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  1. Jason223_ThePit

    WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008

    It's his dad, Rock'll be there.
  2. Jason223_ThePit

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    GFY, Mole.
  3. Jason223_ThePit

    Sid Vicious update

    "And you know that you are half the man that I am! And I have half the brain that you do!"
  4. Jason223_ThePit

    One and Only Star Wars Geekiness Thread

    The fall, and no network yet.
  5. Jason223_ThePit

    American Idol

    She got too many of her father's football player genes, is all.
  6. Jason223_ThePit

    24 - Season 6

    Only if he comes with an awesome bionic hand that doubles as a gun.
  7. Jason223_ThePit

    American Idol

    I have to disagree, I thought Jordin did a better job than Blake. I HATE that rendition of "You Give Love A Bad Name". His beatboxing is a fucking joke.
  8. Jason223_ThePit

    The One and Only Batman Begins thread

    Anybody starting to think they're telling 'The Long Halloween' in this one?
  9. Jason223_ThePit

    Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Well, might be a T-850 or 900 or whatever. At any rate, it looks alright, aside from line of complete stupidity, but I won't be watching. I can deal with the new Terminator, and the new John, but I won't be able to watch this damn thing without thinking about Linda Hamilton. A wonder if this show and upcoming T4 will make T3 the alternate past or something? 2GOLD hit it right on the head with the Enterprise line.
  10. Jason223_ThePit

    The Sopranos

    Anybody else but me laughing all the way through that shit. From AJ jumping in the pool to the end of the episode was pretty much pure hilarity. Probably my favorite episode so far this year.
  11. Jason223_ThePit

    Smallville Season 6 thread

    I'm going to have to go crack some heads if they killed off Chloe, only damn character I still was halfway interested in. Although, I do have to confess to not watching this season past the preimere.
  12. Jason223_ThePit


    Kid- "I can walk." House- "I don't shoot blood from my penis."
  13. Jason223_ThePit

    24 - Season 6

    Yeah, it was a serious 'don't give a fuck' episode. Aside from the six seconds when you thought just maybe Jack was getting his hands on Cheng. EDIT: Anybody else think it was Wayne when Tom answered his phone?
  14. Jason223_ThePit

    American Idol

    Disco Week needs to be much earlier, it can't have people that just are doing badly, it needs people who horrendously suck.
  15. Jason223_ThePit

    Spider-Man 3

    Yeah, if I remember correctly, you see them putting that paper together during Spider-Man 2.