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Smarkdown Losing Matches

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Please comment! I did this by myself since my partner couldn't do anything.


As we return from the commercial break, the crowd is trying at the moment to just catch their breath from the intense action that has already taken place on the show already.


"The fans may be run down from the intensity that they have already had tonight, but things are only going to get better as we roll into our main event for the evening. It's going to be tag team action, and we're about to be joined by a team that is sure to bring the fans up to their feet again..." LDP begins...


...as "Fuel My Fire" starts to play over the speakers now, causing a HUGE eruption of cheers as the Tag Team Champions come out from the backstage area, the title belts proudly strapped around their waists. The Champs slap hands with the fans as they make their way down the isle, showing that they are loved by a good majority, if not all, of the fans in attendance


Funyon: The following non-title tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, at a total combined weight of four hundred and thirty one pounds...the NEW...and RECORD SETTING THREE TIME SWF World Tag Team Champions...The Wildchild...Johnny Dangerous...WILD....AND....DANGEROUS!


"This is sickening to see if you ask me!" Suicide King says with disgust in his voice. "These two guys screwed Revolution Zero out of the tag team title belts, and now they get to parade around with them like they're big shots. Flesher should really do something about this!"


"He is, he's giving us the champions in a tag team contest tonight, and I don't think that the Royal Order will be ready for them, if this past PPV event Slay Ride is any indication." Pete comments as the champs make their way into the ring, holding the tag team title belts high.


"...that was just a lucky night. I'm sure of it!" Suicide King notes as "Fuel My Fire" fades out.


...to be replaced surprisingly NOT by "Superstar", but by the Queen Classic "Princes of the Universe". Bright spotlights shine upon the entryway, as Women's Champion Kelly Connelly makes her way out first, followed by Max King...who is looking focused and angry at the moment, and behind King is Korgath...looking equally as focused.


Funyon: And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by the SWF Women's Champion Kelly "The Queen" Connelly, at a total combined weight of 600 pounds...Dominic Korgath...and "The Icon" Max King...THE ROYAL...ORDER!


"The Royal Order have yet to get a good flow of things going in the tag team ranks, and going against an experienced team like the Tag Team Champions is not going to help them that much, I believe." Pete states.


"No, what's going to cost them is Flesher's damn ruling that this is going to be all wrestling. Korgath is a power-man, not a wrestler!" Suicide makes note of. "King on the other hand will do fine here..."


"That is, if he doesn't resort to his typical tactics here tonight, as I don't think that the referee will let King get away with any of the crap that he's pulled in the past." Pete notes as Kelly holds the ropes open for her man. King gets in, and demands that Korgath stay on the apron. On the other side of the ring, Johnny Dangerous stays in the ring as Wildchild goes onto the apron.


"You're just jealous that King has a good girl like Kelly at his side, Pete." Suicide states, as the referee quickly rings the bell to start the contest.




Dangerous and King get into the center of the ring as the referee starts to explain the rules, especially the fact that he's going to be strict on the rules for this match. King simply pushes past the referee as, still angry from his Slay Ride loss to Wild and Dangerous, The Icon spears Dangerous into the corner, driving his shoulder and slightly extra bodyweight into the sternum of the Secret Agent. King continues to drive his shoulder into Dangerous' sternum, making sure that he has an early advantage, and breaks away from the count at 4 so he's not disqualified early on. King grabs Dangerous' arm, and whips him into his team's corner now, with force that Dangerous actually winces out. King rushes in to body splash Dangerous into the corner, but Dangerous manages to move out of the way, causing the Icon to crash chest-first into the turnbuckle. Taking advantage of the momentary advantage, Dangerous IMMEDIATELY hits a Rear Neckbreaker on King, dropping him down to the mat. The former World Champion quickly follows it up by climbing up to the second rope and dropping a fist right into the bridge of the nose of King...lucky the referee was looking and preventing Korgath from reaching over and affecting the match in his own way. Dangerous goes for the cover, seeing if this will be a quick night for his team.








King kicks out easily. Dangerous grabs King's leg, and drags him towards his corner, making the tag to Wildchild. The other half of Wild And Dangerous climbs up to the top rope after being tagged in, and drops an elbow right into the bridge of King's nose from the top rope. Wildchild pulls King back to the center of the ring as Dangerous goes back onto the ring apron, then goes off the ropes for a running senton splash, crashing his 214 pound bodyweight into the former ICTV Champion's body now. Wildchild goes for another cover, showing that the tag team champions want to wear their opponent down with a good amount of covers early on in the contest.






King kicks out easily again, and quickly tries to sit up and get back up. Wildchild manages to show that he's quick to react, going off of the ropes, and while King is on his knees dropkicks The Icon right into his face. King rolls over towards the ropes, and Wildchild goes off the ropes again...just as King makes a tag over to Korgath. Wildchild is unaware of this, until he gets a hard right hand to the face from the monster Gaijin from Japan.


"Blind tag by King to his tag team partner may have just completely turned the tables in this match, and now the 214 pound tag team champion has to deal with a man 135 pounds heavier than him!" Pete notes out as Korgath grabs Wildchild by the throat to lift him up.


"And that's where the tag team champions are going to be at a major disadvantage. Neither man in this match is big enough one-on-one to deal with a force like Korgath when he's focused!" King notes, as Max King goes onto the floor to talk things over with Kelly on the outside of the ring.


Korgath easily presses Wildchild up over his head as he stands up, holding him over with ease...and upon King's orders simply throws Wildchild into a barricade on the arena floor!


