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Special K

Thought this may be interesting

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I shall start


Iraq War: Anti, suport troops now that they're there.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: legalize the weed (which I don't take part in), otherwise, continue. (Honestly, the booze, which I do take part in, is much worse for you.) Should at LEAST be legal for medical purposes. Anything else would be uncivilized.


Abortion: pro-abortion, anti-late term abortion (unless it harms the mother)


Gay marriage-pro


Social programs-keep em small. Think Bush is spending lots of money on education=good, the way he is spending it=bad.


Taxes- Tax cuts are good, consumption tax would be best


Pledge- Keep under God, and feel free to express your faith. If you're an atheist, why the fuck do you care?


Guns- Don't like auto weapons. They're designed expressly to kill large amounts of people. Otherwise, carry on.


Affirmative action: Anti Includes


The courts: frivoulous claims should be prosecuted


Death penalty: Pro


Teaching practical sex-ed (I.E. abstinance is great! Unless you want to have sex! Then wear a jimmy hat.)


Across borders racial profiling- It sucks, but I've been searched quite thoroughly. Come on, it's probably practical, as much as it's wrong idealogically.


Medical Care= The only socialist program I subsribe to. Constitution states we have a right to life. Makes it clear to me.


That's all I've come up with tonight. Oh, and


Bush= Asshole


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Guest GreatOne

Iraq War: Pro from the beginning, will remain so.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: Legalize weed, why not? As for everything else, keep it away from the kids but if you wanna fuck yourself up forever, hey that's your choice. Just don't come suing me about it.


Abortion: As IRS once said, you might wanna think about it before you hop in the sack.


Gay marriage-Does two hot chicks who frequently 'experiment' fall under that category? Other than that keep it the hell away from me.


Social programs-More money for education, good. I might think about cutting NASA way the fuck down.


Taxes-Roll with em, they're slowly but surely working.


Pledge-keep as is


Guns-The ones who bitch about the Constitution being raped (see the Patriot Act whine) should really practice what they preach here. Keep


Affirmative action: Is something that merely helps fill quotas really help allieve the fact that anyone of any origin, race, gender, ethnicity, or creed can be completely ill-suited for the job? It's like Coach K told a guy's father one year (and turned away a recruit but oh well), 'I hire coaches, not blacks or whites'. Anti.


The courts: Cap malpractice/mishap suits, toss out frivolus suits on arrival and find them in contempt of court for wasting the court's time


Death penalty: Pro


Teaching practical sex-ed: Echo Special K to a degree


Across borders racial profiling- You're fucked either way, might as well prevent the next 911 or Pearl.


Medical Care=I'd like to say I'm for the states to decide, but they usually, ESPECIALLY Washington, find ways to fuck it up.


Jobs: Raising min wage is a pipe dream. Less taxes work currently.


Bush=May merely need to do above average at the debates.

Kerry=Needs to be JFK (not *Kerry* JFK) and hope Bush is in Nixon form.

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Iraq War: Bring the troops home. There really isn't much good that CAN be done over there. Cut the losses and focus on North Korea.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: I don't see there being anything ever resembling what I would call small govt. Nor do I think the simple idea of eliminating welfare makes a govt. smaller. Hell, I grew up on foodstamps. Don't need them now, but there are plenty who do. If it helps keep some kid from growing up pissed off and hungry, thats crime prevention right there.


War on drugs: Decriminalize. Period. Smoking weed helps my girlfriend (who has cancer and is conservative) deal with the pain of the chemo treatments which I have watched tear her small body apart this past summer. The rest of the drugs I am indifferent to what someone does and does not ingest into their body. I don't do them and I don't think they should go to jail for it.


Abortion: Morally, I am against abortion. Yet, I call myself pro-abortion (not pro-choice mind you) if for no other reason than while legal only professionals will perform them, rather than in the cliched back ally.


Gay marriage-pro. None of my business, none of yours


Social programs- They can be helpful to some a crutch to others. There will always be some bastards in the bunch. I won't hold it against those who really need it. Education and urban renewal are high priorities to me.


Taxes- I don't mind paying taxes as long as I knew it was going towards something I

believed in. I think you should be able to choose the programs your tax money will go to.


Pledge- This is really a non-issue. I don't care either way. I don't like the trojan horse of school prayer being an opening for religious groups infiltrating the schools for recruitment. Leave the kids alone.


Guns- Not a gun fan, but the best form of gun control is responsibility! Don't hide them from kids, show them what they are and what they can do. No more forbidden fruit stigma. Then again, like in the welfare program, a few nutcases will ruin it for the rest anytime some workplace/schoolshooting goes down.


Affirmative action: I agree with Bill Maher that " If white people can't take a spoonful of what blacks have had to drink gallons of for centuries than tough shit." I'm paraphrasing.


The courts: unfixable.


Death penalty: Against. Under ANY circumstance. HUman beings cannot rely on human beings to make fair judgements when it comes to another persons life. The West Memphis Three are a great example.


Teaching practical sex-ed : Yup, and the economics of both marriage and child rearing should be taught in high school.


Across borders racial profiling- For who? Everyone? We can give every arab/muslim a body cavity search until the next Timothy McVeigh comes along and tears shit up. Then how does THAT look? You can try, but there ALWAYS be a way around the system. Good luck.


Medical Care : Damn, right. I would trade my liberal slant on abortion for the right to live if I MUST be born.




