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Bruiser Chong

And So it Begins

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That's not entirely true, people certainly have high expectations for the Twins, they're perennial favorites in that division and many "experts" picked them to beat NY in the playoffs last year. They certainly have the pedigree and experience to be considered a favorite, especially when teams like Florida and Anaheim are able to win.


But agreed on the Yankees, with the money they spend anything less than a WS appearance has to be considered a disapointment for them, and even that isn't enough for most people.

The experts are idiots. The Twins did advance into the ALCS in 2002. I do think the Conventional wisdom of the Twins is that they make the playoffs because they play in the Central. The last three years, they've lost to teams with better win/loss records. That's not choking. That's running into better teams.

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Guest Brian

I'm not trying to play down the Twins achievements, but they play in a relatively weak division and work off a low payroll.

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