company. Fox sparked at the chance to work with WWE on "12 Rounds" because the Fox Atomic label is essentially going after the same young male demo that WWE has been able to attract to its live events, pay-per-view broadcasts, TV shows and DVDs. The Fox Atomic banner won't necessarily release each WWE pic. Either way, the films would be promoted across WWE's various properties, putting them in front of millions of potential moviegoers. "This partnership allows Fox to capitalize on this global audience and the WWE brand's continued expansion into the filmed entertainment medium," said Tom Siegrist, senior VP of production for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. WWE's hoping to use the pics to raise the profile of its stable of stars and entertain existing fans, while attracting new auds and boost its bottom line. The film deal comes as the WWE finds itself facing increased competish from mixed martial arts and leagues like the Ultimate Fighting Championship that are winning over wrestling's fanbase. WWE enjoyed a surge in popularity with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who succesfully made the transtion from the ring to the bigscreen. "There's a real depth of talent we can use," Lake said. "These guys are action stars anyway. We want to fashion movies to fit their personalities. We've got to establish these guys not to our audience so much but to the other moviegoing audience, so that they cross over."
  3. Dimensions


    Make sure you guys check out some of the new photos at http://www.1-18-08.com/ after you watch the movie.
  4. "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain Does anyone know where this quote is from? or maybe when? I'm trying to find out about origins and circumstances but Google is letting me down. Thanks.
  5. Dimensions

    My WWE Theme Collection

    Do you by chance have the theme for No Way Out 2001 and the Insurextion PPVs? It's called Burning Tree.
  6. Dimensions

    WON News + Notes, January 8th Issue

    I think it'd be funny if Trump had some skits imitating the apprentice leading up to the PPV with wrestlers being eliminated until Donald got his winner.
  7. Dimensions

    The OaO Raw Thread 12/18/2006

    Is it just me, or was Randy fighting to get into view of the camera?
  8. Dimensions

    Obscure Videogames

    Legend of Dragoon, anyone play that? I thought that was a pretty good RPG game for the Playstation 1.
  9. Dimensions

    The Youtube thread

    Not from Youtube but check this out from College Humour... Sexy Costume Store
  10. Dimensions

    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007

    Quick question, I created a character and won the World Heavyweight title but it's not around my waist during my entrance? Does that mean CAWs can't wear the belt anymore in this game? Cause if so, that sucks ass.
  11. Dimensions

    The Office, Season 3

    Tribute to Office music video to Sexy Back by Justin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8WUcnsIBT0
  12. Dimensions


    Don't know how many of you have seen this but check this out.
  13. Dimensions

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    No fuckin way. He looks black now though.
  14. Dimensions

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    who the fuck is MVP? lol