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Album of Albums


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  1. 1. Album of Albums

    • It's Dark and Hell is Hot
    • Flesh of my Blood of my blood
    • And then there was X
    • The Great Depression
    • Grand Champ

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To be honest I stopped listening to X after Flesh because it all strted to sound the smae but I think "Flesh of my flesh.." was the best with "Ready to Meet him", the "Omen" sequel and even "Heat". Man, I had the cd and I can't rememebrt eh video where it was of group of X's boys and they like raided a house at night the song was sweet but I can't remember the name nor the hook. anyway , vote on.

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I voted for And then there was X. That was the album that turned me on to DMX, and that's why I chose it. His last two albums were OK, the singles were great but many of the songs on the album sounded the same.

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