Bush= Liar, corporate puppet. Mikey Moore is right about him regardless of what you think of F-911. Even if every word out of his mouth HAD been the truth, Iraq has been a failure for US policy overseas.


Kerry= Nitwit, Union puppet. The reason why the talking heads can get away with calling any liberal part of the "elite". Yes, he has no plan and I have no one to vote for.


Whoa to anyone who becomes president after November, they'll have their hands full. Nothing either guy will do will make anything better for Americans as a whole. But rich people sure will get richer.

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Guest MikeSC

Iraq War: Support --- and am happy that Iraqis finally seem to be trying to help us a little in this.


Big/Small Gov't: Small --- but it's not happening.


War on drugs: Legalize and tax the high-holy hell out of marijuana. I'd rather that be legal than alcohol, personally. Nothing else should even be remotely considered. Treat any fatalities caused by driving under the influence as 1st degree murder (you don't accidentally end up drunk).


Abortion: Vigorously anti-abortion, but opposed to outlawing it. I want people to not want it, not be unable to get it.


Gay marriage: Do not care, honestly. Let the states decide and be done with it. If they say yes, good. If they say no, oh well.


Social spending: Doesn't work. Bush's economic money isn't making it to the schools, which shows how bad the whole system is. As little as possible.


Taxes: Gov't should have no right to know what you make or tax you on what you made when you die. A nat'l sales tax is the best option, but too easily demonized to actually happen in my lifetime.


Pledge: If you're an atheist and find it offensive, then you need to dig the sand out of your vagina. I'd rather see a banning of petty bitching.


Guns: Limited control --- but this IS a Constitutional right. Do not sacrifice it for any reason.


Affirmative action: Oppose completely. Using discrimination to repair discrimination is a horrible idea.


The courts: Loser-pays-system and do not give the punitive damages to the plaintiff. Also, reform class-action suits so the plaintiffs actually make a little money, instead of the lawyers.


Death penalty: Pro --- and speed up the process.


Teaching sex ed: Oppose. Parents should do this. The school has no right and has shown little self-control in how far it will go in teaching it.


Racial profiling: Necessary evil.


Medicine: We have the best system on Earth for a reason. And EVERYBODY has a right to treatment as it stands. That they don't is one of the bigger misconceptions.


Bush: Right man at the right time.


Kerry: One of the worst candidates in recent history.


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Iraq War: wholeheartedly against it. A war that cannot be won.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: A failure. In it's roots, it's a convenient means for US intervention abroad. The issue in itself should be dealt via education/rehab. Marijuana should be legal.


Abortion: Pro


Gay marriage-Pro


Guns- The lifting of the firearms ban was a terrible injustice. Guns serve little to no purpose in a civilized society.


Affirmative action: Shouldn't go out of it's way to cater to minorities just for the sake of doing so. But the intentions are noble and work in theory.


Death penalty: undecided


Teaching practical sex-ed: Fire away.


Across borders racial profiling- Cat Stevens...


Medical Care= I'm glad I live in Canada.


Bush=Evangelistic tyrant who needs to be removed from office.

Kerry= won't cause an overnight reversal of trends, but i have no beef with him....yet. despite being a weak candidate in such crucial times

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Guest INXS

Iraq War: Strongly against the unjust Invasion of Iraq and the subsequent quagmire.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: N/A


War on drugs: ALL (besides alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, duh) drugs should carry heavy sentences.


Abortion: Pro-Abortion - individuals choice


Gay marriage-pro


Social programs- N/A


Taxes- N/A


Pledge- N/A


Guns- Ban all guns.


Affirmative action: No idea what this is


The courts: frivoulous claims should be prosecuted - agreed


Death penalty: Anti


Teaching practical sex-ed - yep good stuff.


Across borders racial profiling- has to be done.


Medical Care= medical care should be free to all and under state control.


Bush= Worst thing to happen to America in a long time and worst thing to happen to the world in decades. Strongly believe that he is evil. Sadly, he will in November.


Kerry= Not a chance in November i'm afraid, has been too weak.

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Iraq War: For. Although the execution has been far from perfect, it was right thing to do and the situation will only approve.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small, although I'm not against social programs, I believe the beauracracy should be kept efficient.


War on drugs: I don't know if I support a "war" on drugs, but I oppose legalisation. Would be open to medical use, with state medical approval.


Abortion: As Clinton said, it should be safe, rare and legal. Against partial term, though unless mother's health is at risk.


Gay marriage: Not for or against. More open to civil unions. Would like to see proper procedure followed though and respect for state laws.


Social programs: There should be choices. In regards to social security and medicaire, the choice of privatization by choice should be considered.


Taxes: Should be kept as low as possible. If you pay taxes, you should get a refund. Would support a gradually increasing sort of-flat tax.


Pledge: Under God should be kept as it is a traditional and symbolic phrase in America. If it is changed it must be through proper procedure.


Guns: Support 2nd amendment right to own a gun, but feel both background checks, registering, etc. as well as maximum penalties must be enforced to keep us safe. Do not see the need for automatic weapons in civil society.


Affirmative action: Against quotas in the workplace and school. Affirmative action that provides aid or merit based scholarship is fine, but there should be no obligation to have "x" amount of people of a certain race.


The courts: Tort reform, medical malpracitce suit liability and maximum claims are imperative to the future of the field of medicine for the sake of doctors and patients who the high premiums are passed on to.


Death penalty: Pro. Some criminals simply don't deserve to live. Process should be made more efficient and less slow.


