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  1. Yeah, sorry lady, you're stupid but not for your use of English.
  2. Jericho2000Mark

    Chris Jericho, I just don't know what to make of him

    This is stupid. The poster, her post, her use of "except" in the context of "accept" and the confidence she displays in an argument so poorly constructed that everybody has deemed it unworthy of serious discussion. Jericho is cool though...
  3. Jericho2000Mark

    2008 Wrestler Televised Stats

    Not as funny as Fake Kane getting a clean win over Real Kane and leaving altogether because he lost a backstage brawl.
  4. Jericho2000Mark

    The Dark Knight

    Batman Forever was a horrible movie but I liked what they did with Robin by making him 16-17 (though O'Donnell was 25) rather than 12-14.
  5. Jericho2000Mark

    Joey Styles JKO's JBL overseas

    Awesome. I actually own that comic.
  6. Jericho2000Mark

    Cyber Sunday - October 26 2008

    If Punk's popularity was anywhere near Batista's, wouldn't people rather see him wrestle instead of Cryme Tyme?
  7. Jericho2000Mark

    WWE Draft 2008

    The contract expired in 2006.
  8. Jericho2000Mark

    Step Brothers

    I'm one of the aforementioned haters and that trailer looks hilarious...
  9. Jericho2000Mark

    The Worst Wrestling Show of All-Time

    I Highly disagree. Watch it again. Snow-Mero, Taka-Christian and Goldust-Venis were all good-great midcard matches. X-Pac-D'Lo and Shamrock-Mankind were solid if unspectacular.
  10. Jericho2000Mark

    The Dark Knight

    Agreed, it was more faithful to Batman's character and mythos. Not to mention that the love story was one of the few I actually ever cared about in a movie.
  11. Jericho2000Mark

    Jonathan Coachman leaving WWE for ESPN

    Seconded. Third. Fourthed.
  12. Jericho2000Mark

    Comic creators you love

    Jack Kirby - Arguably the most influential artist in comic book history, and still one of the most exciting. Dave Gibbons - Did an incredible job on Watchmen. Garth Ennis - I'm honestly surprised that he hasn't been mentioned already. Alan Moore - Ditto. Frank Miller - Before Dark Knight Strikes Again... Grant Morrison - Did a better job with the JLA than anyone that I can remember, except for maybe... Keith Giffen J.M. Dematteis (sp?) - Granted their Justice League was filled with perennial B-heroes, but the stories were well-written, funny and the characters were easier to relate to. Kevin Maguire - I like his art. Steve Dillon - Ditto.
  13. Jericho2000Mark

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    God, has a normally funny person (Adam Sandler) ever done anything less funny than Little Nicky? And here I thought I was the only one who hated that film. Perhaps I was a little hasty in my judgment...of the jews. Yeah, I really wanted to like it but they were trying too hard with such a horrid script. It was a total waste of Harvey Keitel. Click was a decent comedy, I had a couple laughs and the concept worked. Mr.Deeds was at least partly funny. The foot fetish jokes were the highlight. I loathe the majority of musicals so I can't accurately judge 8 Crazy Nights.
  14. Jericho2000Mark

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    Hahaha anti-semite... I should have paid closer attention to your name before I wrote "you and your ilk." Oops. Bill Murray was hilarious in Groundhog Day (and "What About Bob?"). I also enjoy the works of Peter Sellers and Mitch Hedberg. Curb Your Enthusiasm, early 90's SNL and Kids in the Hall are great shows. For the ones you didn't already mention, I like Dave Chapelle, Chris Farley, Steve Carell, Adam Sandler (before Little Nicky), David Spade (with Farley), Eddie Murphy (80's only), Dan Akroyd (80's only), Chevy Chase, Russell Peters, and Jerry Seinfeld.
  15. Jericho2000Mark

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    Why exactly were the new mods "dethroned"? I liked where the WWE folder was headed, even if that Carlito thread jumped the shark...
  16. Jericho2000Mark

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    The guy I replied to came across as pretty elitist to me, I was just responding in kind. I really don't care if you like him and I probably won't think that much less of you, but don't try to make him sound like he's some kind of comedy genius whose glorified improv routine is above our heads. This is a thread for people who hate Will Ferrell, not for those who want to come here and start telling others how joyless and bitter they are for having a different opinion.
  17. Jericho2000Mark

