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Promo: Commercial Break

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Fading in on a darkened screen, the typical quiet, slow, promotional music kicks in, just as some background noise and a man seated in a chair fades into view. His name and a a date appear at the botom of the screen as he speaks up...


I don't think anyone who's ever come around with a totally new character has ever really lasted or been able to get back on the horse, but I wish you luck.


Cut off just soon enough to hide the out-of-context nature of the quote, the view fades in on a wrestling ring int e middle of an attentive crowd, listening to the words the man inside has to say. His words are eerily familiar as they play back again...


"Spike, you remember when I wanted to kick your ass for kicking me out of 'Die Hard'? And Rane, remember when you were champ for god knows how long, and I never got that title shot? And I'm sure all the fans remember when my feakin’ carcass was thrown off the top of three cages, don't you? Well, one simple fall can change a man forever. That one fall told me to change. And since then, I've been a winner. And remember when Spike fell from three ladders, at the hands of Divefire and Dan Vigilante? Look how much that fall changed him. It's time for a change. "



The screen wipes itself and refreshes the image, a similar ring in the middle on a crowd, but a different set dominating the entarnce stage. A different, more unpleasant voice speaks this time, with just a hint of animosity in his voice...


“Whoa whoa whoa… wait a second… is that … SPIKE??” The crowd buzzes as X looks up at him. “Let us tell you man, seeing you here, it’s honestly an honor. We mean, seriously, back in the JL they used to tell us all the stories. Spike, defeated Rane to become the WF champion, was once even WF commissioner, you’re a legend in your own time..."


The scene gets wiped out again as the music climaxes, fading in on yet another in-ring view. This time it's an even more unpleasant character holding the microphone, speaking to an audience trying hard to understand him...


Spike is very talented, BUT, guy lost his edge, I mean he went from being the world heavy weight champion, to fighting jobbers like Wilson. It's pathetic. I'm saying, if he can get a little heel in him, guy would be unstoppable. He got the talent, he just need the fire, and he aint going to get it by fighting punks like Wilson. Look at the PPV, he lost again, he's not doing a very good job, I'm just surprise he's still getting recognition about being one of the top guys."


Fading out, we're shown a view of a white room, no walls or end in sight as the entirely white canvas is interrupted my a man walking in from the side, dressed in white and black, wearing a mask with one stripe across the eyes.


"They booed me. I finally returned, and they booed me. Such a terrible way to live; coming back to a place with such history, and getting treated like shit... But can I blame them? They don't know who I am. They don't know me. All they know is who I used to be... All the memories I left them with, the work I did, the awards I won... And it all amounts to nothing. Nothing at all."


Quick fade to last Friday, an all too recent event, the aura of which has not yet been forgotten...


So, without any further ado, I, Sean Atlas, present to you the face of a man unseen around these parts for two years. A former World Champion and co-commissioner...”



...Removing the mask, he reveals a familiar but aged and damaged face...






“I KNEW IT” yells out Comet.


“SPIKE?” Riley asks. “The original Spike?! Not that little bitch from the JL but SPIKE?”


“YES! Spike has returned to us!”





Spike struts in the ring, finally able to show himself to the fans, who do not know what to make of it. The old school die hard fans cheer and holler at the sight of the superstar, finally unmasked. The newer viewers, mostly those who joined when the federation was sold to the Smartmarks by IGN, hardly recognize him...



Fading out, the screen stay black as the same voice speaks again...



"It's time to explain myself."


A momentary flash of him hitting the Spiker plays across the black screen.


"To tell the world why I did it."


The Saint's Demise appears on screen momentarily, then disappears again.


"And tell them who I really am.



.................................Tomorrow Night

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