"WOAH!" Pete says, almost surprised.


"Korgath is not playing around here tonight, as he just flung Wildchild to the outside like he was nothing but a basketball!" Suicide King notes.


Wildchild holds his knee on the landing that he has on the outside of the ring, wincing at the feeling that he has in his body from being thrown. The camera goes to a split screen effect as it shows once again Korgath's throw of Wildchild...showing Wildchild's face hits the barricade and he lands on his leg in a way that almost looks like he twisted it.


Korgath goes over to the corner where Johnny Dangerous is looking on, and the other member of Wild and Dangerous looks like he's going to go down off of the apron at the moment and go to check on his partner...however Korgath simply slugs him right into the face as hard as he can, knocking him off of the ring apron. With the referee distracted dude to admonishing Korgath for what he did, King grabs the leg of Wildchild while on the arena floor, dropping all of his bodyweight onto the bad wheel of the high flying tag team champion, then grabs Wildchild and tosses him into the ring behind the referee's back, grabbing the tag team rope while in his corner.


"Despite the ruling from Flesher earlier tonight, Max King going back to his typical cheating tactics to get a victory tonight!" Pete states. "This is a travesty, and something has to be done about it."


"Hey, if the referee doesn't see it, Pete, then it's as legal as any of the flipping and crazy crap that the Tag Team Champions do." Suicide King states.


Korgath picks Wildchild up again, and makes the tag over to Max King, who is all smiles now as he steps into the ring. Korgath holds Wildchild at bay with a headlock near his team's corner, as King goes off of one set of ropes and dives in to clip the legs right out from under Wildchild. Korgath quickly steps out of the ring now, allowing for King to have free reign over the champ. King pulls Wildchild into the center of the ring, lifting up the bad leg and starting to work over it, ramming his knee repeatedly into the leg of Wildchild and then holding him with his bodyweight pulling up the leg.


"Max King working over the leg of Wildchild now, and that probably is the best strategy to use when going against someone who is as quick as he is." Pete notes. "Keep the legs out, and he will lose a good step or two for a good while now."


King continues to pull at the leg of Wildchild while laying on the mat, a sick grin on his face as he pulls at the leg. The camera cuts over to the corner of Wild and Dangerous, showing a very concerned look on the face of Dangerous as King stretches at the leg. King grins a bit, and while still holding onto the leg of Wildchild, reaches over to his corner again and makes the tag back in to Korgath...coming off of the ropes and splashing his entire 350 bodyweight onto Wildchild. King torques the leg one more second before sliding out of the ring, being surprisingly careful at the moment so his team doesn't have three losses in a row. Korgath stays on top of Wildchild for a cover, making sure that he hooks the leg that Wildchild had worked on earlier.






No, Wildchild manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat at the moment, making sure that his team wouldn't get a loss at the first show after regaining the tag team titles.


"Wildchild is just prolonging the inevitable if you ask me, Pete." Suicide King states. "Why would he kick out when facing a monster in the form of Korgath when it's a non title match? That's just insanity if you ask me."


"Well, no one said that Wildchild was the most sane person in this company, but I don't think that there's any good tests that we could use for that." Pete notes as Korgath, upon orders from Kelly on the outside of the ring, drops a hard elbow into the knee of Wildchild now.


"Maybe so, but now we're just going to watch and see the systematic dissection of the leg of Wildchild!" Suicide King states. "This is the end of Wildchild's career."


"The match just started, Suicide!" Pete protests.


Korgath stands up to his feet, still holding the ankle of Wildchild as he reaches over and makes another tag back into the match by Max King, who climbs up to the top rope and drops a knee right into the knee of Wildchild from the top rope, leaving Wildchild wincing in pain and holding his knee as he poses a bit for the crowd. Wildchild reaches over to one of the ring ropes, trying to pull himself back up to his feet now to get a chance to continue on with the match, but when he gets into a sitting position, King comes off the ropes and rolls forward, snapping the neck of Wildchild to his body. King pulls Wildchild away from the ropes, pulling him into the center of the ring and going for a cover now.






No, another kick-out by Wildchild, but not with the same force and intensity that would normally happen from the Bahama Bomber. King doesn't seem to be upset one bit at this fact right now, as he pulls Wildchild up to his feet again, hooking him up for a suplex. King holds him there for a moment, then grins, making sure to grab the leg that he worked over, apparently deciding instead of a regular suplex to lift Wildchild up for a Fisherman's Suplex. Wildchild, just out of desperation if nothing else, drops down as fast as he can, rolling up King for a small package cover!






King shoots out of the pin with ease, and he has a shocked expression on his face. He turns around and sees Wildchild desperately crawl towards his corner to make the tag back in to Dangerous, but just inches away from making it King drops an elbow into the back of Wildchild's neck, keeping him from making the tag. King pulls Wildchild back to his corner by the ankles, lifting the leg of Wildchild up high and slamming it knee first right into the mat. The crowd has intensely started to show their displeasure for the Royal Order, as by the chant that's going on.


ROYAL ASS-HOLES! *clap, clap, clap clap clap*

ROYAL ASS-HOLES! *clap, clap, clap clap clap*

ROYAL ASS-HOLES! *clap, clap, clap clap clap*


King, hearing the chant from the crowd, reaches over to the outside of the ring, and Kelly is all but willing to hand him a microphone.