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    I see a pretentious troll who happens to have a thesaurus nearby and is trying to sugarcoat his imbecilic ramblings with fancy lingo. Will Ferrell's comedy is made for the stupid by the stupid. There is no thought behind any of it. It's dumb physical humor with a blend of nonsense and grade-school level sexual innuendos. It has you in stitches because you have a simple mind. Perhaps that's the context that you and your ilk live in...
  18. Jericho2000Mark

    WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008

    They were lucky he even showed up, and seriously, Rock should be in the HOF before either his dad or grandpa. He is easily one of the top 3 or 4 WWE stars ever.
  19. Jericho2000Mark

    The Legacy Of Ric Flair

    I like where the WWE folder is going. I haven't been a regular viewer for years but I still remember how much I loved wrestling when it was good. Threads like these give me a chance to actually talk about what I like about wrestling, not what is wrong with it (i.e. everything today). He's basically been a geriatric comedy act during his WWE run, and I've watched some shows with friends where they openly laughed at his dated routine. I highly doubt that he is going to stay retired, and I also doubt that this match will be anywhere close to 4 stars, though I can see Meltzer giving it at least that much. Probably the Flair vs Funk I Quit match because Flair deviated from his usual formula to deliver a compelling brawl. More overrated than any wrestler in the history of the internet and dirt sheets. He was an excellent promo and a competent worker, but he stuck to a predictable routine that took away the drama from his matches, and he didn't exactly need 30-60 minutes to tell those "stories." See HTQ/CHP's answer. Yes.
  20. Jericho2000Mark

    TSM Town Hall: Legacy of a Great Match at Mania

    I haven't cared about WrestleMania since I last ordered four years ago. However, I remember how excited I was to see WrestleMania X-7, and how pumped I was for Rock-Hogan at WrestleMania X-8. I missed WrestleMania 2000 because I was in England. WrestleMania XIX was a little underwhelming and lacked a real main event, though it was nice to see Rock finally go over Austin. Brock-Angle was a good main event, but lacked the electricity of prior main events and the fans weren't strongly behind or against either guy. WrestleMania XX was the last time I marked out for a wrestling match... I watched the earlier Wrestlemanias by renting them from my local video station (back when they carried old wrestling tapes; they stopped in 2001). I remember renting WrestleMania X for the heavily hyped ladder match between Michaels and Razor, and coming away far more impressed with Bret-Owen. WrestleMania 13 had quite possibly the best match in wrestling history with Bret-Austin. I really enjoyed WrestleMania 3, and 5 through 8, Savage was a great worker in his day and better than Flair at his peak. Give me Savage-Steamboat over any of Flair's matches with The Dragon, or Savage-Warrior over Flair-Sting. 1. What wrestler has had the most memorable Mania matches for you? Bret. WrestleMania VIII against Piper, WrestleMania X against Owen, WrestleMania 12 against Michaels, and WrestleMania 13 against Austin. 2. Has anyone been "made" from a Wrestlemania match? If so, whom? If it weren't for WrestleMania 6, people wouldn't still be talking about Warrior today. 3. What match do you think of first when you think of a big Mania match? Rock vs Austin at WrestleMania X-7. It was probably the most watched and anticipated main event ever in wrestling. 4. How important is a memorable entrance for a match at Mania? How much does that add to the feel of the match? It does make the match seem more important than it probably is but I'm really sick of seeing Michaels repelling from the ceiling at WrestleMania XII, since WWE has played it at least a million times whenever they look back on his career or hype WrestleMania. 5. Who has had the best Mania entrance that has added to the feel of the match? Austin at WrestleMania 13. That shattered "glass" was a cool visual and signified that this match was going to be violent.
  21. Jericho2000Mark

    Getting to know those voted as worst posters

    Why do you guys think I hate you? I average 0.5 posts a day, I'm not here enough to hate anybody. But if anyone comes close, it would be the really awful posters with WWE sigs/avatars, not a couple idiots who I argued about movies with.
  22. Jericho2000Mark

    Erect penis pictures

    7. alkeiper
  23. Jericho2000Mark

    The McRib Farewell Tour

    The only McDonalds menu item that I want to see brought back is their pizza.
  24. Jericho2000Mark

    Rebooking The WWE

    Rebooking shows like Wrestling Challenge is a bit much... And the WrestleMania main event was fine, I would have saved the blowoff match between Piper and Hogan for WM 2.