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    The State of TSM Address

    Fine! Then I'm gonna make my own message board! With blackjack! ......and hookers! In fact, forget about the board! Ah screw the whole thing. I'm not sure in what kind of category the people who still post here instead of the other board are (which member of the surviving misfits are you: unwanted and banned for life, nobodies and not 1337 enuf to join the other board, hopeful revivers, anonymous former members coming back to see the ruins?) but the board somehow still remains on life support two months after the exodus. This place is a desert, nobody cares anymore and half of the discussion is about how this place is dead. Unless there's an usher of new members coming in (or an "Attitude era", since it's the WWE section), it's doomed to remain in this condition. The only reason I still come here is because it’s a part of my internet routine. It was a good place to waste 15 minutes and post a message or two on subjects I was interested in. The two or three sections I used to post are, just like the whole board, dead. So who wants to speak alone? The most active thread here consists of randomness. So yeah, this place was fun and was, at its peak, a quality wrestling board but it’s over now boohoo. It’s not like it’s the only board on the whole Internet. It can take some time find a board of the calibre this place used to be but you’ll eventually find it. Until that, it’s just beating on a dead horse.
  2. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    Small story : I'm in career mode and was 11-2 with the two losses to Stephen Bonnar and James Irvin. Anyway I'm on a winning streak and have a rematch with Bonnar and I KO him the same way he KOed me. My next fight is a rematch against Irvin in my first-ever non-Fight Night card, so I'd finally complete my quest for revenge~! Fight begins, Irvin touches gloves for respect so I throw a missed kick. I'm about to jab him when he punches the SHIT out of me and I go down in 13 seconds to his only punch. This is my new favorite game of all-time.
  3. 10 Pounds

    I own this land

    You know that Simpsons episode where Homer is banned from Moe's and tries all the other bars until he finds one at the airport? Well I fuckin' tried GameFaqs. A dead place is better than a haven for retards I guess.
  4. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    Just a quick look at the top 100 shows people who have like records like 200+ DNF. I had a few cases where I had the opponent on his back and GnP the hell out of him and *poof*, disconnetion. Fortunately, it's more the exception than the rule. Most of the players I went against had 50/50 or losing records, I know I won't get a DNF. I wouldn't quit a fight except for maybe unbearable lag.
  5. *I’m re-reading myself and man, I keep on rambling and rambling. I'm pretty sure there were similar threads before the H-Bomb got dropped but I'm starting another one anyway. I’m not telling anything new but it’s been a while since I talked about wrestling/went in the WWE section so…* I’ve been a wrestling fan since the early 90’s. I remember the 1997-2001 period where I would be pissed off to no end if I would skip a Raw or, as most Canadians will remember, TSN would delay the show because of baseball or curling. I stopped watching Raw on a weekly basis in 2006 since it was all DX, all the time and I couldn’t watch anymore of that crap. Still, I kept an interest on wrestling since I followed it for so long. Since the current product was lame, I subscribed to WWE 24/7 and kept reading the “news” since the reviews of the shows are often more entertaining than the shows themselves. Even if I didn’t regularly followed Raw or Smackdown, I still chipped in from time to time to watch a PPV or switch to the shows between Heroes or Prison Break. I watched Raw yesterday, out of curiosity from all that Denver debacle. I had nothing better to do so I watched the whole show while doing some work. My question is: how can anyone here watch the entire 2 hours of Raw? Now I’m not pointing to Vince looking like a moron with his “Enis” jokes, because Vince has been and will always be like this and there have been plenty of stupid stuff in the past. I’m not pointing to the “PG” rating either because it’s in the best long term interest and I’m pretty sure, in a few years from now, there will be another “Attitude Era” when the current fan base will get older. However, that show is so much scripted and set in stone in a formula it devoid the show of any kind of excitement. The show is lifeless, there isn’t any real passion. I remember during the Attitude Era and beyond, there wasn’t a Raw where Jim Ross yelled at the top of his lungs about Stone Cold, McMahon, Rock or HHH how they saved the day / did the most heinous thing he ever saw. I remember it ticked me off at times because Ross did it so often, he became a parody of himself. Still, I’d rather take a hyperactive Jim Ross overselling an angle and actually calling matches like he cares about them as opposed of the castrated announcers of today. I realize this is what Vince wants for his shows and the whole “yelling in the headset” thing, but does anyone here actually agrees that the announcers' silence for selling “drama” in every angle is better than the announcers being totally upset and ready to kick the heel’s ass? Let’s take the whole Orton angle where he DDTed Stephanie: that segment went on and on and not saying a word for five minutes reeked of desperation for saying “THIS IS A SERIOUS ANGLE AND YOU SHOULD CARE FOR IT! EVERYBODY LET'S SINK IN THE MOMENT.” Would have been it worse for Lawler to rush to the ring only to take a RKO, sledgehammer shot to HHH and that’s it? Seeing Orton “slithering like a viper” for two minutes with no sound isn’t dramatic, it’s a channel-switcher. Another thing, and this is what made me no longer a regular viewer, does anyone actually laughs at those lame comedy skits? Either it’s juvenile insults (“JBL is poopy!”), stuff we’ve seen a million times already (Wrestler talking to the wrong twin or that silly Hornswaggle) and stupid stuff only a retard would have think of (the kind of skits where it begins with Boogeyman interrupting someone and ends with everybody dancing in the ring, with Jillan singing the Star-Spangled Banner, Khali kissing Mae Young and the return of Sgt. Slaughter in between type of stuff). What does it add to the show? The announcers are laughing their asses off but nobody in the crowd is laughing. This is the kind of stuff that makes fans be ashamed to watch the product. Santino in drag dancing for 2 minutes is a Wrestlemania Moment? I don’t mind comedy, but I’d take the ECK skits over anything in the past 3 years. At least that comedy served to advance the storylines and characters. Where is the creativity in the show? It looks like Raw is stuck in cruise control for years now. I’m not saying to bring back good ol’ wrestling because it’s gone. (Ironically, the old NWA shows on 24/7 are killing any of the current shows IMO). The pace of the current shows is such pre-planned and methodical that it indeed does feel like an entertainment show rather than wrestling. However, it’s not just a good entertainment show. The comedy is lame, the drama is average at best and the overall show feels like it’s been reheating in the microwave for years now. Everybody talks the same way and wrestles the same match. Why the hell should I cheer for John Cena, Jeff Hardy or HBK? I know they must be doing something right since the company is good financial health. So are the shows really still that good and I’m just turning into an old fart or did the usher of a new era turned off every old fan, much like “The New Generation” was to those who grew up on Hulkamania?
  6. 10 Pounds

