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So, you want to share files with your friends?

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Of course, I don't recommend using these programs/sites as a means to share copyrighted material. Some of these I haven't personally tried, so feel free to chime in with opinions big and small about all things in this thread.


Ares Network - FileCroc - Totally clean version of Ares. "A 100% ad free, 3rd party software free client that runs on the Ares network. Has all the features of Ares, and Warez. Its my favorite out of the three."


Ares Lite edition. Aimed primarily at windows 9x and ME users.


BitTorrent and Clients -


Official BT Site

Experimental BitTorrent download client

Experimental BitTorrent client

Advanced BT client

BitTornado - experimental BT client

Client uses BT, eDonkey, and Gnutella networks

Personally, I use Shareaza for BT, but it does seem to run bulky on slower machines. I can get retarded speeds on it, even through ADSL


eDonkey and Clients-


Shareaza is the only one I use. Seems to me that it's about the best program for eDonkey. If you are super anal about security, you might want to steer clear if you don't mask your IP

Super big list of eDonkey verified downloads sites. This site might be somewhat outdated, but I'm sure it'll be of some use.


Filetopia -


Filetopia for this program I hear that it's quite good, small community and not terribly secure. Again, if you are anal about being super secure (as with most programs in this thread), it's best to just not use them


Gnutella and Clients -


Deepnet Explorer


Deepnet Explorer is the world’s first browser to offer fully integrated P2P file sharing capabilities and a built-in RSS/ATOM news reader. It’s bursting with new features like tabbed browsing, pop blocker, auto login, form filler, P2P technology and it's 100% free. So now it is easy to browse the web, share files and read news simultaneously!




Shareaza also uses this network





I don't know dick about mIrc so I'm sure someone will boost some info into this.


Soulseek -


Soulseek is an ad-free, spyware-free, just plain free file sharing application


My personal holy grail of music transferring


WinMX -



I used this a while ago, and hated it to death. People seem to dig it though for whatever reason.


Zultrax -


I haven't tried this one yet.


Direct connect -


Renegade has written a DC++ guide on the sixth post of this thread.



Feel free to add programs and or testimonials that will be useful to the cause. I will be editing info into this post from time to time. This group of progs should get you started and well on your way.


I'll try to keep up with links that are posted in this thread so I can keep them in this first post for the sake of organization.











500+ BitTorrent sites


Free MP3/video clip Sites:














BitTorrent: http://www.donvitorrent.com/categories.htm


BitTorrent Search Engine:




Big BitTorrent resource added March 6



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The newest Morphous is suppose to be able to use more than Shareaza but it is a pay program at the moment. I am not sure if there is a clean client made yet.

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Does Shareaza have spyware in it like Kazaa Media Desktop, or is there a "Lite" version I can download?


Far as I've ever heard, no. I have used it pretty regularly the past few months and haven't had any problems with discreet software placement from it.


Downhome, I could kiss you in return for those links since I'm also starting to look at some asian movie goodness.

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You're welcome.


*slowly backs away*


Check out the following link also if you want to talk about Asian films and everything with actual Asians and the such. I signed up, and they have a download folder which helped me find the sound tracks to a few of the films I've recently watched. They also have folders for Korea, Japan, etc... where you can talk about the films from the respective countries.


Just beware of the Lounge and Debate/Philosophy/Religion folders. You'll see what I mean if you check the place out.




I love seeing how people are different around the world, even if I disagree with most of what they say.


Also, if you are interested in some soundtracks as I am, go to the following thread at this other message board. It's amazing what all you can find here.



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Dead to me, it is. Regardless of claims of clean software and security against RIAA and them, I'm not taking that chance again. Especially since there are so many scam sites out there that offer a Kazaa variant with spywares and shit. Too many people get hung up by lawsuits or phony software when there are better options out there.

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That's the nature downloading torrents (that is what you're working on right?), sometimes you'll get a lot of sources that are choked and can't upload to you.


For Bit Torrent I recommend using BitTornado. I really liked Shareaza for BT but this program is a ton faster, uses less resources, and is easy as pie to use.

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Ok, I downloaded a program, and it's in an ISO format. Do I just burn it to a CD?


Secondly, what's an MPC, and what do I need to play it?

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