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Guest JebusNassedar

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Guest JebusNassedar

Okay. Me and a friend have been arguing over the greatest drummers of all time. He refuses to believe the following:


A) Good drummers must have double bass pedals

B) No one has a better drummer than Slipknot.


I would like for someone to give me the names of incredibly good drummers who use one bass pedal, and/or go faster than the Joey guy from Slipknot. Because I dont want to prove him just a teeny bit wrong.


Thanks to all that help.


EDIT: HOly DHIY, I just realized I phrased it wrong. He refuses to budge on those two views. Sorry. eheh...

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Guest Doyo

Speed isn't everything. Some people can play fast, but can they keep the beat,

play complex rhythms and come up with unique stuff? Yngwie Malsteem might be

the fastest guitarist but that doesn't necessarily make him the best. I'm sure there

must be some pretty talented jazz drummers who don't use double bass. You could

have a 12 year old who can pound on the drums really fast, but they might get lost

playing a jazz song.


My pick for current best drummer would be Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater.



a search at google for "top 100 drummers" brings up this list:



The Top 100 Drummers In Rock 'N' Roll History


1. Ginger Baker (Cream)

2. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)

3. Keith Moon (Who)

4. Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)

5. Bill Bruford (Yes)

6. Neil Peart (Rush)

7. Danny Carey (Tool)

8. Damon Che Fitzgerald (Don Caballero)

9. Dave Grohl (Scream, Nirvana)

10. Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band)

11. Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons, Jeff Beck)

12. Mike Shrieve (Santana)

13. Stewart Copeland (Police)

14. John Dolmayan (System of a Down)

15. Jaki Liebezeit (Can)

16. Anton Fier (Feelies, Golden Palominos)

17. Dave Lombardo (Slayer)

18. Zig Modeliste (Meters)

19. Lars Ulrich (Metallica)

20. Carl Palmer (ELP)

21. William Calhoun (Living Colour)

22. Greg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani)

23. Dale Crover (Melvins)

24. Jon Hiseman (Colosseum)

25. Ted Epstein (Blind Idiot God)

26. Martin Atkins (Killing Joke, Public Image, Pigface)

27. Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Frank Zappa)

28. Jim Sclavunos (Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth)

29. Britt Walford (Slint)

30. Tim Alexander (Primus)

31. Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

32. Grant Hart (Husker Du)

33. Freddy Votel (Cows)

34. Jim Kimball (Laughing Hyenas, Mule)

35. Rick Brown (Fish And Roses, Run On)

36. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)

37. Rey Washam (Rapeman, Ministry, Jesus Lizard)

38. King Coffey (Butthole Surfers)

39. Merv Pepler (Ozric Tentacles)

40. William Rieflin (Ministry)

41. Fred Maher (Material)

42. Brad Elrod (Today Is The Day)

43. Russell Simins (Jon Spencer)

44. Todd Trainer (Rifle Sport, Shellac)

45. John Freese (A Perfect Circle)

46. Alan John "Reni" Wren (Stone Roses)

47. Joey Waronker (Walt Mink)

48. Doug Scharin (Codeine, June Of 44, Him)

49. Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp)

50. Tre Cool (Green Day)

51. Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck)

52. Matt Cameron (Soundgarden)

53. Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth)

54. Chuck Oken (Djam Karet)

55. Scott Krauss (Pere Ubu)

56. Phil Collins (Genesis)

57. Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Action Swingers)

58. Jerry Nolan (NY Dolls)

59. Bruce Smith (Pop Group)

60. Budgie (Siouxsee)

61. Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

62. Alexis Fleisig (Girls Against Boys)

63. Ron Wilson (Surfaris)

64. Al Jackson (MG's)

65. Earl Palmer

66. Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

67. Jerry Allison (Crickets)

68. Mark Trombino (Drive Like Jehu)

69. Ian Paice (Deep Purple)

70. Danny Seraphine (Chicago)

71. Dave Abbruzzese (Pearl Jam)

72. Dino Danelli (Rascals)

73. Jason Kourkounis (Mule, Delta 72)

74. John McEntire (Bastro, Seam, Tortoise)

75. Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull)