Teaching practical sex-ed: By a certain age, sex-ed is appropriate in schools. Abstenence should be stressed as the ideal philosophy, but contraceptive knowledge should be taught.


Across borders racial profiling: Neccesarry, as much as it might not be PC. If someone seems suspicious, there is nothing wrong with checking them out. If they're rational, and not inconvenianced greatly, they'll understand.


Medical Care: Should be a choice. Those who wish to pay higher taxes can be guarenteed government care, but do not get the benfit of their own specialists, and must submit that certain rare procedures and transplants simply may not be covered for the system to work. Conversely, one should be able to lower their taxes, be excluded from the government program, and pay for their own private care, which means ineviteble, the rich may have access to certain life saving procedures that the poor will not. Unfortunately, that's life.


Bush: Misunderstood. Driven, honest and determined.


Kerry: A weak candidate. Indecisive and bland.

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Iraq war: Against. If it was in the best interests of America to get rid of Saddam Hussein (which is questionable), we did it, now get out already. I'm not saying we should have no military presence over there, but it should be greatly reduced. There's no need to deploy everyone we have on reserve just so they can hang out and piss people off until they get shot.


Big govt./Small govt.: Small definitely. The purpose the government is supposed to serve is to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizen. Nothing less, nothing more.


War on drugs: Legalize marijuana, and completely decriminalize the rest. It's somebody's own business what they put into their own body, and there's no reason to lock them up in prison for a personal choice. Spending millions upon millions of dollars to prosecute and imprison people for something that does not infringe on anyone else's rights is utterly ridiculous.


Abortion: Oppose. If close to half of the country thinks that there is a living breathing human inside of a mother's womb, then it should certainly not be an allowable medical procedure to kill this being on the court decision that it doesn't have rights yet.


Gay marriage: Should certainly be allowed, as telling people who should and shouldn't get married is prying way too far in on their business. However, heterosexual couples should still get priority on adopting children, as having gay parents is kind of a difficult start in life.


Social programs: Should be cut way down, and made much more efficient. I'm not in favor of letting children starve, but with the current economy, every healthy adult should be able to take care of themselves.


Taxes: Should be reduced, especially for the wealthy. The fact that the top bracket is supposed to pay 50% of their income is pure socialism, and the fact that any major company needs a ridiculously overpaid tax lawyer to keep a reasonable share of their profits is ludicrous.


Pledge: Return it to the way it was originally written. The pledge of allegiance was supposed to be focused on one's allegiance to the indivisible union, and the "under god" line was a totally contrived addition which serves no purpose whatsoever.


Guns: Except in the case of convicted felons, these should not be restricted by government. A basic background check should be plenty to buy whatever you want. The founding fathers didn't put the right to bear arms in the Constitution so that you could hunt deer.


Affirmative action: Completely unnecessary. Race should never be a criterion in any hiring or acceptance


Court system: Should completely eliminate punitive damages from civil suits, and should be given less discretion in criminal sentencing. The idea that a judge can be pissed off that a defendant used his Constitutional right to plead innocent to a major crime, and give him a disproportionate sentence based on that fact alone is not something that should happen in a free society.


Death penalty: Permissible in extreme cases, but should be made much more efficient. All appeals could easily be heard in 5-8 years, and the process could be made much less expensive and more efficient. I heard somewhere that the cost to put someone to death is more than to keep them in prison for life, and if that's true, it's retarded. Shit, just tranquilize them, and then chop their heads off.


Sex education: Sure. Knowing some basics about contraception is more useful to 12 and 13 year olds than most of the crap they learn in school.


Racial profiling: Should be allowed to an extent. Don't necessarily stop people because of their race, but if an 20 yr. old Arab is on a flight with a retirement village from Florida, I know who I want checked.


Medical care: Health insurance is not something that should be guaranteed by the government. If you want health insurance, pay for it. If you think you can get by without it that's your choice, and it's your fault if you end up having to declare bankruptcy over the charges.


Bush: For the most part, useless. Takes up the worst parts of the conservative agenda, (banning gay marraige, useless wars, the Patriot Act), and then ignores the heart of it. He does cut taxes, but instead of actually cutting spending to pay for it, he just adds on to the deficit.


Kerry: Maybe even a little bit worse. One of the liberals who is convinced that the reason the US is more successful and economically viable than Europe has nothing to do with the fact that we're not socialist. There are plenty of socialist countries out there, I don't see why we can't have one that's free.


Oh, and if you couldn't tell from my signature, I'm voting for Michael Badnarik. One vote won't decide the election anyway; I might as well try to send a message that some of us out there want a true conservative, and if the Republican Party won't give it, we'll get one elsewhere.

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Iraq War: Against. Had the WMD have been there, then it would have been justified. I will grant Bush the benefit of doubt here and assume that he was just as duped as the rest of us. Regardless, the invasion has been done and if you just pull out now it will leave the situation worse than what it was before. Like it or not, Iraq needs help right now and the rest of the world should help out. I am not anti-war, I just feel Iraq was uneccessary.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small.


War on drugs: Ban everything but acohol (including tobacco) and refocus punishments. The druglords are untouchable so target the users. If you make it 2 years imprisionment and a $500000 fine for smoking pot, the market will dry up.


Abortion: Pro.


Gay marriage: Pro.


Social programs & Taxes: Lower taxes that impact the lower and middle classes and eliminate such debilitating things as the GST on gas. Put money in their pockets and then the public can afford the social programs that they actually want to use. The exception is health.


