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  1. Angelus

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    Because in this business you're never know what next, because now he can do thing outside wrestling without the approval of the office, not to share benefits with them and maybe because he's still can't swallow de fact that Vinnie does give The Rock his trademark name for free
  2. Angelus

    The Office, Season 3

    That was collector And the ending was great too, Jenna Fischer is lovely
  3. Angelus

    Most shocking award snubs?

    Pulp Fiction should have won an oscar, DiCaprio should have one too and on the tv side it's a shame that Walton Goggins was never even nominated for a price, this guy is incredible
  4. BOWLING BALL ! http://youtube.com/watch?v=0GTGtSInAo8 Wooderson is THE Man, Best Slow walk ever
  5. The end of the first episode of the Black Donnellys, Arcade Fire's version. A Great, great scene The famous scene of The Shield where McKay burn Armadillo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEkZCN4-7HI The sadness moment of television : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTR1DdwtbU8...ted&search= One of the greatest moment from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu_UpcRBnF0 Oh and THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY, THE CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS, THE SHOWDOWN OF THE IMMORTALS. FUCK ROCKY BALBOA, THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvdEHHeJvb4...ted&search=
  6. Angelus

    The Black Donnellys

    Wow the last two episode were great, the final confrontation between The Donnellys and Dokey's crew in the last minutes of the last one, especially. Awesome That was the most anticlimatic gun battle ever I'm pissed that this show got cancelled Bah ! Kevin got finally lucky
  7. Angelus

    Spider-Man 3

  8. Angelus

    Spider-Man 3

  9. Angelus

    TSM TV Badass Tournament

    Bauer Vic
  10. I'm searching this promo everywhere ... Edit : Nevermind i found it
  11. Angelus

    TSM TV Badass Tournament round 4

    (1) Jack Bauer - 24 (1) Vic Mackie - The Shield (1) Angelus - Buffy/Angel (1) Tony Sorpano-The Sopranos
  12. Angelus

    TSM TV Badass Tournament Round 3

    (1) Jack Bauer - 24 (2) T-Bag - Prison Break (1) Vic Mackie - The Sheild (3) Sawyer- Lost (1) Angelus - Buffy/Angel (10) Dr. Gregory House - House M.D. (1) Tony Sorpano-The Sopranos (2) Ryan O'Reily - Oz
  13. Angelus

    Prison Break

    Hmmm Pretty boy Scofield taking down T-Bag in a knife fight ?
  14. Angelus

    TSM TV Badass Tournment Round 2

    ROUND 2 (1) Jack Bauer - 24 (12) The Incredible Hulk (6) Faith - Buffy (2) T-Bag - Prison Break SOUTHERN DIVISION (1) Vic Mackie - The Sheild (4) B.A. Baracus - A-Team (3) Sawyer- Lost (2) Simon Adebisi-Oz EASTERN DIVISION (1) Angelus - Buffy/Angel (5) Andy Sipowicz-NYPD Blue (11) Big Dan Dority- Deadwood (2) Al Swearengen - Deadwood WESTERN DIVISION (1) Tony Sorpano-The Sopranos (4) Spike - Buffy/Angel (3) Shane Vendrell - The Shield (2) Ryan O'Reily - Oz