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Genesis Tournament Brackets

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King made me change the logo. Seems he didn't like the "Voyage Home" subtitle. ;)


The new one is linked to in a post above.


Oh, and your bracket on the Genesis page (which is spiffy as hell, by the way) is missing the last round of the loser's bracket, where the losers of the final three way in the winner's bracket fight the last remaining person from the loser's bracket for the shot at the winner of the winner's bracket.

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Well, I've done the end of the year awards the last two years. I'd be happy to do it again for everyone, but last year, I got a ton of negative responses to the way it was run, the voting, the nominations, and the awards show itself. Therefore, I'm not going to do it this year unless people prove to me that it is wanted and appreciated. It takes a damn long time to come up with nominations for all the categories, count the ballots, and write up the awards show...and this year, I'm actually writing for the fed, so time is even more limited. But I WILL do it if people want it...but if not, then no. Also, if people say they want it this year, and when it comes around they just bitch about it...it will be the last and final year of the awards show.


I'll make a separate topic about this with a poll for people to show their interest.


Da "not gonna waste his time again" H

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