Pledge: Well, in our case we have had similar arguments over the words of our national anthem ('God keep our land, glorious and free.') Unlike the US we are NOT a secular nation. We do have an official religion (Catholicism in Quebec, Anglican everywhere else) and the head of our Church is also the head of state. In both the US & Canada, don't the whiners have anything better to complain about. How does the pledge or anthem affect your everyday lives. There are more important things to worry about.


Guns: Complete ban on handguns and automatic weapons. Allow rifles for hunting purposes. In the US, the 2nd Amendment comes into play. Firearms should not be banned there, as much as I disagree with it. The Constitution isn't just something that you pick and choose what you want to follow.


Affirmative action: Anti. AA just continues the idea that the races should be seperate. With AA around, the races will never be seen as equal.


The courts: One area in which Canada is greatly ahead of the US, with all criminal activity hardcoded. This reduces the influence of judges in trials. We still do have some problems with judges making laws, which I don't like, but it isn't nearly as big a problem as in the states either. Up here at least Parliament has a chance to respond to it.


Death penalty: Pro. Some people are just too dangerous to let out. I don't mean just every killer where this is some doubt. I mean the guys who claim that they are on a mission from God to cleanse the sinners or whatever. It should be limited in use, but it should be an option.


Teaching practical sex-ed: Pro. It sucks that it has to come to this, but parents aren't doing the job so someone has to pick it up.


Across borders racial profiling: Agreed. If you are looking for Muslim terrorists, you don't target it the 80 year old Chinese grandmother. It only makes sense, and it insults me that security isn't allowed to protect me to the best of their abilities.


Medical Care: 'Free' national healthcare. I will go for this one. Health is a little more important than making some woman pay for daycare, and thus I am willing to pay tax dollars to it.


Bush: Too gung-ho internationally, although he has the right idea, and spends way too much domestically.


Kerry: I have more confidence in him to lead, but I don't like who he hangs out with .


Both guys get way too much shit from people.

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Guest Cerebus

Iraq War: For it, but against the way Bush is handling it.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: Legalize weed or at least lighten the penalties considerably


Abortion: Anti abortion


Gay marriage- Don't give a flying fuck. Though if pressed, I'd have to say I'm against it.


Social programs- Too broad. Depends on what program, how much is being spent, and how much.


Taxes- Tax cuts are good, tax cuts with cut spending is great, tax cuts with increased spending blows.


Pledge- Keep it.


Guns- A topic where emotion has overcome reason. People should look and SEE what affects gun violence and what doesn't (like LCMs for example).


Affirmative action: Against.


The courts: Nomination process needs to be reviewed, so does the activeness of judges.


Death penalty: Pro, but don't see me cry if it goes.


Teaching practical sex-ed: Be abstinent. But here's how to use a wrapper just in case.


Across borders racial profiling- Another topic wth too much emotion and not enough reason.


Medical Care- Why are we still relying on our employer to provide medical insurance?


Bush = Pretend Conservative.

Kerry = Words my mother would not want me to repeat.

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

Iraq War: Indifferent. I don't think we're going to make a difference, long-term.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: All drugs should be completely legal. Commiting crimes under the influence should carry heavier punishment than commiting the crime while sober.


Abortion: Don't care. I'm a guy. I don't agree with outlawing it though.


Gay marriage-Don't care, I'm straight. I wouldn't vote to ban it.


Social programs-Should be drastically reduced. I'd like to see an era of personal responsibility.


Taxes-One of two sure things.


Pledge-I haven't uttered it since grade school. Leave it alone so the fundies don't bitch.


Guns-If all of America were armed and willing to pull the trigger, breaking and entering would not exist.


Affirmative action: No opinion. I've never had it affect me. Ideally, it sounds like a bad practice.


The courts: I avoid them completely.


Death penalty: Not used nearly enough. Symbolically satisfying, guaranteed to prevent recidivism, but far too expensive.


Teaching practical sex-ed. Yes and No. It's a good idea that doesn't do any good. I learned my filth on the streets, everyone else should do the same.


Across borders racial profiling-If it works, it works.


Medical Care-Necessary.


Bush=Religious Zealot

Kerry=Nobody important.

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Guest BDC
Kahran, how do you feel about it for medicinal purposes?


The only medicinal purpose that pot actually serves is what you referred to before: pain relief. It's less virulent than opiates and sometimes even more effective.


If you listen to Johns Hopkins (and you should, b/c they have the best opthamology program in the world), using pot for glaucoma really doesn't change anything. It might reduce pressure, but that's through reducing blood flow, which means less oxygen and no healing of the retina.

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Kahran, how do you feel about it for medicinal purposes?


The only medicinal purpose that pot actually serves is what you referred to before: pain relief. It's less virulent than opiates and sometimes even more effective.


If you listen to Johns Hopkins (and you should, b/c they have the best opthamology program in the world), using pot for glaucoma really doesn't change anything. It might reduce pressure, but that's through reducing blood flow, which means less oxygen and no healing of the retina.

Well, my g/f smokes it as relief for the seizures she has as a result of the chemo she has gone through twice now. Her own experimentation has shown some great results in the reduction of the frequency. She did most of her chemo during july had several seizures in the following weeks, but they lessened though august and sept. So I could never argue it with her even if I wanted to.



Anyway, off topic. Sorry.

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

Pot is a terrible analgesic. Its medicinal benefits are purely psychological.

