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  1. normam

    The Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    1. Who will win the 2008 Royal Rumble? (2 pts.) Kennedy 2. Who will be the runner-up? (3 pts.) HHH 3. Who will be the iron-man? (5 pts.) HBK 4. Who will have the shortest time? (5 pts.) santino 5. Who will have the most eliminated opponents? (3 pts.) Big daddy V 6. Who will draw #1 and #2 (3 pts each, 3 bonus for accurately naming both) 1 Khali 2 HBK 7. Who will draw the most successful winning entry of #27? (5 pts.) Batista 8. Who will draw the #30 spot? (5 pts.) Taker 9. What will be the eventual winning #? (5 pts) 13 10. Will there be any surprise/unannounced entrants? (No point value), If yes, who will they be? (3 pts. each) jerry lawler/tazz 11. Will the endurance record of 62:12 set by Mysterio be broken? (No point value), If so, what will the new record be? (Closest to the supposed new record gets 10 pts). yes, 64:52 12. The final six men eliminated will compete in the second chance Elimination Chamber next month, who will those people be? (3 pts. each, 10 pts bonus for accurately naming all) HHH, batista, taker, lashley, mysterio,cm punk 13. How many instances of interference by non-active competitors will we see? (3 pts.) 1 14. How many people will Hornswoggle eliminate? (3 pts.) 3 (and khali will be one of them) 15. Will anyone bleed? (no point value), if so, who? (2 pts) yeah, foley
  2. normam

    Predictions for 2008

    a few names from the tna roster will jump ship to wwe and that could start a rivelry between them (like wwe/wcw) as tna are pissed that wwe are taking their main talent undertaker will lose to edge at wm and retire, after making the match a retirement match if he loses, win the title if he wins. batista will finally get cought out in the drug testing program and will be suspended indefinately or fired Vince will genuinely die of heart attack or something and shane o mac will then become chairman the hardcore title will be back cena will turn heal with mvp turning face another roster draft on raw about a month after wm in the style of when the sd & raw brands split about 5 years ago
  3. normam

    101 reasons why

    taker never had V1
  4. normam

    So what do you think about The Undertaker?

    Personally, i cant see the undertaker retiring from wwf/wwe altogether, maybe from the active roster in a year/2 years time sure, but im sure he will be doing something behind the scenes, maybe as a trainer or something.
  5. normam

    When should John Cena Drop the Belt?

    well, they still have eugine. At the moment i cant see anyone having the belt except cena, as much as i hate him as champ. I think he will keep it untill around summerslam, maybe the ppv after summerslam & drop it to HHH, which could lead to another angle with HBK. OK i hope its not the latter part of that sentance!
  6. normam

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Great choices! I'd get them all except for Shane O' Mac. i would deffo get stone colds, bulldogs, summerslam anthology, owen harts and macho mans boxed sets
  7. When jericho beat the rock & stone cold on the same night to win the undisputed heavyweight title
  8. I agree with most of what was said on the post above, get rid of the crap such as eugine. His gimmick was OK at best for about a month (again, at best), but come on, who wants to watch a fully grown man act (or is he) like a complete retard and use shitty moves that went out of date 20 years ago? not me! Bring back the hardcore title. Make better use of the pre match buildups towards ppvs, at the minute its just lame. Give people more pushes for the titles, people like hardy, finley even booker. In my opinion wwe has gone down hill eversince vince bought out wcw. Since the invation angle back in 2000/2001 its not been as good since. No wonder the rock & austin left!
  9. looks to me someones been off the roids!
  10. normam

    WWE General Discussion for June 2007

    I think there should be a wristband for the memory of nancy, daniel and eddie, but not benoit the fucking sicko.
  11. This is totally fucked. im in total shock right now, it feels like i have lost a friend or someone in my family. I really hope they drop this mcmahon angle! RIP benoit, you will be trully missed!
  12. normam

    OAO Vengeance PPV Thread

    My picks are: WWE Title: John Cena © vs. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley Do Or Die for the World Heavyweight Title: Edge © vs. Batista ECW World Title Match: Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk Intercontinental Title Match: Santino Marella © vs. Umaga US Title Match: MVP © vs. Ric Flair World Tag Team Championship: Cade and Murdoch © vs. The Hardy Boyz Cruiserweight Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero © vs. Jimmy Wang Yang Womens Title: Melina © vs. Candice Michelle
  13. i dunno if anyone else noticed but when vince went into the limo, his leg was visable under the door. He lifted his leg as if he was going to close the door but then his leg was visable again under the door until finally he closed the door. I think it was lashley! after all, he did screw lashley for the ecw title about a month ago, and then last night, it was him!
  14. normam

    If Wrestling Had a Draft...

    Brock Lesnar The Rock AJ Styles Samoa Joe Goldberg
  15. To RAW: Mrrrrrrrrrr Kennedy...................................... Kennedy (even though he is injured and i can see him feuding with cena) Michael Cole (as JBL is better than him in my opinion) MVP (can bring people like kenny into the US title scene) Mark Henry (getting boring him kicking the shit out of people like funaki) CM punk ( can go into the mix for the Us title) To Smackdown: Morella (straight swap for MVP) Snitsky (to feud with kane if kane isnt drafted to somewhere else) JR (i dont know why but i would like to see good ol' JR on SD) HBK (to feud with edge and possibly batista) HHH (i know is injured but when he is back, team up with HBK/kicks the crap out of HBK/ or feud with batista) To ECW: Kane (pointless drafting him back to raw considering he just moved to SD, done nothing since joining SD) Jeff Hardy (as people have mentioned before) Beniot (give ecw a bigger name superstar) Finley (as he loves to fight) khali (cant see him feuding with cena again as its been done to high heaven)