"You know, I wouldn't be talking about opinions of other people, because as we all know Buffalo is just filled with the inebriated, inbred stepchildren of the rest of New York!" King tells them, before tossing the mic back out of the ring. Needless to say, that doesn't get too positive of a reaction from the crowd. He continues to taunt the people however, flexing for them while standing over the body of Wildchild, having a foot right on his chest. The referee, reluctantly, starts to count the pin.






EASY kick out by Wildchild, but that's not the point of what King did just then. King tags back in the big man for his team, and Korgath steps into the ring at a slow, methodical pace, seeing that Wildchild is having a lot of problems getting up at the moment. Korgath grabs Wildchild by the waist now, lifting him up off of the mat just enough, before hoisting him up over his head, ready to slam him down with a powerbomb. Wildchild manages to get a second wind, and while up in the powerbomb position starts to slug away at the face of Korgath, before managing to slip out of the hold the big man has and dropping him face first into the mat with a two-handed front facebuster!


"NO! This can't be!" Suicide King shouts out, surprised at this turn of events as the crowd cheers out loud at Wildchild getting that type of move in.


"Wildchild has bought some time for his team at the moment, but can he take advantage and make the tag back over to his corner?" Pete questions. "He's got a good ways to get there..."


Korgath recovers a bit now, while Wildchild continues to crawl over to his corner once again...once again trying to make the tag to the fresh Dangerous. Korgath manages to make the tag back in to King, who rushes over at full speed to grab Wildchild's worked on leg, preventing him once again from making the tag. Wildchild is up to his one foot, bouncing on it as he's pulled back into the ring. King seems ready to do SOMETHING to the leg while he has it in the position that he has it, but Wildchild manages to leap up via the good leg, catching King right into the back of the head with an Enzugiri! With King collapsing flat on his face, Wildchild dives into his corner, and FINALLY manages to make a tag to Johnny Dangerous!




"Dangerous into the ring, and the entire complexion of the match has changed Suicide!" Pete states. "This is good for Wild And Dangerous now!"


King gets back up to his feet, and as soon as he does Dangerous catches him in the face with a dropkick! King rolls with it, getting back up to his feet, and is caught with a body-press that brings King down to the mat. Dangerous doesn't go for the pin this time, as he turns around and catches Korgath with a flying forearm shot that prevents the big man from getting into the ring and giving his team an unfair advantage. Korgath falls in a heap on the outside of the ring as King starts getting back up to his feet, and Dangerous catches King right in the face with a spinning backfist that knocks "The Icon" down onto the mat once again. Dangerous goes for the cover, seeing that King collapsed in a heap on the mat and is probably out cold from the shot.






Before the three is laid down, Korgath reaches into the ring and grabs the leg of "The Icon", making sure that the match doesn't end with a pin loss. King holds onto Korgath's body to make sure that he stands on his feet still, and the Women's Champion rushes over to her men with a bottle of water, tossing it onto the Royal Order to see if that will help them out any.


"King and Korgath were just one second away from getting the loss, and if Korgath didn't save him it would have been!" Pete states.


"So what? That's good tag team wrestling if you ask me, Pete! Now it's time for the Royal Order to regroup and make sure that the champions don't get a chance to get too major of an advantage."


King, Korgath, and Kelly continue to try to regroup on the outside of the ring, the two men looking a bit exhausted at the moment from having to do the work that they did. The referee leans out of the ring to talk to them, but the Royal Order ignores what the referee says. Due to that, he gets ready to lay down a count onto the Royal Order.










Wildchild, hearing the count and apparently wanting to prove something to his team despite the injury that he may have suffered in the match, starts to climb up to the top rope, and risking life and limb dives off of the top rope onto the Royal Order, nailing King in the back with a flying body splash, knocking King into Korgath, who in turn lands right on top of Kelly!


"Oh my..." Pete says, as the crowd gets a mix reaction by this. "Kelly Connelly was under Korgath there, and she may have been crushed by the 350 pound monster of a man!"


"SEE! THIS is why Wild and Dangerous shouldn't be anywhere in SWF, if you ask me!" Suicide King says in anger. "They're willing to hurt an innocent woman like Kelly Connelly just to try to get a win in this match! That's just wrong!"


Korgath gets up rather quickly, holding his hands to his head at what happened to Kelly...looking concerned for the condition of his manager. King dives over as well, going to check on her on the outside of the ring. The referee is unsure what to do at the moment, and Wildchild is just seeing what happened now, looking surprisingly concerned himself.


"Kelly Connelly has not moved yet...and this match has just STOPPED at what happened. I know that a lot of you out there don't have any love lost for Kelly, but she may have gotten a crushed rib or back right there from having someone the size of Korgath land right on top of her." Pete says in a somber voice.


Johnny Dangerous slides out of the ring as well, as all four wrestlers go to check on the condition of the manager on the outside of the ring, despite their affiliation. EMTs are quick to rush out from the back, and the start to check up on Kelly now. The crowd is having a stunned silence at this, seeing that Kelly is put onto a backboard gently, just in case that she's suffering from a broken back. Dangerous and Wildchild try to go over to check on Kelly now, looking distraught at the fact that Kelly is hurting...


...and suddenly are grabbed around the throat by the massive hands of Korgath! Korgath roughly rams the backs of the two tag team champions into the ring apron, before lifting them up over his head and chokeslams them right onto the floor! King smiles widely at seeing this...and Kelly sits up off of the ring apron, laughing, apparently not as hurt as she let on.


"I don't believe it!" Pete calls out, easily sounding PISSED at what just happened. "Kelly Connelly was faking how injured she was, it was all a set-up by the Royal Order to get a major advantage for themselves in the match!"


