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  1. ISportsFan

    This Week in Baseball 7/30 - 8/5

    And because they hit 13 home runs in two nights, the umpire threw Charlie Haeger out of the game for hitting Cano with a pitch. Even though the pitch was a knuckleball.
  2. ISportsFan

    McDonalds new Southwest Burger...

    Whenever I go on vacation to a location that is fortunate enough to have a Jack in the Box, I always make it my personal responsibility to eat there.
  3. ISportsFan

    McDonalds new Southwest Burger...

    Burger King around me still has a Rodeo Cheeseburger for $1.39 with BBQ and onion rings on it. It's good, but too expensive and I go for the 2 tacos for $1.39 instead (since we have no Jack in the Boxes around these parts).
  4. I used to think that I will always keep watching. I used to tape every single hour of television of professional wrestling and still have thousands of tapes in my house. The demands of my job, hours-wise and effort-wise, have caused me to stop, along with the fact that I just think other entertainment is more worth my time at this point in my life. I still keep up with everything, but I thought that I would never stop and I already have at age 22.
  5. ISportsFan

    Looking for Smackdowns

    Bump. I was wondering if anyone had the 5/5/06 and 1/13/06 Smackdowns available.
  6. ISportsFan

    TWiB 8/7 - 8/13

    Now Cano's homer, horrible pitch.
  7. ISportsFan

    TWiB 8/7 - 8/13

    After he and Jeter both got gift ball calls on pitches directly on the outside corner.
  8. ISportsFan

    It's the Seven-Year Itch

    The question is who is going to get the other LCS that Fox doesn't get -- TBS, ESPN, or someone else?
  9. ISportsFan

    All Star Selections Thread

    Joe Crede leads all AL 3B in win shares. I would say he deserves to go.
  10. ISportsFan

    Best match you saw in person

    Probably Benoit/Foley/Benjamin/Michaels v. Evolution at Raw in April 2004.
  11. Wasn't the submission match with Kane on Raw a 12 minute match with two commercial breaks in it, so we only got to see 6-7 minutes? I haven't watched it in a long time, but I remember being pissed about that.
  12. ISportsFan

    TWiB: 5/29 - 6/4

    Basically it means that if he played a whole season he would have made $22 million, but since he's only playing slightly more than half of the season he's making $12.25 million or whatever it is. Edit: Too slow on the trigger.
  13. ISportsFan

    Looking for Smackdowns

    The following shows are outstanding from my list due to VHS errors, so if anyone can PM me with information on getting some of these tapes/DVDs, I would greatly appreciate it. Smackdown 5/5/2006 (Benoit v. Finlay KOR match) Smackdown 1/13/2006 (Benoit v. Orton, World Title Battle Royal) This may be edited later with more additions. Thanks.
  14. ISportsFan

    24: Season 5

    I don't think this needs to be a spoiler. The answer is, because he's Jack Bauer.
  15. ISportsFan

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    Not only that, but they've replayed the one with the Red Sox fan on the billboard at least 4 times.