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  1. jwpeer

    This week in the NBA

    Yea but there's still differences between the -types- of dunks certain players can do. I wonder if someone really athletic in the competition will use a crazy stunt 360 'layup' though.
  2. jwpeer

    This week in the NBA

    Hah. There's some things he's pretty annoying about, but he knows basketball and always has good thoughts on the NBA. This seems like it's just a trial before the main stuff and if it's popular they might incorporate it? Maybe they're also worried about the time too.
  3. jwpeer

    This week in the NBA

    I think it ends up being Mo Williams. Stern makes the injury replacement decisions. The only All-Star selection I really didn't understand was why Rashad Lewis over Hedo. Hedo is far more important to that team, and a more complete player. But more important than anything else: http://www.tsn.ca/nba/story/?id=265673&amp...=headlines_main Who ends up in the Horse competition? This is need to know stuff!
  4. jwpeer

    This week in the NBA

    If Cleveland were even remotely in a position to get the cap space in 2010 I would actually put a guarentee on LeBron re-signing and bringing Bosh in to replace Z. Don't think it's feasible for them though. There's the potential of both of them going to somewhere like the Knicks as well, but lets hope nothing shady like that happens. Ugh. One interesting option would be the Nets. Even though they aren't moving to Brooklyn thus eliminating the LeBron potential, they might be able to lure Bosh with the prospect of Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and Chris Bosh being a force to be reckoned with. Lopez would give allow Bosh to play his mid-range style of game perfectly and cover up some of his defensive matchup problems when he has to play the 5. Don't think it's true at the moment. I imagine he's unhappy with the moves they've made this year, but they still have 2009 to convince him to stay. Really need some defensive players there. A defensive minded 5 and 3 are really what you need to compliment Bosh.
  5. So I'm a Steeler fan, thus making my perspective maybe a bit biased. However I'm not a rabid partying in the streets type of fan (I watch sports for tactical interest/analysis and tend to be a fan of certain players more than teams other than the UPitt Basketball squad!) My thoughts on the game: First Half was excellent in my opinion, and the game felt over after that game changing return. The third quarter was just awful. I winced every time a penalty was called against Arizona because I knew that there was some badblood against the Steelers from the officiating in SB XL. I tried to be objective on every play. I really like that on all the holding calls against Gandy they showed the replay of him mugging harrison by the neck. With the given camera angle I could see a lot of times they WEREN'T calling Gandy for the minor ticky-tack holds and were doing a good job letting them play from that respect by only calling them when a blatant mugging forced them to. The defensive holding call they called against ward was ticky tack and really only called because it was RIGHT on the side judges eyeview. He basically ran a 10 yard post route and cut right on the side judge so that it was blatantly obvious the DB grabbed his jersey past 5 yards. Weak call, didn't change the game fortunately. The roughing the passer penalty was silly, but I've seen that called SO MANY times this year. I hate it every time it's called, they called it against Pittsburgh multiple times in the regular season for that half second after the balls is released expecting the pass rusher to stop their momentum with super powers. Bad call, but a bad call that happens all the time unfortunately. Running into the holder: I don't think they can NOT call that penalty. Really this was a bonehead mistake by Adrian Wilson. I agree that it seems like such a silly penalty, but I also don't think I've EVER SEEN A PLAYER DO THAT BEFORE. Fortunately this didn't change the game in any way (Unless you include the wear of 3 more defensive plays which is a reasonable analysis, but the penalty was legit if a bit unusual). Now if we're debating whether it SHOULD be a penalty, I might be inclined to agree that it's silly (But if it's not who the hell would want to be the holder...you'd need a 700 pound brick wall lineman to hold the ball because he's going to get destroyed on every kick) The safety holding was 100% legitimate also, clear the center was getting pushed back and tried to be crafty and do the grab and fall technique. Interestingly enough between that and starting their final drive with a 1st and 20, the Steelers were probably impacted by their penalties far more significantly than Arizona. That's what I think people need to keep in mind; time and circumstance of penalty is more meaningful than anything else. Should have had an extended review of the end fumble. My initial impression was incomplete pass; looking at the replay I would have ruled it an incomplete pass but can see why it's a fumble as well. Upsets me that the game ended on this play at all (Just a sack alone woulda been far happier for all!) James Harrison's punch and push was retarded but worse things happen in NFL games under piles outside the purview of the cameras. I don't think he did anything cheap (It was mano a mano blocking his man straight up) but was far rougher than most people want to see. Ejecting him would be ridiculous, he didn't do anything that would endanger another player. (Defensive and offensive linemen club each other in the heads/bodies far harder on every play than his weak rib punch) My biggest issue is with people who complain about the Steelers getting all the calls as if penalties were some sort of thing that should never happen. Just go look at all the holding calls against Mike Gandy; that guy could NOT BLOCK Harrison and held him on virtually every play. Larry Fitzgerald was amazing. It's crazy that he played like that even when he was here at Pitt, he's on a level above anyone else. Kinda wanted Arizona to win so he would get the SB MVP (Which might have gone to Warner anyway :()
  6. jwpeer

