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  1. qdes

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    That is awesome.
  2. True, true... And Hitler wasn't much of a murderer because he didn't personally kill many people...! Hitler didn't kill a single human being himself as much as is known.
  3. qdes

    Should Kennedy Sue the 1st Doctor?

    Haha, only in America is suing even an option in a case like this.
  4. qdes

    The Undertaker tears his bicep.

    I for one, never understood the love this board developed for Mark Henry all of a sudden last year. Hopefully this feud never happens. He ripped down the cage door.
  5. qdes

    TNA Impact Spoilers (First Hour Spoilers now up)

    Why do you care if TNA gives away good matches for free, you don't work for them. I just want to be entertained by TNA and that seems to be impossible nowadays, ppv caliber matches or not.
  6. qdes

    OAO TNA Lockdown 2007 Thread

    I stopped caring and watching. Maybe I'll download this.
  7. qdes

    Latest Impact Spoilers

    I care too little to even read those spoilers.
  8. qdes

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    Am I the only one who thought the Christian went over Joe was pretty good? I mean, If they had to let them go one on one that was the best way to do it. The elevation x match was surprisingly entertaining when you consider nothing basically happened.
  9. qdes

    Impact Spoilers going into Destination X

    Hahahahahaha that's all I'm gonna say.
  10. qdes

    OAO Against All Odds PPV Thread

    After reading the results, it sounded like a horrible show. How was it?
  11. qdes

    A serious question about TNA

    If it was unclear, I didn't mean tomk was one of them. His reports sure are a fun read.
  12. qdes

    A serious question about TNA

    I normally don't agree with the blind DVDR-TNA-bashers but this was dead on. Peteys Russian leg sweep is awful. And he looks so contrived and unmotivated in the ring.
  13. qdes

    OAO 2/8 Impact Thread

    Ouch. Eventhough I agree with Meltzer's critisism, i thought this was a pretty solid Impact. The main event was better than they have produced in weeks thanks to Styles and Joe.
  14. qdes

    OAO 2/8 Impact Thread