    Xbox 360

    Upcoming deals of the week: Now : Bionic Commando Rearmed - 50% Off June 8 : Gears of War 2 Combustible Map Pack - 30% Off June 15 : Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage - 30% Off June 22 : Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - 33 % Off June 29 : Fable II Knothole Island - 30% Off At 400 MS, Bionic Commando is an absolute steal.
  7. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    I'm 5-0 in career mode and I'm good to fight my first "name" opponent. Having my ass kicked is inevitable as my fighter is overall mid-forties and the other is 75+. I don't know about you guys but I can count the number of fights that went all 3 rounds on my hand. I only had one true 15-minutes fight online and the others were intentionally kept that long for respecting the criterias in classic mode.
  8. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    I haven't touched the career mode yet. I've done a few exhibitions and classics fights for practice but that's it. Online however, is truly something to behold. In half of my fights, people picked the champion of the weight class and didn't do anything but button mashing while standing up, rarely going to the ground. I had two cases where the other player disconnected as things started going bad for him. People at the top of the leaderboards have a record of like 54-1 but 40 DNF. How pathetic must someone be to care that much about a freaking virtual W/L record? When playing with the right kind of player, that game is great. Too many pricks online though.
  9. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    First online impressions : - 0-3....WHO'S NEXT?!? - Two of my fights were really laggy. A little lag is expected but I'm talking "PC game on the highest settings when you have a Intel Integrated graphic card" kind of lag. Has this happened to anyone else? - So far, two of my opponents were really depending on "LB+" attacks like the Superman Punch or the Cro Cop high kick. I don't have much trouble against the CPU. The only thing I need to work on is the submission system....how fast do I need to spin the freaking analog to get a tap out?
  10. 10 Pounds

    Leena's Victory Celebration.

    On one hand, you have someone who instigates "forum warz and drama!" on a message board in 2009, something that I thought you got over quickly after that first "Oh my God, the Internet exists" feeling. On the other, you have two or three hundreds people who fled simultaneously in flocks to form their own private board in protest. Unbelievable. Serious Business indeed.
  11. 10 Pounds