"BRILLIANT plan!" Suicide King calls. "And look at Wild and Dangerous, they are down and out on the arena floor right now! There's no way that they'll be able to come back from THIS now, Pete! King and Kelly are two of the smartest people in wrestling today!"


King and Kelly hug each other as Korgath tosses Dangerous back into the ring, the champion's body still limp from the chokeslam on the floor...and "The Icon" slides into the ring to continue on with the match. He rolls Dangerous onto his back, covering him again and going for the win.






THRE...NO! NO! SOMEHOW Dangerous manages to shoot a shoulder up just at the right moment to keep this match alive.


"Damnit, these guys must be on steroids or something, because there's no way that Dangerous could get out of a pin like that after what Korgath did what he did!" Suicide King states. "Someone get a drug test on these two!"


"The plan of the Royal Order did NOT pay off, and Kelly and King BOTH looking like they're going to throw a temper tantrum about this turn of events!" Pete notes. "But this match is still going on, and Wild and Dangerous still have a chance to get a victory!"


King, cursing loudly and getting bleeped for what he said, starts kicking away at the downed Dangerous, trying to take out as much of his frustration onto Dangerous as possible. Dangerous' body rocks a bit from the kicks, and King sees that he's still down enough to go back to his corner and get the tag back into Korgath.


Dangerous grabs onto the ring ropes, reaching for his corner...but Wildchild is still down on the arena floor, hurting from all the punishment that he took earlier in the match, both inside of and outside of the ring. King, seeing this, laughs a bit at the fact, as Korgath simply grabs Dangerous by the back of the neck to pull him back into the ring. Dangerous, desperate and hurting, shoots a leg right into the head of the big man with a hard roundhouse kick, breaking the grip. Dangerous, still holding his body in severe pain at the feeling, turns around as fast as he can and hits Korgath right into the jaw with a palm strike...a move that gets the crowd back into the match on the side of Wild and Dangerous. Korgath is surprisingly still on his feet at the moment, and Dangerous decides to tempt fate on the ropes, climbing up to the top and shooting an RVD style side kick into the face of Korgath that finally takes the big man down onto the mat! Dangerous covers Korgath, hooking him up as hard as he can!






No! King manages to get into the ring and pulls Dangerous off of Korgath. King quickly gets out of the ring, Dangerous swinging a kick in the direction of King as "The Icon" leaves the ring. Seeing that Korgath is still down on the mat and only starting to stir a bit, Dangerous holds his arms high above his head, signaling to the crowd that he's about to end the match! Korgath gets up to his feet, and as soon as he's up to his feet, Dangerous gets behind him and lifts him Up and Over!


"M.I SLAM!" Pete calls out. "That's gotta be it now! Johnny Dangerous hit the M.I. Slam, and there's no way now that Korgath is going to get back up!" Pete states. "Dangerous going for the cover, going to hook both legs!"


The crowd starts to count along with the pin!






THREE...NOOOOOO! Kelly, with the referee not aware, put the leg of Korgath onto the ropes at the 2, and the referee manages to notice just at the right moment, preventing the three count from happening.


"Hasn't Kelly done enough damage to this match?" Pete questions. "She already did that fake out injury, what else could she do?"


"She didn't do anything! Korgath managed to get his foot on the ropes at the last moment, and this match is still going on!" Suicide King states. "Now things are going to turn in favor of the Royal Order, and fast!"


Dangerous stands up off of the body of Korgath, thinking for the moment that he won the match...however, the referee is quick to inform him that this match is still going on. Dangerous looks surprised by that fact...but suddenly is surprised by the fact that Wildchild climbs back on the apron, and reaches in to make the tag back into the match!


"Wildchild is insane!" Suicide states. "Why would he want back into the match after everything that just happened to him?"


"He wants a win for his team, that's why!" Pete replies. "Look at this, Wildchild to the top rope now...he's risking everything for one shot at getting a victory in this match!"


When Wildchild is up to the top rope, almost praying as he comes off, he manages to land after twisting his body majorly in the air...hitting Korgath with...


"THE FALLING STAR PRESS!" Pete calls out. "And Wildchild hit ALL of that splash move! This match is going to end right here, but the referee is still detained by the fact that Dangerous is still in the ring."


Wildchild hooks up Korgath hard, but from behind the referee's back, King comes into the ring, kicking Wildchild in the back of the head before rolling Wildchild onto his back and Korgath on top of him. The referee turns around at THIS as Dangerous steps out, and starts a count!






THRE...NOOOO! Wildchild STILL manages to kick out!


"Damnit all, this match should have been a victory for the Royal Order by now! Count properly, you dumb referee!" Suicide King protests. "Or can't you count to three?"


Korgath starts to get up, revived despite of what he was hit with back to back, and starts to move over to his corner, where Max King is MORE than willing to make a tag back into the ring. He reaches down into his corner to grab the head of Wildchild to pick him back up to his feet, but Wildchild seems to get a boost of adrenaline as he breaks the grab by King with his arms! Wildchild starts to slug away at the face of King, much to the enjoyment of the crowd, and King is rocked hard into a nearby corner. Wildchild, still tender on one of his legs, runs into "The Icon" with all of his body in a side body splash, knocking all of the wind out of King's body as he hits the move. King collapses down on the mat in a heap, and Wildchild looks out to the crowd, cheering at the top of their lungs.


