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  1. Boon

    So... what happened?

    Just havin' fun out there!!
  2. Boon


    For that matter, where the fuck is Daniel Farrady?
  3. Boon

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    It amazes me there are people who A) have enough time and B) are insecure and childish enough to do something like this.
  4. Boon

    Star Trek XI

  5. Boon


    So, is it fair to say that if there's no John Locke, we riot?
  6. Boon

    ESPN's Streak for the Cash

    My only goal is to win enough for a t-shirt.
  7. Boon


    Assuming Peter regains his ability to hold other powers, they would be evenly matched. Peter also has allies he can team up with. It's amazing to compare the end of this season with the previous episodes. One writer- night and day.
  8. Boon

    House Season 5

    Mos Def is awesome. Also- preview for next week's episode:
  9. - Wiki. I think we should compromise and go with checque. That way, nobody is happy. Also? The payoff for this tournament makes me think the NIT will never happen. I really wanted to see how we were going to reward mediocrity.
  10. Boon

    24 -- Season 7

    Looks like some nice added stuff in there, but I've never been big into added content, special features, etc. Not long ago, Best Buy had Seasons 2-6 on sale for $20 each- coupled that with a manufacturer's coupon for $15 each season if you bought the special edition of season 1- got 1-6 for about $45. Anyway- this season has done a great job of livening up the series. The change in location was much needed, the new characters are interesting and the storylines, for the most part, are fun.
  11. That depends- what the fuck is a cheque?
  12. And people talk about my spelling and sentence structure.... That's actually correct. Collective nouns FTW!
  13. Boon

    The YPOV Question of the Day

    Yes, but that's more of a reflection of my unadulterated boredom at work than enthusiasm for this place.
  14. Boon

    The Office Season 5

    I did love Stanley and Kevin's panic faces after Charles gave them some extra responsibility.
  15. Boon

    The Office Season 5

    I'd really like to see them keep this going for a little while. It's fresh and interesting; it'd be a waste to just bring everybody back in the next two episodes.