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Guest BDC

Iraq War: We're there. Period. That's quite simply, all there is to it now.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small; local and state gov'ts know the issues better than the federal.


War on drugs: treat pot as alcohol and shift so much of the resources elsewhere.


Abortion: Okay, I do NOT like it, however, I would rather have it done by a doctor than a coat hanger. Hence, for the first half of the first trimester, fine. But after that, I'd punish the hell out of anyone that moves.


Gay marriage: States' decisions.


Social programs

-Should be drastically reduced. I'd like to see an era of personal responsibility.

Agent makes a good point here, but this is, to me, so friggin' complicated I'm not going to get into it.


Taxes- Yeah, we um, need them.


Pledge- If you wanna challenge this, get someone who's friggn' legally capable.



If all of America were armed and willing to pull the trigger, breaking and entering would not exist.

Agent makes my point for me.


Affirmative action: As said before, it only reinforces race barriers.


The courts: In DESPERATE need of reform. The arguments I heard against capping malpractice were literally like they had been on SNL.


Death penalty: Definitely needed for folks like Ted Bundy and John Gacy. However, if you're sent to rot in jail, you're going to suffer on a steel slat bed and hate every minute of it.


Teaching practical sex-ed.: teaching only abstinence just ain't gonna cut it.


Across borders racial profiling-If it works, it works.


Medical Care- Is a rats' nest because of malpractice.


Bush= While I don't believe he's the BEST choice, I do believe he's a good one.


Kerry= The WORST possible choice.

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Guest Salacious Crumb

Iraq War: Support, I've wanted someone to take out Saddam since Bush Sr. did it. Clinton might've won me over had he taken him out.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: legalize weed, change the penalties greatly, rehab on the first non-violent offense and stiff penalties afterwards


Abortion: anti-abortion but I'm willing to except limited use for cases of rape, incest, health, etc. But none of this having it just because crap.


Gay marriage: Don't care but I don't have a big problem with civil unions.


Social programs: Axe most of it. Money towards education has been a futile effort as the teacher's unions are the biggest enemy of educating children right now.


Taxes- national sales tax


Pledge- If you can't handle the word God then I suggest you lock yourself in a box and throw away the key.


Guns- Current system is just fine. Registered weapons for the most part aren't used in crimes. Let the Assault Weapons ban die though as it's a redundant law.


Affirmative action: Against, people should be hired based on their merits not their race.


The courts: major changes. Judges need to be held accountable for their bullshit on the stand. Lawsuits, especially malpractice suits, need to be dealt with.


Death penalty: Pro, some people should never see the light of day again for what they do and if you take someone's life when not defending yourself then you forfeit your own.


Teaching practical sex-ed: What most of the other people have said.


Across borders racial profiling- Need to be used. Airport secruity would be a lot better if they could use racial profiling. I'm pretty sure some grandparents aren't going to be as much trouble as a 20/30 year old Muslim extremist.


Medical Care: Nope totally against it. I find it highly offensive that I would have to foot the bill for other people. I'm not paying for some boozer's new liver after he ruined his by years of drinking. And I'm not paying for anyone else who does such things. Fuck them for not taking care of themselves.


Bush- Not totally thrilled with him overall but at least you know where the guy stands.


Kerry- Just a horrible candidate.

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Guest whitemilesdavis

Iraq War: Anti. We went to war on false premises. Period.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: This is kind of an unfair. While I would not consider myself a fan of large gov't, a republican probably would.


War on drugs: Completely inefective.


Abortion: Anti. Find a better source of birth control.


Gay marriage: None of my business.


Social programs: A neccessary evil.


Taxes: See "Social Programs"


Pledge: I really don't care.


Guns: I'm all for 'em. If someone wants to kill me, they will find a way.


Affirmative action: All for it.


The courts: Corrupt, and racist. The numbers don't lie.


Death penalty: The best form of punishment available. Should be extended to rapists and child-molesters. Also, don't support these guys for 20 years on death row. Kill em quick.


Teaching practical sex-ed: It won't matter. They'll learn more from TV and the internet (good or bad) than we'll ever be able to to teach them in a class.


Across borders racial profiling: Um, uh, I haven't thought about it.


Medical Care: Should be provided by the state. It's a shame that almost every adult I know is in debt for medical expenses.


Bush=Complete idiot. The least intelligent president of my lifetime, probably ever.

Kerry=Blew it. Got off track. If he'd continued with the issues, I think he'd be OK. When he fell to the negativity, Vietnam, etc, Bush won.

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

INXS, how can you seriously say ban all guns? Do you know how monumentally idiotic that is?

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Guest krazykat72

Iraq War: Anti....we should have focused solely on Afghanastan before even thinking of focusing somewhere else


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Prefer a smaller one, but those days are gone


War on drugs: Legalize Marijuana and tax it, this has been said before.


Abortion: Pro-Choice. An essential right for a woman....


Gay marriage-Pro. It should be legal with no contest. It is not up to the "majority" of people to determine what rights a minority should have. There are essentially no non-religious based reasons to not have it.


Social programs-can be good, but there are too many people blowing money in the wrong places.


Taxes- The tax cut really didn't effect me that much.


Pledge- take out under god. It wasn't originally in there. There's seperation of church and state. This is no exception


Guns- Limited rights to purchase, but limit the number and type of guns available on the market.


Affirmative action: A tough debate. People don't really like to look at the still present racism and inequality in our society. Something needs to be done. I'm not sure this is the way to do it, but the problem can't just be ignored.