"I don't know what is keeping Wildchild in this mat right now, but despite his leg being nearly destroyed earlier and almost killed on the outside of the ring, he's close to getting a victory for his team over King and Korgath!" Pete calls.


Wildchild hobbles over to in front of King, and reaches back to grabs the arms of "The Icon" to lift him off of the mat. It seems like he's going to hit King with the Wild Driver, but King manages to push Wildchild over into his corner, but this manages to get Wildchild a tag to Dangerous again, and Dangerous manages to hit King right into the jaw with his patented Superkick, knocking the former ICTV Champion right onto his back.


"Dangerous with the Johnny Kick managing to take King down, and now there's more of a chance than ever to get the victory!" Pete notes. Dangerous sees that Korgath is trying to get into the ring again to save his partner, and he catches him with a Johnny Kick as well. The crowd erupts with cheers, as Dangerous calls for Wildchild, lifting King onto his shoulders as he makes the tag to his partner! "And now it looks like they're going to hit the Dangerous Drop! This is going to be the end!"


"NOOO! King, get out of it! Come on, you can do it!" Suicide King calls out. "Somebody do SOMETHING!"


Korgath, despite getting kicked in the head like he was just a few seconds ago, starts to clamber to get back into the ring once again, distracting the referee just enough...as King reaches into his tights, pulling out a pair of the now VERY familiar brass knuckles! He slides them onto his fist, and quickly slugs Wildchild right into the face, knocking him down and apparently out on the top rope, before hitting Dangerous in the face as well.


King, seeing that he got the chance to get an unfair advantage like he did, quickly tosses the knucks out of the ring, Kelly catching them on the outside and hiding them between her breasts. King quickly pushes Dangerous out of the ring, making sure that he doesn't get a chance to further get involved into the match.


"Max King has just cheated his way to another advantage, and the referee didn't see it!" Pete notes. "I'm damn sure that there's going to be some ramifications by Flesher by this!"


King scales up onto the ropes now, Wildchild seemingly out cold while balanced on the ropes, and hooks up the champion into a suplex position. Pointing out to the crowd, he laughs, as he lifts Wildchild up and over, landing on top of him with his patented Superbplex! King doesn't stay on for the cover though, instead motioning for Korgath to get ready. Korgath nods, reaching his hands out to Wildchild from the ring apron, lifting him up with ease over his head with a press. King hooks Wildchild up while balancing on the top rope.


"I don't know what King and Korgath are planning on doing, but this shouldn't even be happening! Wild and Dangerous had this match won..." Pete protests.


"Oh shut up! What you're seeing is something King told me about...The Royal Order's finishing move! They call it the Crowning Achievement!"


And on the mention of the move name from Suicide King, King leaps off the top rope, hitting Wildchild with a reverse DDT from the top of Korgath's hands all the way into the ring. King hooks Wildchild up for the cover, Korgath going over and pulling Dangerous off the apron as he finally starts to recover on the outside.













"Princes of the Universe" plays over the speakers again, and trash is thrown in the direction of King and Korgath as they both move to the entry ramp, Kelly quickly rushing over to join them.


Funyon: Here are your winners, THE ROYAL...ORDER!


"Thanks in part to the brass knuckles and Kelly's fake injury, The Royal Order have pulled off a MAJOR upset tonight over the Tag Team Champions! And you can bet that Wild and Dangerous are going to be wanting revenge for this!" LDP states.


"Who cares what they want? What a great way to end the show! The Tag Team Champions have been upset, and the Royal Order have just moved up the card BIG time, if you ask me!" Suicide King says.


"Unfortunately, we're out of time folks! For Suicide King, I'm Longdogger Pete...I can't believe the ending that we just saw!"


The camera goes to show King and Kelly being lifted onto the shoulders of Korgath, holding their arms up in the air in victory as we...




© 2005 SmartMarks Wrestling Federation

'Making the Panda happy since 2000'

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Guest carnage

Feel free to comment on my latest.



The camera dances over the crowds in the HSBC arena. It spies numerous hand-made signs popping up and down in the stands as it makes its way to the broadcasting table. The announcing crew of Longdogger Pete and the Suicide King are reading themselves for the upcoming match, and the SWF veteran announcer, Funyon, hurries up the steel stairs and into the ring.


“Ladies and gentlemen…the following match is one fall to a finish with a thirty minute time limit” Funyon starts as he is greeted with a round of polite applause from the Buffalo crowd.


“Introducing first…he weights in at 312 pounds and hails from parts unknown…please welcome…CARRR-NAGEEE!!




Let the bodies hit the floor

Let the bodies hit the floor

Let the bodies hit the…FLOOOOORRR!!




A fountain of white and red pyro’s erupt under the SmarkTron as the SWF Resident Maniac rips back the velvet curtain and steps out onto the stage area. He glares over the sea of faces in the stands, and then turns his focus to the ring. A cruel scowl covers his face as he slowly walks down the entrance ramp and heads towards the ring.


“Now this is a wrestler” the Suicide King offers as he takes note of Carnages wild eyes.

“He looks like he’s ready to kill someone!”


A few fans hurry towards the steel guardrails in an effort to get a closer look at the hulking monster. He pays them no heed as he reaches the ringside area. The former Hardcore Gamers champion pauses for a moment, and then leaps to the ring apron and steps over the top rope.


Carnage Sucks!

Carnage Sucks!

Carnage Sucks!


“Where is Frisco tonight?” King asks a bewildered Longdogger Pete.


“No idea!”


Carnage immediately goes into his corner and turns his focus back to the stage area.



