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  1. BrokenTiger

    Live Free Or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) trailer

    Watched this movie during the weekends. Overall, it was fine enough action flick. Willis still got it(somewhat)...the movie moves along quite well without much dull spots. The main baddie's a letdown, though. Maybe that's harsh for Tim Olyphant (plus I don't get Deadwood in my neck of the woods - so maybe he's actually capable of more) but his performance in this movie...just...blah. Even that Asian girl (Maggie Q) was more menacing than him. And he's gonna play Agent 47(Hitman)? Well, I guess we'll just wait and see.
  2. BrokenTiger

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    http://www.gamerevolution.com/feature/worst_names The 50 worst videogame names. Just stumbled upon these.
  3. BrokenTiger

    The (You-Tube) Shoot-Style Thread

    Oops...that Tamura vs Mishima is from U-Style, not RINGS (still not sure about the date, though). Plus, Tamura finishes Mishima with a cross armbreaker. My mistake. Match ran around 11 minutes. Currently my internet connection is rather shitty, so I had no means of showcasing this match online...but here's some caps of it: Mishima and Tamura squared off. Loved the wacky red-and-blue wristband on the ref. The initial scramble. Tamura goes for the arm, and Mishima's targeting the leg. Tamura's in trouble. Desperately reaching for the ropes while Mishima's wrenches the leg. The finish. Mishima taps out to the cross armbreaker. I'll leave the reviews/analysis to more knowledgable people than myself.
  4. BrokenTiger

    The (You-Tube) Shoot-Style Thread

    Very fascinating. I thouroughly enjoyed the vid in the link & your review. Incidentally, I had watched Tamura against a fellow named Mishima, I believe (IIRC, from RINGS). I don't remember the date, unfortunately. Mishima doesn't strike me as a threat to Tamura, from my initial perception...so the outcome is somewhat obvious. Yet, Tamura cared enough to bring Mishima as someone who might have a chance to beat him - his facial expressions when Mishima had him in a leglock, for instance...and he goes for the rope quite a few times. He eventually won with a keylock/kimura. Well, I haven't watch that fight for quite a while, so apologies for any errors. I'm just new to shoot-style...and I'm hungry for more.
  5. BrokenTiger

    Favourite Obscure Country

    Nice. Then again, people tend to remember Thailand & Singapore more, since we're sandwiched in between them. Few years back, WWE made a stop at Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) during a tour...we popped for everyone, even for Michael Cole. Oh, well... Foley & Big Show made several promotional appearences in the past, too....seeing Show live is unbelievable.
  6. Don't get me wrong here, I love Bruce Lee and all...but some of his stuff probably didn't aged well stylistically. I still loved his intensity especially in 'The Chinese Connection' (the dojo fight). Fist of Legend & Drunken Master 2 had some of my fav fight scenes as well. Loved Tony Jaa in 'Ong Bak' too...but I think he did better in 'Tum Yoong Gung'. He still does his 'knee in midair' spot...plus his fight scene vs the capoerista is breathtaking. All this and NATHAN JONES is badass in this one. Being in South East Asia, I was able to get this movie early...you guys may have to wait a while, though Someone mentioned Sammo Hung. There's a recent Hong Kong release titled 'SPL' said to have great fight scenes of him vs. Donnie Yen (Blade 2, Hero, Iron Monkey). I'm looking forward to watch this one in a matter of days and will provide my comments afterwards.
  7. BrokenTiger

    Great spots from Wrestling Video Games

    No Mercy: my CAW against Chono (CAW). I already reached my 'special' and going for my finisher, but somehow Chono managed to counter it...had me in a fireman's carry (possibly for a DVD) but I managed to wriggle free and hit Burning Hammer for the victory. All this in one smooth, fluid motion. I'm still in love with No Mercy...
  8. BrokenTiger

    Movie moments you marked out for.

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: - The triple threat gunfight - Any scene with Tuco. Star Wars Ep.I - Darth Maul with dual lightsabers. Hellboy - Anytime Kroenen appears. A Better Tomorrow 2 - The ending shootout. Somewhat ridiculous now, but still fun. Drunken Master 2 - most of the fight scenes Police Story I - just watch Jackie Chan (during his prime) trying to kill himself in the name of entertainment.
  9. BrokenTiger

    Superman: Red Son

    Thanks for the recommendations, JMA. I already have Kingdom Come and Dark Knight Returns, though. I heard a lot of good things for Astro City, Crisis on Infinite Earths...as well as Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Being an Alan Moore fan, I'll definitely check out the latter as well as Supreme. You're wearing The Comedian's badge, I see. Hell of a classic, that one.
  10. BrokenTiger

    Superman: Red Son

    Recently, I asked a friend of mine to recommend good Superman TPBs for me...and he recommend 'Superman: Red Son' as well as 'Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told'. While I find the latter to be...a bit dissappointing (some of the stories don't age well at all...for me, anyway) I'm very, very pleased with the former. What I like: - Not really a fan of Supes (although I have passing knowledge of his history) I thought Mark Millar did very well with the story. The essence of who Superman is still there. - Dave Johnson. I always liked his style back when I read that one Image comic...Superpatriot, or something. He worked on 100 Bullets too, correct? - The propaganda style art on the covers. Being a former History of Art student, I kinda marked out for that. What I don't like: - The ending. Sending Kal-L back in time? Bleh. Just a minor gripe of mine, actually. - The costume design for the russian Batman. The furry Bat mask...COME ON! Green Lantern's was ok, I think. Dave Johnson's responsible for this one...dammit. Again, not really anything major. All in all, a good TPB in my opinion. I usually don't like an Elseworlds/What-If type of stories, but this one works for me. So what you guys think of it? Any other good Superman TPBs or even Elseworlds ones that I should pick up?
  11. BrokenTiger


    IIRC, the visual fx for this movie were done by Weta Digital...same folk that worked on the LOTR trilory. They did a fine job on Constantine, I'd say. Hmm, Ebert seems to hate this movie. Oh well...*shrugs*
  12. BrokenTiger


    I watched this movie last week. The trailers made me skeptical at first...plus I had read 'Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits' the tpb this movie supposedly based from. So naturally I had set my expectation waaay down low. Suprisingly, Constantine turns out to be very decent and enjoyable...even with the many changes implemented compared to the comics. Hell, I don't mind Keanu...which is strange, to say the least. However, some story elements from Dangerous Habits were kept in...such as: 1. Constantine dying from lung cancer 2. Constantine giving the middle finger to the devil 3. Lucifer descends (his bloody barefoot entered the frame)...when Constantine cuts his wrist. I enjoyed this movie...even moreso than Hellboy (which I liked a lot, btw).
  13. BrokenTiger


    I watched it in the cinema few years back...only ten people watching at the time. Talk about underrated & underhyped. I really enjoyed this Movie. My fav scenes: the aforementioned crew hiring scene....the parking lot scene...as well as the stunt highway scene.
  14. BrokenTiger

    The Godfather- the video game

    Bah, I love the Godfather trilogy to death...but personally I don't see this game fare better than Mafia (loved that game). On the other hand...will there be a cutscene of Sonny's dramatic death?
  15. BrokenTiger

    The Punisher

    Just finished the Punisher game last night. A Max Payne wannabe, but still fun. Usually I kill the informants anyway after interrogating them. Ooh, too violent. I blame my workload. *wishing he could throw Heidenreich into the piranha pond*