    This week in the NBA

    It was a flagrant during the game from what I understand, just not a flagrant 2 (Automatic ejection/1 game suspension). Probably the right call because a Flagrant 2 requires malicious intention/total neglect from how the rules have been explained in the past. He probably could have given him the bear hug instead of the elbow but as one analyst also pointed out: the reason it was so awful is because of how late Bynum was on his defensive rotation so he was just trying to get there in time. Don't think you can suspend him. Huge game tonight Orlando vs. Cleveland. Key to this game is whether Big Z returns for it. He was supposed to but do they really want to bring him back and test his ankle on Dwight Howard? Conversely they REALLY need him defensively to deter Nelson and keep Howard off the block, and not having him hurts their chances. Major game as far as the standings go, Number 1 seed in the east is a big deal this year. Really think they should try Lebron on Howard if Z doesn't play because he has the strength to actually hold him in check but that may be a bit too experimental for Mike Brown. EDIT: Another thing I want to see is how the magic defend LeBron. They have both Courtney Lee and Pietrus as possible matchups for him. They got Pietrus almost solely as a defensive stopper so we'll see if he can even slow down LeBron. I think Lee is too small to hold position on LBJ. If Pietrus gets into foul trouble expect Lebron to destroy whoever they put on him off the dribble.
  7. Did someone see Sleuth recently?? 1. 24-21 Pittsburgh (Heavily leaning to 27-21, but either way they won't cover. Fitzgerald with all three Arizona TDs) 2. Larry Fitzgerald in the loss (Making up for when he lost the heisman to Jason f'ing White. Biggest proof that award is truly a piece of crap. I'm actually probably a bigger fan of Fitz than the Steelers ) 3. Warner fumbles three times from the pressure. Fitzgerald with 3 TDS, 12 receptions, 145 yards. Harrison with two forced fumbles. Boldin with 10 minutes straight pouting about not being as good as Fitz/Breaston in their max protect schemes. Heath Miller makes multiple big catches for first downs.
  8. jwpeer

    NFL Week 9

    Because the equivalent defense (Maybe not even as good) to Baltimore that year is now on his team? If you really blame Collins for not being able to function against that defense, you really are in denial as to how good they really were. Rob Burnett LE Sam Adams LDT Tony Siragusa RDT Michael McCrary RE Peter Boulware LOLB Ray Lewis MLB Jamie Sharper ROLB/DB Duane Starks LCB Chris McAlister RCB Kim Herring SS Rod Woodson FS One would say the only holes in that defense were at the ends, but the style of defense they used incorporated the ends as containment and run stopping, allowing their amazing linebackers to make plays. No team that year was prepared for how well Baltimore utilized their linebackers in pass defense, just look at Ray Lewis with 4 pass deflections. Not only were the linebacking corp the source of their pass pressure, they also had such excellent field coverage in the passing game so that during blitz downs the number of holes in their zone were minimal. I hate Baltimore, but give them some credit here. I mean Siragusa and Adams alone could have weighed almost 1000 combined pounds...how do you move that in the center??
  9. jwpeer

    2008-2009 NBA Preseason

    I'm no Kobe fan, but I actually think he was flopping to try and get a call on the minor brush with his arm Udrih gave him. Of course he was only flopping because he got beat -really- badly in the first place. You can even see him yelling as he falls back trying to sell it.
  10. jwpeer

