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King Cucaracha

Comments of Lockdown...

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Good call man, now that I'm all sobered up I'm gonna' have to say sorry for everybody listening to me be an antagonizing prick. Danny, there's a PM coming your way. Anyway truly sorry but at the same time I still think it was a good discussion, I still think the headlock worked, and I still think that Danny should've taken that jab at King. *Ahem* There are no caves in Iowa good sir and I am getting the best tan a whitey Irish boy like I could get. ;) I don't expect everything to be cool but still, you have my apology.

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Huh, I always got more of a Kawada flavor out of him, which is probably why the kip up stood out so much for me as 'WOAH'.  Interesting, if I ever have another match with Danny, it'll be interesting to see how that take allows for some writing changes on my part.  Sadly, thats how I generally try to relate to most people out here with some minor variations when I should be writing the characters as written.  Ah well, my personal failings on display :)

Back on topic to answer Goodear's question:


Williams was originally a total Dynamite Kid clone, he even used a ton of his moves. He did a lot of high flying as well, if I recall I even had a Moonsault and some Handspring stuff back than. However, I thought he kind of sucked and that it was stupid to have so many moves and no direction.


I decided it would be better to write a much more simpler style as my writing wasn't advanced enough to do what I originally envisioned with the old character. So I started back at square one, totally buterching his moveset down to something like 5 signature moves, and bulked him up 20 pounds. Kawada was indeed a huge influence at this point, since I loved how he could work an entire match around a handful of moves.


Keep in mind he's still the same character that did all that flashy stuff in the JL, it's just now he's used to the weight and is feeling good again or something like that.


However, I've gradually broken away from that model to do my best to create an original character, though he owes alot to Misawa now more than anybody(not just elbows either). But there's tons of other influences to consider: Destroyer, Hokuto, Hansen, Austin, Santo, Lyger, Robinson, Race, Jumbo, Taue, Eddy, Savage, Hogan...etc.


Confused? So am I. Anyway, the best way to invision Williams is a bigger version of the Dynamite Kid. Like DK at his peak, he has decent strength, but is also still agile and athletic.

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Guest Suicide King

I took a shot at someone? Someone took a shot at me?


You step away from the board for a couple of days...


IL. Thank you for, I guess, defending me. ;)


Danny. While the sigh was in fact directly after your post, it was not specifically directed at you. It was a more general sigh as to the then current mood of the thread. People just seemed determined to be angry about something. If I had had a specific complaint, rest assured I would have made it. And maybe it's just me, but I don't think a one word post qualifies as "bitching." ;) Look man, it's no secret we don't get along, as we appear to come from two opposite ends of wrestling fandom. All I am saying is we should try to keep things as civil as possible.

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