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  1. brighty

    Greatest WCW Matches of the 90s Nominations Thread

    Rey Mysterio v. Eddie Guerrero - Halloween Havoc 1997 Sting v. Big Van Vader - SuperBrawl III Sting's Squadron v. The Dangerous Alliance - WrestleWar 1992 (WarGames Match) Bret Hart v. Chris Benoit - Monday Nitro October 4th 1999 Jushin Liger v. Brian Pillman - SuperBrawl II Rick Rude v. Ricky Steamboat - Beach Blast 1992 Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne v. The Nasty Boys - Spring Stampede 1994 The Hollywood Blondes v. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas - WorldWide Spring 1993 (tag title change) Steve Austin & Larry Zbyszko v. Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes - SuperBRawl II Sting v. Big Van Vader - Great American Bash 1992
  2. brighty

    Greatest WWF Matches of the 90's Tourney

    Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart, 3/23/97, WrestleMania 13, "I Quit" match Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair, 4/5/92, WrestleMania VIII, WWF Title Ten Man Tag, Canadian Stampede, 7/6/97 Royal Rumble, 1/19/92, Royal Rumble, Winner gets WWF Title Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, 3/20/94, WrestleMania X Owen Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith, 3/1/97, Monday Night RAW, European Title Tournament Final Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior, 3/24/91, WrestleMania VII, Retirement match Bret & Owen Hart vs. Steiner Brothers, 1/11/94, Wrestlefest 1994 Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind, 6/22/96, Mind Games, WWF Title Steve Austin vs. Dude Love, 5/31/98, Over the Edge, No CO/No DQ for WWF Title Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith, 8/29/92, SummerSlam, IC Title Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon, 3/20/94, WrestleMania X, Ladder Match for IC Title Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, 10/5/97, Badd Blood, Hell in a Cell Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig, 8/26/91, SummerSlam, IC Title Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, 11/17/96, Survivor Series Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett, 7/23/95, In Your House #2, IC Title
  3. brighty

    Greatest WWF Matches of the 90's Poll/Tourney

    Bret Hart v. Steve Austin - WrestleMania 13 Shawn Michaels v. The Undertaker - In Your House: Badd Blood Owen Hart v. Bret Hart - WrestleMania X Bret Hart v. Steve Austin - Survivor Series 1996 The Hart Foundation v. Team USA - In Your House: Canadian Stampede The Ultimate Warrior v. Macho Man Randy Savage - WrestleMania VII The British Bulldog v. Bret Hart - SummerSlam 1992 Razor Ramon v. Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania X Steve Austin v. Dude Love - Over The Edge 1998 Shawn Michaels v. Mankind - In Your House: Mind Games
  4. brighty

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    is this the match that's on the WWE Dusty Rhodes DVD?
  5. brighty

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    is Danielson/KENTA clipped highlights or the full match?
  6. brighty

    Bret vs HBK vs Flair vs Austin

    Best Match: Bret - WrestleMania 13 v. Steve Austin HBK - In Your House Badd Blood v. The Undertaker Flair - Clash Of The Champions 6 v. Ricky Steamboat Austin - WrestleMania X-Seven v. The Rock. rated as workers: 1. Austin 2. Flair 3. Bret 4. Shawn rated as talkers: 1. Flair 2. Austin 3. Shawn 4. Bret rated overall: 1. Austin 2. Flair 3. Bret 4. Shawn
  7. brighty

    Just Watched the Bret Hart DVD

    www.silvervision.co.uk it's out already, usually they send the DVDs out about a month before they hit the shops.
  8. brighty

    Most forgettable stint in a promotion

    Regal in the WWF during 98/99.
  9. brighty

    Best Wrestling Quotes...

    The Rock: Know Your Role, just shut your mouths, take all your boo's and stick 'em straight up your maple-syrup-sucking candy asses.
  10. brighty

    Favorite Rock Moment

    That's my favorite promo of all time. "He said TORONTO! Yaaaaaaay! That's where WE live! WE live in Toronto! Yaaaaaay!....... Aw, shut up, you sheep." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ah ive got transcript of that.
  11. brighty

    Small Review Of The Rey Mysterio Special Magazine

    What a fucking insult to his career, that match was barely like 5 minutes and he didn't even win. If anything that rematch in San Diego should have been here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> but to the WWE having your first match at WrestleMania is what you've been working towards your whole life. of course they're going to include it as one of the most important matches.
  12. brighty

    Thus far,

    Ashes 2nd Test Ashes 3rd Test Ashes 4th Test and FA Cup final for worst. that was horrible, can't believe we (Man United) lost that game.
  13. WM7 - Virgil v. Dibiase, with Piper on crutches at ringside. Dibiase shoves Piper down and Heenan goes "awwwwww i've fallen and i can't get up!"
  14. heel Doink. evil clowns are great, and when he screwed over Crush at Mania IX, me as a 10 year old found that to be absolutely hilarious.
  15. brighty

    Favorite Rock Moment

    promo backstage at SummerSlam 98. the amazing thing about Rock is that he'd pull off stuff this good every single show, but i have the transcript for this one whihc is why it's going here. basically he has the ladder match with HHH and Trips got attacked by The Nation during Heat so he has a leg injury. Cole: You must feel pretty good about yourself, what are you thinking about? Rock: Well The Rock is thinking about slapping the yellow off your teeth if you keep asking stupid questions. The fact of the matter is this – Triple H you one-legged man, The Rock wants to know exactly how you’re gonna climb the people’s ladder and reach The Rock’s InterContinental gold with just one leg? Tonight, New York City, The Rock’s home away from home, and infront of the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans – The Rock is guaran-damn-teeing that he’s gonna prove The Rock is The People’s Champ, The Rock is The People’s Choice, and The Rock is The Best Damn InterContinental Champ There Ever Was, If Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cookin.’ Cole: Well, thanks Rock. Gentlemen… Rock: Shut Up! Back to the jabronis at ringside.