The courts: Reforms needed. Too many to get into right now.


Death penalty: Anti. I always thought it was hypocritical to kill someone for killing (2 wrongs do not make a right)


Teaching practical sex-ed : I don't know how effective it will be, but teens should know how to and be encouraged to use condoms and birth control. They will be active, lets enable safety.


Across borders racial profiling- Very morally wrong. Breeds discrimination. Something has to be done, unfortunately I don't know what.


Medical Care= malpractice suits should have some kind of cap, but theres should be exceptions. Dr.'s Insurance needs to come down to make care more affordable



Bush= I really do question his intelligence and feel his religion guides him too far.

Kerry= He's running a terrible campaign. I entered the election as a "Anybody But Bush" voter, but he has done *nothing* to make me give him my vote. Unfortunately who knows if we'll ever see a viable 3rd party.


-Paul Jacobi-

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Guest Smell the ratings!!!

not that I ever post in here but



Iraq: anti. Don't even get me started on these idiots.


Big/Small Gov't: medium. Shut up, it should be on there.


Drugs: Pot is too close to harmless to keep illegal. And a few methadone clinics wouldn't hurt either.


Abortion: pro. You'll thank me later.


Gay marriage: pro. And if there is a god, you better hope he's working on more important shit then keeping guys from making out with eachother.


Social programs: hell yes. Unless you like the majority of your country poor and retarded, of course.


Taxes: yes, they suck, but the govt. needs cash to work. But the poor should get a break, and of course the rich should be reamed.


Pledge: who gives a shit. And I'm about as anti-religion as possible.


Guns: Automatics ("Hunting" rifles) are excessive, but guns need to stay legal, if only to keep the damn army out of your house.


Affirmative Action: well meaning, but causes more problems then it solves. Kind of like us in Iraq, come to think of it.


Courts: a complete fuckfest.


Death penalty: anti. Save for the guys who completly flip thier shit and shoot up a Walmart with an AK.


Sex-Ed in school: Pro if it's "Condoms are a good way not to contract lethal and incurable diseases!". Anti if it's "Pre-marital sex makes Baby Jesus weep!"


Racial Profiling - maybe when white people stop breaking the law


Medical Care - Bolshivek that shit, comrade! There's no way I spelled that right.



Bush - Disgusting shameless cunt who I would never vote for in a million years.

Kerry - Disgusting shameless cunt who I would never vote for in a million years.

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Guest Loss

Iraq War: Against initially, and will continue to be against until there is undisputed proof linking Iraq to 9/11. That said, it's been handled well since it started.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: Legalize all drugs and tax the hell out of them, except for some of the designer drugs.


Abortion: Pro-choice and pro-abortion are two different things. I don't think abortions should ever take place after 8 weeks under any circumstances.


Gay marriage: Very strongly support.


Social programs: Unfortunately, the system is a mess, but the intentions are good. But you know what they say about the road to Hell ...


Taxes: I have no problems paying higher taxes as long as everyone else is also paying their fair share.


Pledge: Keep under God. I think changing it is too revisionist and reeks of propaganda.


Guns: Shouldn't be outlawed, but laws that are in place should be more strictly enforced.


Affirmative action: Had a place at one time. Doesn't now.


The courts: Have too much power


Death penalty: Strongly against.


Teaching practical sex-ed: Fantastic idea. Condoms should be distributed in schools.


Across borders racial profiling: Necessary evil. Sadly, we're a contradictory society that promotes tolerance and non-stereotyping from one end that uses statistics to back up every claim on the other end. Statistics are just a fancy way of enforcing stereotypes, and you can make them say anything you want them to say.


Medical Care: Should be available to those on disability or those who are working who do not have the opportunity to get benefits. The problem is more price gouging from insurance companies and medical facilities than it is that everyone needs to be insured.


Bush: Disagree with many of his policies, but he at least knows where he stands on everything. Doesn't seem nearly as flaky as his opponent.


Kerry: Wolf in sheep's clothing who can't even talk a good game worth backing up. If he can't run a smart campaign, how can he run a better America?

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Iraq War: For. The execution hasn't been ideal, but it needed to be done.


Big/Small Gov't: The smaller, the better.


War on Drugs: Legalize (and tax) everything. It is not the job of the government to tell you that you can't harm yourself. What people do in the privacy of their own homes is no one's business but theirs. Anyone who commits a crime while under the influence of any drug should have the book thrown at them, hard. Drunk/drugged driving that results in death should be first-degree murder, punishable by execution. Ditto anything that results in death while the guilty party is not in his right mind. Note that I don't use drugs myself, but I think they should be legalized on libertarian grounds.


Abortion: Pro-ambivalence. I don't think the federal government should be involved, but they need to be to keep it safe and legal. I'd never vote to make it illegal, since a clinic is infinitely better than a folding table and a coat hanger.


Gay Marriage: Marriage is a religious issue, and I'm an atheist. However, I think this should be a matter for the states to decide. Put it on referendum across the country. If a state votes in favor of it, great. If not, oh well. No state which voted against gay marriage/civil unions should be forced to recognize one.


Social Programs: Should be used as a stopgap, not a way of life. Barring disability, people should only be on any kind of welfare for a short time. I'm very much in favor of education and job training, as long as the money is spent efficiently.


Taxes: Flat tax. Create a few tiers of it so that those who can afford to pay more do so, but don't punish them for being successful.