    WWE Online announced

    Maybe I'm just imaginating thing, but is it possible that THQ will lose its WWE licence in 2009 or 2010? WWE sued them and THQ took the UFC licence to compensate for that lost. EA would most likely be the new developper for WWE games. I think I've read that somewhere a few months ago....maybe I'm just making things up.
  12. I like Schiavone. He was comically awful in WCW 99-00 (what wasn't?) but like the other said, he was solid in the old Saturday Nights. However, the one announcer that dropped in quality due to a lack of passion more than any other in WCW was The Brain. He never had the chemistry he had with Monsoon with Schiavone and just didn't give a damn in the last years. Still, a boring Bobby Heenan is still miles ahead of Mark fucking Madden.
  13. Line-up for the month: - Hall of Fame Eddy Guerrero - WorldWar 3 1997 + Judgment Day 2005, Armageddon 2008 - History of IC Title DVD - Lucha Libre Shorties (oddly with Taka vs Sasuke - Canadian Stampede) - One "new" and two classics MNW, Starrcade fallout. I definitely look towards the IC History despite the usual repeat matches that are on every DVD (WM X Ladder Match, Bret/Perfect, Bret/Builldog). I am a mark for the mid-eighties stuff with Santana, Valentine and Savage so the first disc should be good. There 2000 era looks to have a few random matches but since the title don't mean anything during this decade, it's not like there was a handful of classics IC matches to choose from. Don't remember anything from JD 2005 apart from the JBL/Cena I Quit match, which is quite good. Was this the event where Benoit and Finlay stiffed each other for 20 minutes or was it in 2006?
  14. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    I played on Medium. I have played again a few times and tried to keep the fight standing, I'm probably 50-50 on winning/losing fights. Just like real life, trying to fight on the ground with Liddell rather than standing up is not a good idea. It just sucks there only 2 fighters in the demo and you can't do a fight with similar styles. On the subject of "who isn't there?", the biggest name missing is Randy Couture since the game was made during the lawsuit. There will probably be DLC since he's just too big of a name to completely exclude him from the roster. Evan Tanner is in.
  15. 10 Pounds

    UFC 2009

    I downloaded the demo, went through the tutorial and it took me 5-6 fights to have a lucky KO on Rua at the end of the second round. The game looks great but it takes some time to get used to the controls. Rua just killed me whenver the fight was taken to the ground. It's hard to have a good defense against the strikes and trying to get the opponent off you at the same time. I haven't read a lot about the game but I'll probably pick it up if it has good reviews.
  16. 10 Pounds

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I'm on the 2nd level (out of 4). I didn't had problems playing games like the GBA Metroids or Castlevanias, or games like Brain Age, just the RPGs because of the small text font. I remember having a magnifying glass for my old Game Boy. Doesn't looks like a model exists for the DS though....
  17. 10 Pounds

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Maybe it's just me who is turning into an old fucker, but does a magnifying glass for the DS exist? I never had any vision problems, always 20/20 and all, but even just 30 minutes of glaring at the screen hurts my eyes. I bought the system last summer mainly for the old school JRPG remakes. At the rythmn I can play, I'm gonna be good for at least ten years.
  18. 10 Pounds

    XBLA Community Games

    Are there any of those games good? I have yet to buy one, I've downloaded a few trials but there hasn't been one that made me want to spend 200 points on it. A lot of them look like rehashes of classics (Pong, Gradius, Tetris), applications (TV, sounds or rumble adjustors) or just look ridiculous and have bad idea written all over it (Rumble massager). I don't expect community games to have SOTN-like quality, but there are surely some good games out there. Any title actually worth 5 bucks?
  19. 10 Pounds

    The Hall of JTTS

    I grew up on old Saturday Superstars shows where you always had the JTTS winning over the jobbers. Once in a while you had a big star in the main-event like the British Bulldog, Razor Ramon or the Undertaker but your usual line-up was Skip, T.L Hopper, Sparkplug Holly getting wins over nobodies. You knew the show didn't matter since all the stars were on the 5-minutes Raw clip. I kinda miss those shows. Pure nostalgia though because there's no way I would see that kind of show nowadays featuring wins by Mike Knox or Hacksaw. I don't even see the jobbers on 24/7 as "true" jobbers anymore since it's always the same names coming back again and again. I kinda miss the old no-name vanilla jobbers who clapped hands with everybody at ringside, lost in 2 minutes to a JTTS ( 'cause that's the only win the JTTS can get), got the humiliation (like being branded by Justin Hawk Bradshaw "flaming" iron, having the plunger in the face, etc...) and was never seen again.
  20. 10 Pounds

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    I don't know for everyone(?), but for me April easily has been the worst month on 24/7 : Two boring MNW, bad shorties, bad PPVs. The only saving grace looks like PYOB. It was weird to see the "Here Comes the Pain" feature with everybody just kissing Brock's ass in his rookie year (Can't believe it's been 7 years ago) where he got the megapush of doom. No way we would see this kind of support behind a newcomer nowadays.
  21. 10 Pounds

    No Raw Thread????

