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A2A Plug: Annie vs Terrence

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Darkness, punctuated only by a voice.


Two returning superstars...


Two names flash onto the screen for the merest of seconds, two names well known by SWF fans.


Annie Eclectic / Janus


In full colour on the screen, we see the back of Dace Night's semi-trailer as it's booted open by the seven foot man known as Terrence "Janus" Bailey. As he lifts his arms above his head, the image zooms in on his white and black hair, his green eyes. It takes up half the screen, and on the other half, a face with pure white hair and red eyes, glaring at something offscreen. Both images seem to flicker and go grainy.


"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the roar of the fans echoes into the silence, followed by the sounds of the commentators!





One a former monster on the path of redemption...


Again in full colour on the screen, we see Annie "Ichiban" Onita, striding down the ramp in a powder blue suit and fedora. The image seems to flicker and split into three - on the left stands the Hardcore Queen Annie Eclectic, kendo stick raised. In the center is Annie "Ichiban" Onita, in her powder blue suit, posing on the top rope with her hand shaped like a gun. And on the far right is the masked Beezel, holding the Hardcore Gamers Champion ship above his head. These three images flicker and also go into a grainy black and white.


The voice of the SWF's resident announcer Funyon speaks into the darkness. "The SWF is proud to present the latest addition to our roster. While using many names in many matches in America, in Japan there has been only one name used to describe the talented worker we gladly welcome back to the SWF! ... ICHIBAN!"


The other a veteran of several faces, making her triumphant return...


The black and white grainy faces of Terrence and Ann reappear on the Smarktron. In colour, a red-eyed face is superimposed over Terrence's in a ghostly fashion. Likewise, the black and white face of Ichiban is overlaid by the ghostly mask of Beezel. These two ghostly images fade out as colour seeps back and pulls away from the two faces...showing two wrestling figures taking up half the screen.


They fight for the right to challenge for the Hardcore Gamer's Championship...


Here, various clips are shown in quick succession - the Hardcore Queen nailing various opponents with her kendo stick, predominantly the Judge William Hearford. Also interspersed are images from the Anti-Heel Machine's more brutal days, knocking down Crow and other opponents with his barbed wire Equalizer. The two images freeze again and once more colour bleeds out of them - a bloody Ichiban with her kendo stick held high, and a bloody Terrence with the Equalizer about to smash some unfortunate soul into the ground. Blood begins oozing over the black and white images, staining everything a bright red. The blood seems to bubble and steam on the screen, and then suddenly the image burns away!




On the screen, the former Hell Machine sits up from a brutal beating, climbing to his feet with murder in his eyes at some unseen opponent!




The Hardcore Queen leaps into the air, drilling a hapless foe into the ground with a Daybreak Pedigree, and the sound of the referee counting the three can be heard!










We zoom out, to a picture of an empty arena in black and white, where Terrence and Ann both stand, staring at each other as if preparing for the carnage that is to come. The image flickers and begins to fade, showing for a few more seconds the Anti-Heel Machine and the Hardcore Queen staring at each other from opposite sides of the screen. And we fade to black...and words dripping with blood.


Ann "Ichiban" Onita


Terrence "Janus" Bailey


SWF Ashes 2 Ashes


November 16th 2003


Ashes to ashes...soul to soul....

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Rocking... and you're right.. you DON'T need history.


You know what would make me mark out. If we could get SOMETHING for every match. Then we could boil that down AGAIN into the intro package for the show.

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