Pledge: Don't give a shit. Don't say "under God" if it bothers you so damn much. The idiot who fought this gave all atheists a bad name, and I hope he dies.


Guns: Keep them legal, except automatic weapons. No one needs a machine gun to defend their home. Background checks should be used, and should also check for a history of psychological problems. Not all convicted felons should be denied gun ownership, as the fellow who went to the clink for tax evasion isn't likely to go on a killing spree.


Affirmative Action: Against. Two wrongs don't make a right.


The Courts: Major reforms are needed. Malpractice suits need to be capped so we can stop driving doctors out of their profession, and stop raising the cost to patients. Malpractice should also be harder to claim; parents of infants born with birth defects are unlucky, not entitled to millions. Impose the English Rule, forcing plaintiffs to pay all legal fees in frivolous lawsuits.


Death Penalty: For, but it needs to be reformed. It's more expensive to kill a prisoner than to keep him alive for life, and that needs to change. If you're sentenced to death, you have two years to have an appeal heard. If you lose that appeal, you're executed the day you leave the courtroom. I'm also in favor of public and televised executions to discourage crime.


Teaching Practical Sex-Ed: I wish we didn't have to, but we do. Abstinence should be part of the program, though.


Racial Profiling: For, as it's a valuable law enforcement tool. We need to use it more and stop worrying about being politically correct. While it's true that not all Arab males are terrorists, all terrorists who have attacked us recently ARE Arab males. Scrutinize them more than other folks. If they complain, too fucking bad.


Medical care: Against socialized medicine. Everyone raves about Canada's system, but why do so many Canadian patients come to American hospitals for vital operations? We have the best doctors, and we need to protect them from absurd malpractice suits. The medical system needs to be tweaked, but it doesn't need a complete overhaul.


Bush: An underrated and shrewd politician whose intelligence is underestimated by those who harp on his speaking gaffes. I don't like his Jesus Freak Agenda *at all*, but I generally think he's done a good job in some very trying circumstances.


Kerry: A smart man who's running a miserable campaign. I don't think he'd be a strong wartime leader, and his flip-flopping would hurt us greatly in the war on terror. A liar with respect to his combat record, and a man far too beholden to a rich, crazy wife and a bunch of soft money.

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INXS, how can you seriously say ban all guns? Do you know how monumentally idiotic that is?

Well, coming from someone who also said the following, do you expect anything less than idiotic?


Affirmative action: No idea what this is


No offense to anyone, but if you can't get your head out of your ass and learn about issues to the point to be able to make an intelligent and thought out decision, then you should just keep your mouth shut.

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Iraq War: For going, never thought it was really about WMD, think the media/we screwed up by announcing it, doesn't think Americans use logic and like to forget its easy to move something when you tell your enemy two months in advance you are coming, thinks it's not been handled well, doesn't think we can afford to live, thinks it will come out as a positive in the end, sad that people had to die, feels sick people think they died for nothing.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: no real opinion


War on drugs: medicial only. Rest illegal.


Abortion: wants limits on number of abortions one can have but with exception rules such as incest, rape, danger to life of mother.


Gay marriage- Pro, no big deal to me.


Social programs- Only keep the real ones and cut the ones that are pointless and a waste of money. I'm sure we have dozens. Education spending is only good if the money goes towards supplies and better schools, not advancing teacher pay. Teacher pay should only go up if the students are supplied with the materials they need, not teachers first students second.


Taxes- A touch high but not horrible right now. Have been worse.


Pledge- Don't care as long as kids are no longer forced to do it. I was forced in school. If a kid doesn't believe in God, he shouldn't be forced to say it.


Guns- Assault rifles and machine guns and any rocket launching crap should be banned. Shotguns, single action rifles, and handguns are fine by me.


Affirmative action: Good idea in theory, very poor execution. Needs to go


The courts: Revamped. Dumb lawsuits should be ignored, loopholes need to be removed. Process needs to be fair but much quicker so not to waste money. The courts probably waste more of a states budget than anything.


Death penalty: Pro sometimes. If the crime is horrible and we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt then yes but only if the family wants it. If the family of the victim does not want the killer to die then they shouldn't.


Across borders racial profiling- Not really anything to do till airports improve the way they handle this. Needs to be major overhauls at airports.


Medical Care= Should be free. No excuses. Over the counter can still cost money but no way should I have to pay 45 dollars for a advil at a hospital.


Bush= Seems like he might be a nice guy, just put too much faith in the American people to be understanding of what we are really doing. Got some bad information from advisors and has the WRONG FREAKS OF NATURE at Attorney General and VP.


Kerry= I'm still not sure what the hell to think of him other than his name is John and apparently he was in vietnam. His wife is crazy and his daughter seems to be rather braindead at times, but he might be an ok square fellow.

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Bush= Worst thing to happen to America in a long time and worst thing to happen to the world in decades. Strongly believe that he is evil. Sadly, he will in November.

This quote needs to be immortalized. Too damn funny.


As for filling out this form, it's too long, I'm too lazy, and quite a few of my viewpoints have been better expressed by others.


I'll just say I'm libertarian and leave it at that

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Guest Smues

Iraq War: Wasn't huge up on going there, but wasn't really opposed either. Support the troops.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: hmm, medium to large.


War on drugs: Keep booze legal, I wouldn't mind a cig ban, but I know that's 100% realistic for several reasons, and even if I had political power I wouldn't touch that issue, that's just a personal thing. Keep pot and everything else illegal. Enforce the drug laws.