    Off topi....well it's not like there's a topic in the first place anyway : what happened to this place? I don't follow "TSM Drama~!", so how did this place became a ghost town? I never was a big poster here, sticking mostly to 24/7 and video games, but this was one of the few forums I've been a part of where it wasn't a place full of retards. Since when is there an omerta here? Where's everybody? Once again, sorry if it's in the wrong thread. Please don't shoot me.
  22. 10 Pounds

    Xbox 360

    I have read that Gold Live subscribers had a few promotions in recent weeks like Braid for 800 points instead of 1200 and additional content ( I fpr think Ninja Gaiden II) at a discount price. Are those promotions a regular thing for Gold Live? Since I'm not that big of an online player, I haven't forked over the money for online play I'd probably wouldn't want anyway. But if having a Gold subcription means that most game are 800 instead of 1200, I'd bite the bait.
  23. 10 Pounds

    WWF WrestleMania X-7 (4/1/01)

    That Wrestlemania was the height of the Attitude Era. If there's such a thing as a perfect wrestling show, that would be it. Everything you could ask for in wrestling is in there : - Huge main-event witht the two biggest stars clashing against one another. - The "workrate" match with the scientific wrestling. - The "Holy shit" match with the crazy bumps. - Your sports-entertainment match witht the soap opera angles and a million run-ins. - Comedy/Nostalgia that works. - The bad stuff is kept short. - All of that in a huge dome with slick presentation. If you can't like this show, why are you watching wrestling?
  24. 10 Pounds

    Do you watch all the stuff?

    No question that this channel is awesome, you all know that. However, as great as the programming is, who here actually has the time to watch all the shows ? When I first got the channel, I've tried not to miss a thing but it lasted maybe a month or so. My evenings and weekends are too short to watch everything I'd like to see and I don't usually watch the shows until 3 or 4 days after they've been posted but I'll still be able to watch my "main schedule" every two weeks. How many of the shows do you actually watch? What are your "can't miss" shows? Can't miss Monday Night Wars: The main reason I got 24/7. Seeing back 1997 again was nice, but my memory was blurred by nostalgia as the year wasn't all as great as I remembered. The rise of Stone Cold and the Canada vs USA feud are classics but Raw is pretty uneventful past Hell in a Cell except for the Screwjob. Nitro has better matches and presentation but we're at the beginning of the nWo over-exposure and the last hour sometimes feels like two. The shows where they had the Hogan/Sting contract signing or the last one where the Bischoff/Zbysko match was made official - total non-stop shilling. A good thing that Raw will pick up in the next few weeks with the Austin mega push. Despite the recent shows, MNW still is my "meat and potatoes" of the channel. Roundtable: The best show I think on 24/7. Every roundtable was interesting even if sometimes they drift off the topic (such as the recent MNW disscussion which was more Hayes pointing his finger at Bischoff.....I actually forgot Lawler was part of the panel). NWA/ECW: The wrestling on NWA is pretty much the same matches every week but the promos and angles are the best of the entire channel. I have never seen ECW during its heyday so I watch it because, even 13 years later, it's still a unique show compared to the usual stuff. The wrestling is sometimes ridiculous but it's part of the over-the-top atmosphere. Meh. House Shows: I'd watch a match like the Hart Foundation vs pretty much anyone or a IC match involving Santana, Valentine, Perfect or Savage but that's it. I mean, who cares about an undercard involving matches like Sivi Afi vs Brooklyn Brawler or Rene Goulet vs Dino Bravo? I've never cared much about the "Hogan vs Heel of the Month" formula either so seeing the Hulkster doesn't do much for me. PPV: I used to watch every one of them but it's difficult to find the time to sit through 3 straight hours of wrestling (There's a "stop" button but you know what I mean). I can't remember the last time I've watched an entire PPV. Not that there weren't good shows availlable but I just don't have the time. WCCW: Used to watch, don't have time anymore. Shorties: Depends on the theme of the month. Never cared TNT Lame skits and comedy. Prime Time: The Heenan/Moonsoon duo is classic but the wrestling is hit or miss. HOF: I'll watch if there's a profile of my favorite guys like Bret or Perfect but not for shows about say Bobo Brazil, Don Muraco or Pedro Morales.
  25. 10 Pounds

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    I don't think the event is doomed yet. The story just broke out and I think there will be enough pressure until April to allow the show to take place. The UFC people won't allow the commission to fuck-up their plans at such a short notice. The commission just needs a proper education in modern MMA, with the unifed rules and all. Just from an economic viewpoint, it would be totally foolish to spit in millions of dollars in a period of recession. However, I don't think there will be another UFC show in Montreal for a looooooong time (like, no WWF after SS97-like drought). Toronto will become the premier canadian city for UFC event as soon as the Ontario government modifies its laws.3 Edit : Holy fuck I made the Observer's top news today *adds a star to his Smartmarks card*