“And his opponent…he weights in at 226 pounds…and hails from Hollywood Boulevard…”




“Ladies and Gentlemen…please give a warm welcome to the Urban Legend…TODD CORR-TEZZZ!!!




The arena lights quickly dim as “Fabulous' "Breathe" starts to pulse over the speakers. A series of Green spotlights shine and strobe along the length of the arena. As the first verse of the song begins a huge pyro explodes from the floor of the stage. Cortez then storms out of the back and moves to the center of the stage. The crowd immediately responds with a huge ovation as the popular Superstar pauses for a moment to take in their reaction. Cortez then walks down the entrance ramp and towards the ring as hundreds of outstretched arms reach for him over the railings. The Urban legends High Fives as many as he can before power walking into the ring.


“Boy, this crowd loves Todd Cortez” Pete says as the King appears less impressed.


“If you say so!”


Todd Cortez locks eyes on Carnage as the SWF resident slowly moves to the center of the ring. The behemoth stops just above the huge black SWF logo and waits for Cortez to finish his pre match ritual. Cortez, keeping his eyes focuses on his dangerous opponent, removes his bullet proof jacket and shades and tosses them to a ringside assistant.


“I don’t know why he took the shades off” the King quips. “It’s so sunny in here!”


Cortez gently removes his gold chain from around his neck. He kisses the cross and hands it to Funyon, who is making his way out of the ring. As the ring clears out the referee scurries in and does a quick check on both combatants for foreign objects. Carnage and Cortez both comply, and the referee signals for the bell.




Cortez again turns his attention to Carnage. The Russian powerhouse glares back, but remains in the center of the ring. The Urban Legend begins to circle him in an effort to get Carnage a little closer to the ropes, but the behemoth does not budge. A grimace flashes over Cortez’s face as Carnage signals for a test of strength.


“I don’t think Todd Cortez is going to go for that!” Pete exclaims as Cortez shakes off the challenge.


“It certainly wouldn’t be to his advantage. Cortez is giving up a significant size advantage here. It’s not to his benefit to try and match power with a guy like Carnage.”


Cortez quickly runs to the ropes and bounces off. He used the quick springboard to give him momentum as he fires a shoulder into the massive Russian madman. Carnage is knocked back a few steps but does not go down from the impact. A scowl quickly forms on Cortez’s face as he moves away from his opponent. Once again Carnage remains firmly entranced in the center of the ring.


“Not a whole hell of a lot of offense from the big guy here!” the Suicide King snips as Cortez again goes to the ropes. Once again the Urban Legend bounces off and hits Carnage with a shoulder barge. The big Russian again back peddles a bit but still will not go down. The Hardcore Champion clearly looks frustrated in the early goings of the match.


“One obvious advantage to Carnage remaining in the center of the ring is that it makes it difficult for Todd Cortez to utilize the ropes to his advantage.” Longdogger Pete notes as Cortez circles Carnage in the ring.


“He’s been known to do a lot of moves off of them and Carnage apparently is aware of that!”



Cortez goes aerial and fires a Leg Lauriat at Carnage. The SWF resident maniac quickly averts the impact and Cortez goes crashing to the mat. Carnage immediately capitalizes on the mistake and fires a series of punishing stomps to the lower back of his downed opponent. As Cortez struggles to his feet Carnage clamps on a front face lock. He firmly digs in his grip as he widens his base to further lock in the hold. The Urban Legend struggles to free himself from the hold as Carnage tightens his grip, and then arches his back, then…




Carnage sends Todd Cortez sailing through the air with a thunderous over the head Suplex. A look of agony flashes over the Urban Legends face as he goes crashing hard to the mat. He immediately grabs at his back in pain, only to receive another series of stiff kicks from the towering Carnage.


“Tremendous power demonstrated by Carnage” Longdongger Pete understates as the Suicide King quickly chimes in...


“You think?”


Carnage grabs Todd Cortez by his short black hair. He yanks him to his feet and sends the Champion sailing to the ropes with the powerful Irish Whip. Cortez quickly springboards off and surprised the Russian Powerhouse with a modified version of his trademark shooting Star Flying Lariat. Once again Carnage is wobbled b the impact but does not fall. Cortez follows up with a series of Discus Clothesline that rocks Carnage. The behemoth responds with a hellacious clothesline of his own…




Cortez ducks the move and counters with a spinning kick to Carnages head.




Carnage catches Cortez’s leg mid kick and averts the attack. The Urban Legend immediately nails the monster with an Enzuiguri that finally knocks Carnage to the canvas.


“...and Carnage taste the mat for the first time” Pete embellishes as Cortez heads back to the ropes. As Carnage gets to his knee’s he is met with a basement drop kick to the skull from the Hardcore champion.


“Cortez definitely will need to utilize his speed in this match” the King continues. “Carnage has not faired well against mobile opponents to date!”


As Carnage begins to get off the mat again Cortez measures him for a Superkick. The masked madman immediately recognizes the set up and springs off the mat, nailing the Urban legend with a jarring Spear; Cortez crashes back first into the corner turnbuckle.

He continues his assault with a series of staunch shoulder barges into the exposed mid-section of the Champion.


“Carnage really seems to be working the back and midsection of Cortez” Pete notes as Carnage whips the Urban Legend across the ring.


Cortez bounces off the ropes to find Carnage bent over in preparation for a back body drop. The Champion leap-frogs over Carnage, and then waits for him to get vertical. Once Carnage straightens up Cortez nails him with a hook kick to the back of the head. This seems to frustrate Carnage more than hurt him and he responds with a vicious clothesline to his opponent.