    2008-2009 NBA Preseason

    1. Who will win the MVP? Chris Paul 2. Who will win the Rookie of the Year? Jerryd Bayless 3. Who will be the Coach of the Year? Popovich 4. Who will be named to the All-NBA First Team? C. Paul, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan 5. Who will be the NBA's Most Improved Player? Linas Kleiza (And I predict a contender will steal him away and instantly become a huge favorite) 6. What team had the best offseason? Portland: So many talented players they're adding. 7. What team had the worst offseason? Spurs: Ginobili's ankle being f'ed is not good news. 8. Which team will be the most improved over last year? Portland 9. Which team will be the biggest disappointment? Philadelphia 10. What was the best offseason move? Artest to Houston...now they just have to get out to a quick lead in the standings so they can rest TMac's back/Yao's feet for the playoffs. 11. What was the worst offseason move? Chicago not getting D'Antoni. 12. Who will make the playoffs that didn't last year? Portland 13. Who will not make the playoffs that did last year? Denver 14. Who are the best five players in the league, position aside (weak-sauce question, I know)? Duncan, Lebron, Kobe, Paul, D.Williams 15. Who will be the division winners? Utah, Houston, Lakers / Toronto, Cleveland, Orlando 16. Eastern Conference Final: Toronto v. Cleveland 17. Western Conference Final: Utah v. Houston 18. Who will win the NBA Title, and who will they beat?: Cavaliers beat the Rockets. Lebron steps up in the finals. 19. Who will be the #1 pick in next year's draft? Rubio. He looked way too good out there competing agains the best in the world not to be taken first. 20. Make one bold prediction. A lot of my predictions are fairly bold, but...Hornets will be knocked out in the first round EDIT: Vitamin X stole my Bayless prediction by 1 minute. That's BS...I call tie?? ;P
  11. jwpeer

    Face of the Franchise

    Agreed on this. For Hogan, all you need to do is watch some of his matches from Japan to see that he could bring the workrate. He was also just as entertaining/charismatic in the process. I don't know how many high workrate matches Cena has had as I wasn't watching when he was first breaking in, but I do remember his US Title feud with Carlito (When Carlito was fresh and actually gave a damn) had some decent matches. That was right before he shot up to the main event and was forced to conform to the 'Five-technique moveset' WWE loves on their main eventers.
  12. jwpeer

    NFL Week 2

    The Colts regular season numbers from that year are really skewed because Bob Sanders didn't play the regular season. When he played in the playoffs it totally changed their run defense. I attribute that playoff run entirely to his impact on their defensive performance. EDIT: I don't mean to imply the racist crap is already happening, or that it's true. But look at that Donovan McNabb crap before.
  13. jwpeer

    NFL Week 2

    Totally agreed. I get the sentiment out of Tennessee they're just looking for Collins to play well so they have a valid reason to dump Vince Young. I just see this getting spun as a racial issue considering what part of the country he plays in and getting 'booed', how it's racist and so and so really good white QB would be given more of a chance. It's been clear since the combine that VY does not have the ideal cerebral makeup sought after in an NFL quarterback, and was only selected based on athletic potential. You can say a lot of negative things about Michael Vick (Comparison as a QB selected for similar reasons), but he wasn't notoriously bad at making reads and understanding the game of football. A lot of his later failures could be attributed to the constantly shifting coaches/coordinators, wideouts with a poor work ethic, and a subpar offensive line that he consistently made look much better than it really was. Also a real fear of injury changed his willingness to take an open running lane after his first couple of seasons, making him a bit too ordinary and forcing him to throw too many touch passes (Not one of his skills). VY consistently shows that he can't react correctly to complex defensive schemes and identify proper checkdowns, and no matter what your athletic ability you need those skills to be a successful NFL quarterback. Mario Williams was the only player that showed up for Houston, and he looked spectacular especially considering Marvel Smith was playing better than he ever has.
  14. jwpeer

    2008 NBA Draft

    I really love Joe Alexander, his attitude is awesome. The level of intensity he has is going to be really good for him. The problem I have with that pick, is that he plays the exact same position as Richard Jefferson. Alexander needs to be playing 30 minutes a game so he can improve, he's not the type of guy who's going to magically get better on the bench. It's a wasted pick, and a waste of a really good player.
  15. jwpeer

    TUF VII: Middleweights

    It's more likely banned because it's a mixed of two different types of amphetamines. It's speed, but taken to a way higher level than something like crystal meth. It could be classified as a performance enhancing drug.