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An SWF.Net exclusive!

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“Well SWF fans, we are here only a couple of hours before Lockdown with an EXCLUSIVE for SWF.net!” Ben Hardy beams into the camera held by the faithful Gus. “Tonight on Lockdown no less that THREE superstars will make their SWF debuts, but unlike Ryan Dustin and Ace Lezaire, David Blazenwing has been here before - or more accurately, in the SJL!”


The camera shot pans back and David Blazenwing is revealed standing next to Hardy, smiling easily into the camera with the manner of one who is photogenic and knows it.


“David, it’s certainly good to see you back,” Ben smiles, turning to his guest. “I’m sure the fans tonight will welcome you ‘back into the fold’, but how you do feel as you prepare for your match against the Intercontinental-Television Champion, Toxxic?”


“Well Ben,” Blazenwing begins, “it’s great to be back here once again. I didn’t have the best time down in the SJL but I’ve moved up and on since then, and I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone in the SWF is going to be prepared for David Blazenwing this time around!”


“I’m glad to hear you’re confident,” Hardy tells the interviewee, “but Toxxic has a saying of his own - ‘Prepare To Be Proved Wrong’. Do you honestly think that you can beat a man who has only been defeated in a straight singles match twice since his debut over three months ago?”


Blazenwing looks slightly startled at that information, but rallies well and flashes his smile again. “I’m telling you Ben, it doesn’t matter what Toxxic has or hasn’t done in the past - I’m here now, and I am the future of this company. I’ve got nothing to lose going into this match because everyone seems to be expecting me to lose anyway.” Blazenwing shrugs disarmingly. “even if I lose, I’ve fulfilled everyone’s expectations. But if I win...” He runs a hand through his hair. “Well Ben, then I’ll know that I’ve made my wife proud.”


Ben smiles back at his guest - but suddenly his face falls, and Gus swings the camera around to find the source of the interviewer’s discomfort. It is revealed to be none other than Toxxic himself, striding down the corridor with a thunderous expression and the ICTV belt slung over one shoulder, his girlfriend Jet tagging along behind and looking slightly bewildered at the Straight-Edge Sensation’s palpable bad mood.


“Toxxic, I wonder if yo-” Hardy begins, but Toxxic cuts him off by slapping the microphone away.


“Shut up, Ben,” the Brit virtually snarls, then rounds on Blazenwing. For a moment the two men stare at each other, Toxxic perhaps relishing the four inches height advantage he has over his opponent for the night. Then he raises one finger and, apparently having to restrain himself from doing anything more violent, rests it against Blazenwing’s chest.


“Do yourself a favour out there tonight,” the Straight-Edge Sensation bites off, glaring down at his shorter but stockier adversary. “Stay. Down.” Before Blazenwing can reply Toxxic wheels away and stalks off again, the slightly bemused-looking Jet in tow as before. Blazenwing looks slightly taken aback for a couple of seconds by the straight-edger’s abrupt manner, but then turns back to Ben Hardy with the smile no longer present.


“You know Ben, it’s that kind of attitude that I want to see out of this business,” Blazenwing tells the SWF interviewer extraordinaire. “I don’t go around running my mouth off because as far as David Blazenwing is concerned there is No Hype Necessary! So watch tonight, Ben, and we’ll see who stays down!”


Ben Hardy watches the SWF’s newest returnee walk off, then turns back to the camera.


“Well Gus, what do you reckon?” he asks. “Reckon he can take him?”


Gus extends a hand and wobbles it back and forth for a second to indicate uncertainty.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought...”

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Ohhh, simple and too the point, but we have a build up promo. I think Crow might have started a trend of having stories in the opening match ups.

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Nothing special about this promo, but it's solid and creates some good hype for the upcoming match... and that's all it really needed to do. And damn, Toxxic is such an ass. :D

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