Cortez ducks under the arm and turns his back to Carnage. He quickly catches the taller opponent by the throat and nails him with a well executed Neck breaker.




With Carnage on the mat Cortez leaps to the nearby second rope and shoots off it with his famous Quebrada moonsault. The difference maker goes terribly awry as Carnage brings up his knees a heartbeat before impact.




Both of Carnages knees are driven into Cortez midsection. A look of anguish flashes over his face as he lets out an audible gasp, then rolls to the mat in a fetal position.


“Crash and burn” Suicide King blurts as Cortez rolls on the mat in agony.


“I think the Champion wanted to take advantage of his momentum. He saw an opening and went for it”


“…and paid the price!”


Carnage grabs the rope and pulls himself to her feet. The behemoth is still staggered from the earlier action, yet he steadies himself and turns his focus back to his weakened opponent. As Cortez begins to get back to his feet he is met with a vicious kick to the side of the head, again knocking him to the mat.


“If Carnage can capitalize here this match could end quickly” The King offers as Carnage grabs the near side arm of his opponent and wrenches it back mercilessly.


“Cortez is certainly in a bad way” Longdogger Pete continues.


Carnage continues to torque back on the arm of the Urban legend. As he bends it back he fires a series of stiff toe kicks into the exposed rib area of his opponent. Cortez’s face is a mask of pain as every kick increased the grimace on his already contorted features. Carnage reaches down with his free hand and grabs Cortez under the arm. In a show of sheer power he easily hoists the 226 pound adversary into the air in a hellacious Hammer lock. A look of shock flashes over the urban Legend as he screams out in pain.




“Good God what power!” Longdogger exclaims as the King looks on with a smile.


“That…” he begins, before pausing for effect. “will require Motrin!”


The referee hurries to ask Cortez if he wants to quit. The proud Hardcore Champion steels himself as he frantically tries to lock his legs around Carnages waist in an effort to minimize the pain from the Hammer lock. After a considerable struggle Carnage decides to switch tactics and drops Cortez face first into the mat.




“This has to be over!” Pete offers as Carnage rolls over the Urban Legend and makes the cover. The referee dives to the mat to start the count…














No! Cortez kicks out!



“Tough little bastard” the King states with a surprised tone in his voice.


“They don’t come much tougher than the Urban legend!”



A look of frustration flashes over Carnages face as he pulls Cortez off the mat. The Champion, still reeling from the earlier assault, is given no quarter as the SWF madman clamps on a punishing bear hug. Carnage digs his masked face into the midsection of his opponent, and clamps on a vice-like grip to his already weakened ribs. Once again Cortez’s face is a mask of agony as Carnage increases the pressure to unbearable levels.


“About now Cortez is probably questioning the wisdom of kicking out of that pin attempt.” The Suicide King offers as he keeps a close eye on the action in the ring.


“…and once again Carnage is working the midsection”


The referee again moves to Todd Cortez and asks him if he wants to submit. The Urban legend ignores the request as he attempts to fight out of the Bear hug. He fires a series of chops to the head of his opponent with his free arm, but they seem to have little power behind them. Carnage in turn tightens his grip with every inhalation by the Champion. As Cortez grows weaker, his arm drops limply to his side.


“The Urban Legend might be out” Pete offers as the referee moves in to check on the Superstar. He grabs the loose arm and raises it high into the air. As he releases his grip the limp falls lifelessly to Cortez’s side.







“I think he might count him out” the King explains as the referee again raises the arm. He holds it erect for a moment, and then releases it. Once again it falls limply to his side.







“Things are not looking good for Cortez!” Longdogger Pete concedes as the referee makes a final attempt with the arm. He again raises it, and then releases it. The arm falls down…




Cortez struggles to get the arm back up, then fires a series of stiff punches to the temple area of the SWF Resident Maniac. Carnage quickly arches back and again sends Cortez sailing into the air with a thunderous belly to back Suplex.




“Good God he broke Cortez in two!” Longdogger Pete yells as Carnage rises off the mat and approaches his fallen opponent.


“I know it sounds trite…” the King offers. “…but it is very difficult to wrestle someone who outweighs you by close to a hundred pounds. It’s not a knock on Todd Cortez, but Carnage is much, much bigger than him!”


Cortez rolls on his stomach in an effort to get to his feet. He looks through blurry eyes at the ominous shadow on the mat. In a flash Cortez finds two massive hands pulling him from under his arms. Carnage quickly arches back Cortez’s back and locks him in his trademark Camel Clutch.


“Noooo!” Cortez screams as Carnage savagely pulls back on his chin. Once again the referee hurries to check on Cortez. The crowd quickly begins a boisterous chant for Cortez, while another far less encouraging chant beings


Carnage sucks!

Carnage sucks!

Carnage sucks!


The Urban Legend once again finds himself desperately trying to fend off the pain from the brutal hold. The 312 pound behemoth pulls back with every fiber of his being on the brutalized back of the Champion. Cortez fights the agony as long as he possible can…then finally screams his submission.


“It’s over!” The King exclaims as the referee quickly signals for the bell.




Carnage continues to pull back on the Camel Clutch as the referee screams at him to break the hold. Cortez screams in pain as a maniacal expression covers the face of the SWF Resident maniac. Carnage continues to apply the hold as the referee begins to count him out.






“What the hell is he doing? The match is over?” the King asks as the referee continues his count.




