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  1. Cowboy Battlenuts

    100 reasons why TheSmartMarks.com

    Where "established" posters are is irrelevant. This isn't called "TheSmartEntertainmentandPoliticsFans", it's the Smartmarks, a wrestling term. It's linked to on wrestling sites, the majority of posters here are here for wrestling, whether you think they're good posters or not has nothing to do with anything. I can understand saying a lot of people don't like wrestling anymore, but until that results in some kind of complete forum over-haul to where wrestling isn't the focal point, you can't say this isn't a wrestling forum. It started out as one, and continues to be one. Oh and if there's any other topic you could say this forum is more about, Chilly Willy nailed it.
  2. Cowboy Battlenuts

    100 reasons why TheSmartMarks.com

    The name of the forum is a wrestling reference, the top forums are all wrestling related, 95% of the posters here came here or are here for the wrestling. It may not be the best thing going here, but this is very much so a wrestling dicussion forum.
  3. Cowboy Battlenuts

    100 reasons why TheSmartMarks.com

    VX, you do know this is a wrestling forum right?
  4. Cowboy Battlenuts

    Fuck You Bennigan's You're Dead

    Hey easy on applebee's, they've got nice TV's around here and gorgeous bartenders, so I'll give them my dollar.
  5. Cowboy Battlenuts

    WWE Raw (7/21/2008)

    I can't believe people are still complaining about Punk, they've made the story pretty clear. Everyone thinks he won by fluke, he's doing everything he can to prove it wasn't, and keeps getting interrupted. He wasn't beat last night. Batista just started getting hot, after Punk dominated the whole match you can't just declare that was it he was about to lose before the interference. This is all gonna lead to JBL's head games until he get's Punk in a No DQ match or a cage, and then, after that result, we can sit here and bitch about how he was used. As it is right now Punk's gone from mid-carder to start-up main eventer in a month and I can't believe people are still bitching. He's going up against the WWE's version of Goldberg and the fact that he's gotten offense at all, let alone an entire matches worth like last night, is quite an improvement from old WWE thinking.
  6. Cowboy Battlenuts

    UFN - Silva vs. Irvin

    I don't know if it was a good job on the Countdown show's part, or just the few clips I've seen of him, but I was sure Irvin had a better chance against Silva then that. The man is just unstoppable right now and I just don't see who at 205 has a chance at beating him. Vera was seriously unimpressive. I was expecting him to come out and bang and he just sat and waited to counter punch the entire time. I was almost looking foward to seeing what he could do at 205 more than Silva, and he really laid an egg. Oh and how Jake O'brien took that many shots without forgetting what planet he was on was impressive. He got the shit kicked out of him but I didn't think he was gonna eat more than 5 of those shots and he ended up taking about 25.
  7. Cowboy Battlenuts

    The Dark Knight

    I'm part of the 'waiting for the crowds to thin' group, which from talking to my friends and family is a pretty huge amount of people. Between everyone who's seen it not having a bad word to say about it and the fanboys who are sure to see it over and over, I can see it being #1 next week and I wouldn't be suprised if it's well beyond 300 mil in a few weeks. My brother in law went at 4 on saturday night to get tickets and they told him better luck tomorrow, and that was a theatre that had 2 showings every hour on the hour.
  8. Cowboy Battlenuts

    The Dark Knight

    I expect the gross to be around 300-400 trillion dollars, and half the earth's populations first born children. I just hope I get a chance to see it over the weekend at some point without a theatre full of tools. I might have a better chance just driving off LI to see it.
  9. Cowboy Battlenuts

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I'm sorry but if I see two species and one of them has a factory for packaging the meat of the other one, I'm not exactly gonna ponder who's really on the top of the food chain. I mean fuck, when most american's hear 'food chain' they think of McDonalds, that pretty much says it all. One thing that bothers me to no end is people who seem to become whatever book they're reading. Every five fucking seconds some stupid shit about how whatever I'm talking about relates to the book your reading, even if I'm talking about why there's too much lettuce on taco's and the person is reading Dianetics. Are you really that impressionable that every thought you process while reading it is somehow intertied to whatever general idea the book is talking about? Do these people implode when asked to read two books at once?
  10. Cowboy Battlenuts

    This Week in Baseball 7/14 - 7/20

    Damn that was impressive by Hamilton. That's just a genuinely awesome story and I hope he does well tonight. Should be fun. Oh and am I the only person on the planet who watches the Celebrity Softball game? I love that shit.
  11. Cowboy Battlenuts

    WWE Raw (7/14/2008)

    I'm sorry but I can't compare that ending to anything the WWE's done before, that was full on attempted murder and it was HILARIOUS. I thought Raw was good, they could of done a little more with Kane and his bag but if it's a return to the mask I don't mind if they drag it out a little. Everything else was well done and did a lot to get characters over, aside from Crime Tyme, poor bastards. I thought Punk was handled well, he's a new Champion, under-sized compared to a lot of ME's, and Batista is supposed to be Goldberg-levels of powerful. I don't exactly expect him to hold his own after a 15 minute match with Kane, which he won in case anyone wants to forget. I'd like to see him cheat to beat Batista, maybe leading to a Eddie-esque do what ever you have to do to win run. Overall good show, and a lame attempted murder angle couldn't even hurt it.
  12. Cowboy Battlenuts

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    Guns are not a symptom of violence, there a means of promoting the disease. I'm not talking about laws against guns I'm talking about getting rid of them completely, by whatever means, illegal and otherwise. And really? For badgers? Guns are needed in our world because Joe Redneck can't find a better way to keep squirrels off his perfect patch of blue-grass? I'm not buying that. Guns are made specifically with the purpose of hurting and killing life. Unless you want to make an arguement that hurting and killing life is neccesary, you're just wrong.
  13. Cowboy Battlenuts

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    No guns aren't the reason people are violent, guns are the assistance to there violent urges, an assistance not needed. Cars serve a purpose to our society, it's transportation. What purpose do guns serve? To protect us from other guns? Awesome, let's start raping kids to protect them from pedophiles while we're at it.
  14. Cowboy Battlenuts

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    Yeah that's the logic I was using. Can't consider that missing the point. We're talking about a weapon designed solely to hurt or kill life. If your only answer for needing one is "well bad guys have 'em" I think it'd be redundant of me to make the point again. The answer isn't some lame regulation the answer is to remove the gun from our society. If we're basing policy on the lowest forms of our humanity we have no chance of growing or evolving into peaceful beings. It's the easiest logic in the word. No guns, no gun violence. It's evident everywhere, and yet we still continue to progress this notion that it's too late and somehow the answer is for everyone to be armed.
  15. Cowboy Battlenuts

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    Guns are made to hurt and kill people. Hurting and killing people isn't cool. Guns aren't cool. I'll never understand why people see guns involved in any kind of ideal society.