Abortion: Pro-abortion in the early stages. Anti late term abortion if it isn't needed to save the mom, and anti-abortions every other month for people who refuse to use protection.


Gay marriage: Pro. No reason they shouldn't have the same rights and tax benefits that straight couples get.


Taxes- Tax cuts are nice, but probably shouldn't be cut anylower then they have been in the past few years. However, the alternative minimum tax needs a huge overall or it's going to fuck a lot of people.


Pledge- Keep it as it is.


Guns- Personally I wouldn't ban any guns, but I'm not opposed to the assault weapons ban. Don't have a problem with a 5 day waiting period. Don't think anything but assault weapons should even be considered having a ban.


Affirmative action: I like what it tries to do. Not so sure if I like it in practice.


The courts: Need more funding. Severe penalties for people who sue over nothing.


Death penalty: Pro, should be sped up. I don't want innocent people frying, but the appeals process should not take as long as it does. "Had a hard childhood" and similar excuses should not get you off death row and into a life term.


Teaching practical sex-ed: Abstinence should remain part of the program, but not the only thing. Need to focus more on other ways to prevent pregnancy, and the consequences of teen pregnancy.


Medical Care= Our whole system needs a huge overhaul. One thing, people who say "I can do what I want, what I do doesn't affect you!" should not be able to get medical care paid for by the taxpayers. This includes anyone who smokes, other then the old old old people who smoked before they knew it was bad. This includes people who don't wear seat belts. This includes a bunch of other people.


Bush= I personally wouldn't have gone to Iraq, but I understand why he did. Decent president. I would have voted for him had I been 18. Will vote for him in November most likely.


Kerry= I can't tell you if I agree or disagree with anything he believes in because he can't pick an issue. "I'm not Bush" is not an issue.

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Iraq War: Should've done it in 91. Mess now, but don't want my friend's death to be in vain. Gotta stay the course.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Smallest frigging government possible


War on drugs: It's a demand problem, not supply. Legalize, focus on educational campaigns, remove the profit incentive that illegality brings.


Abortion: its your choice, live with it.


Gay marriage- the government should not be involved in sanctioning marriages, only civil unions. Churches sanction marraiges however they please.


Social programs- Education is the only thing that the government may be able to provide better than the market...MAY. Scrap the rest.


Taxes- Change the tax code...starting to think consumption tax might actually work


Pledge- For Pete's sake, say the Pledge. Our country was founded by guys who deeply believed in God, so whatever. It's part of history, so don't deny it.


Guns- Unregulate the market.


Affirmative action: past its prime. We don't need it. Scrap. There are better ways to incentive minority enfranchisement. Use economic incentives.


The courts: Tighten down the ability to sue. Make it mean something.


Death penalty: Keep it. It's an incentive to not do something. We need to make it more credible by reducing the time to you get axed.


Across borders racial profiling- Uhh, what can we do here, its human nature to fear outsides.


Medical Care= Stop the lawsuits and break up the AMA union. Strictly speaking economically, THEYRE the ones keeping the prices high


Bush= Average guy, trying to do what he thinks is right. He's decisive, for better or worse. Decidedly NOT evil (Kerry isn't evil too) and anyone who says he's evil is full of shit. Get it? Hitler was evil. Mussolini was evil. Stalin, Nero. Not Bush. Not Kerry. Get over your rhetoric.


Kerry= EBad economic policy, period. Not solid leadership, but bright fellow. The kind who would be thinking up all alternatives and having lots of meetings. Not exactly fast-acting

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Iraq War: Wasn't really for it, but I'm a military brat, so God bless the troops.


Big Gov't/Small Gov't: Small


War on drugs: Legalize it all. If someone wants to fuck their lives and bodies up with poison, by all means, let them.


Abortion: pro-abortion


Gay marriage-could care less.


Social programs-their intentions are good, but they need to keep taps on people who work around the system. It should be to help you get back on your feet, not "become the way".


Taxes-National Sales tax.


Pledge- Keep under God. It's a pledge, if you don't feel like saying it, then don't. That's the beauty of America. You don't have to say it.


Guns- No need for machine guns, but I do have a problem taking handguns and regular rifles. Background checks should be enforced a lot more.


Affirmative action: against


The courts: We need more common sense and penalties for frivilous shit. Judges should have the power to boot someone in their ass really hard for stuff that is obviously dumb shit i.e. Barry Bonds homerun balls.


Death penalty: For it.


Teaching practical sex-ed : I don't have kids. Don't plan on it anytime soon. I don't care about other people's kids, so I could give a shit. My non ignorant response is for it.


Across borders racial profiling- I'm for it. Anything to keep this country safer, I'm for. Fuck other people's feelings.


Medical Care= Needs reform. I don't have the answers, but I know what is going on isn't right. Something needs to be changed, I just don't know exactly what it is.


Bush= Fuck him

Kerry=Fuck him, too.

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Actually I think the weirdest view so far is Kahran Ramses' drug view

(Ban everything but booze including cigs) since


Tobacco- Doesn't impair faculties, can kill you

Weed- Impairs faculties, pretty much can't kill you (especially if

eatten, vaporized

Booze- Impairs faculties, can kill you


You'd think Booze is the LEAST desirable of the 3.


I'm surprised so many share the same abortion view as me.


What social services would some of you cut? NASA, NEA, FCC, IRS (especially if we got a consumption tax) wellfare to a lesser extent than those above, get my vote.

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