76. Mike Giles (King Crimson)

77. James Yu (Bugskull)

78. Michael Dahlquist (Silkworm)

79. Chris Frantz (Talking Heads)

80. Chris Cutler (Henry Cow, Art Bears)

81. Vincent Signorelli (Swans)

82. Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

83. Hal Blaine (Elvis Presley, Beach Boys)

84. Jeff Porcaro (Toto)

85. Joey Waronker

86. Sara Lund (Unwound)

87. John Fell (Heroine Sheiks)

88. Melanie Clarin (Donner Party, Catheads, Harm Farm)

89. Jim Capaldi (Traffic)

90. Brendan Canty (Fugazi)

91. Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction)

92. Bill Black (Elvis Presley)

93. Yuval Gabay (Soul Coughing, Firewater)

94. Larry Kilminster (Motorhead)

95. Sara Lund (Unwound)

96. Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse)

97. Jim McCarty (The Yardbyrds)

98. Mike Kinsella (Joan Of Arc)

99. Charlie Ondras (Unsane)

100. John French (Captain Beefheart)

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actually the Fastest Guitar player is Al Di Meola, 18 notes a second....thats fuckin shreadin.



and speed isn't everything, if not, the drummer for Arch Enemy or Nile would be the best.


For drummers with one bass drum Keith Moon would be the best, then personally I'd say Nicko McBrian. Also Stuart Copeland is an amazing drummer that is over-looked.


Its too common for everyone to have Double Bass Drum. Its like D-Tunning or C-Tunning is the norm, and also having a 5- string bass as well.


And god damn! no one uses their fingers anymore....



If you look out of that category, some of the best drummers are Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Daney Carey, Sean Kenny from Alice In Chains, and I think Mike Bordin is the shits as well

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

<--plays a 4-string with his fuckin fingers.


Drummers that will make you shit:


Keith Moon-The Who

Neal Peart-Rush

Mike Portnoy-Dream Theater



Flo Mournier-Cryptopsy


Best drummer in metal. If your pal likes the guy from Slipknot, he'll get visibly aroused listening to this guy.


Derek "One Take" Roddy-Hate Eternal-Second best drummer in metal.

Pete Sandoval-Morbid Angel

Dave Lobardo-Slayer


Sick drummers whose names I can't remember at the moment:


The dude from Origin.

The dude from Nile. (He's got a LOT more than speed.)

The dude from Dillinger Escape Plan

The dude from Mr. Bungle

The dude from Converge

The dude from Dying Fetus


All of which are WAY better than that Joey guy.

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

I've also overlooked about a hundered great jazz drummers in that last post, but I'll let someone who knows their shit maybe suggest some of that.

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If you wanna listen to fast beats, listen to drum and bass or techno, if you wanna listen to good drummers go for some of the jazz guys from the sixties and before, or people like Keith Moon or Ginger Baker.


Drumming as an art form has gone considerably downhill over time. Yes Joey is good, but he hasn't got any soul in his beats. It's like those guitarists who play fast as shit. Technically good? Yes. Emotional? Hell no!

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Eye too spank the 4 string plank.


I think the Slipknot guy is good, nowhere near the best, but it's mainly cos of him slipknot never bothered me that much.


My favourites have mostly been mentioned in the top 100 I think, out of those my favourite is Dale Crover, though he's not technically as great as Bonham. And yes, Stuart Copeland is overlooked a lot, and he still rules.

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The dude from Nile. (He's got a LOT more than speed.)

The dude from Dillinger Escape Plan

DEP's drummer is SICK. Nile's is pretty good and diverse in his style too.

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I coulda sworn I heard some double-bass in "The Wicker Man"...


That's how good he is.


For the record...I'm listening to that track right now...and I'm assuming you're thinking of the chorus...and that's him cradling the pedal, unless I've gone totally mental.

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Guest Wildbomb 4:20

I play a four-string with my fingers, cause dammit that's the way bass is SUPPOSED to be played.


Carter Beauford of DMB is nasty at playing illustrative percussion, which, instead of driving the beat, drives the mood of the music. Best examples: "Crash Into Me," "Rhyme and Reason," "Typical Situation"


Dave Grohl's work with Queens of the Stone Age is great. May not be all speed, but some complex rhythms come into play. The snare also just sounds cool. (Aren't the drums put through a synth on "Songs for the Deaf"? Sounds like it.) And, of course, Nirvana.

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