“If Carnage doesn’t release the hold on five he’ll hopefully disqualify him!”




Carnage finally relinquishes him grip, as Cortex slumps to the mat unconsciously.


“There is no need for that. Carnage won the match. Why torture you’re opponent afterwards?” Longdogger Pete questions in a disgusted tone.


“Competitive spirit?”


The referee immediately gets in Carnages face as Frisco and Candace hurry to ringside.

In a heartbeat Frisco is berating the official over his action. The referee quickly responds and orders the controversial manager out of the ring. Carnage meanwhile returns to his fallen adversary.


“Now what is this guy going to do?” Pete exclaims as Carnage pulls Todd Cortez to his feet and hoists him in the air. A crazed look is in his eyes as he places him vertical and positions him for his infamous Tombstone Piledriver.


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Pete screams.


A moment before Carnage drives Cortez into the mat Candace grabs at his arm and yells for him to put the Urban Legend down. Carnage glares at her with maniacal intensity, and then continues his planned Tombstone. As Candace persists Carnage stops his attack and drops Cortez safely to the mat.


“Thank God for that!” Longdogger says in a relieved tone as Carnage turns to face Candace. He drops his eyes, then rolls out of the ring and heads down the ramp and towards the backstage area. A crew of SWF officials scurries into the ring to assist Cortez as Frisco and Candace head off to the back.

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Guest Korgath

I'd like to know why the Royal Order lost. Especially since Chris writes Korgath better than I do.


I am biased, but I thought this match brought something new to the table. No offence to the Tag champs, but each W&D match looks the same after a while. Maybe it's the folly of being face champs, or being talented aerialists...


...or a gun.


But then again, what do I know?

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It could also come from the fact that this was the fourth W&D match in a row... in four shows!


I'd give it my opinon if you wanted, but you might not want any from me since I was your opponent. If you do, I'd be happy to give it a review.

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It could also come from the fact that this was the fourth W&D match in a row... in four shows!


I'd give it my opinon if you wanted, but you might not want any from me since I was your opponent. If you do, I'd be happy to give it a review.

I personally would like a review from the opposing side.


I didn't mind it from Maddix, and I don't mind it here.

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Before I say anything I just want to point out that I have no idea why MVS made whatever decision that he did in regards to the match. However, I’ll give you my opinion on the match which, in the end, may be nothing more than my own personal writing taste. I’ll try though…


First, the match comes off as a little hard to read at times. There are way too many commas when there doesn’t need to be any. I’m not the greatest with the grammar myself either, not by a long shot, so I won’t harp on that much. It might also help to break up the flow a little bit and not always have such long blocks of wrestling action all the time. It’s not always bad, but when the match is chockfull of them it gets muddled.


Try a little commentary to split up those blocks and to help spice up the action, or at least give more insight to the action. Sell points with the commentators as well… which after looking over your match again you do have them do that so never mind that one.


Secondly, use more exclamation points to get over exciting, fast paced happenings in your match. Far too often it’s a period to close out ever sentences except when the commentators are speaking. Yes I do realize that you DO use the exclamation points, but like I said, you could use a little more of them.


Thirdly, use some different names, it makes it flow so much better and easier to read. There is way too much Dangerous, King, Korgath, Wildchild. Again, maybe it’s personal taste in how I write, but I use Max, King, the Icon, and even Max King together. For Johnny I have Dangerous, Johnny, the Barracuda, the Secret Agent, the Agent… you get the idea, toss the monotony out! That right there could help improve your product a lot, I promise! You use it to an extent already, but I’d do it a little more often while watching to make sure your not adding too much to the word count by using names that are more than one word.


As for your match itself you seemed to be going for the same point as I was. It was to be a night of ‘Pure Wrestling’, which was bound to be spoiled by the heels, obviously, since they break the rules all day, anyway…mostly. I liked that part for obvious reasons.


The Royal Order’s plot device for the match was to get some vengeance for Slay Ride and to get on the right track with a win. I picked that up from the beginning, but it wasn’t really in the match’s atmosphere, and I don’t know if I can really explain that one correctly. I’d just pick my point and keep driving it home till it gets me there, personally. *shrugs*


It also starts off a bit odd for me. The first move of the match is Max King spearing Johnny Dangerous into the corner, which is just way to big of a move to start with. I’d suggest using fist, lock ups into some mat work, or maybe a clothesline. Simple moves to start with before going for an easily dodged spear on a fresh opponent that’s waiting for you to make a move. The only times I think you can get away with a big move to start is if it’s sold right. Like catching someone with their back turned or using it as a counter to something… suckering somebody in for you to get them with that move.


*Also, Wildchild always starts W&D tag matches out. I should really put that into the stats, sorry. I’ll fix that*


I really like the parts where King grabs the microphone in the middle of the match to yell at the crowd as well as Kelly’s fake injury with everyone in the match stopped and watching EMT’s tend to her. Those were gold!


The match itself isn’t bad at all, not by any means, so I hope you don’t take this wrong. I love the character of Max King, Kelly Connelly, (and MOLLY :wub: send nude Molly pics if you have them) so please, do not give up! Once you hit your groove your going to go all the way. I’m not so sure about Korgath; all I know is that he’s a 350lb Gaijin from Japan, and the Knight of the Royal Order. He needs some character development to use in those matches so maybe everyone else will know how Korgath should read as well.


And Korgath, no offense man, but how can you be mad that the Royal Order didn’t win when you didn’t even help him write some of it? I don’t know you’re situation, so I can’t really say anything, but come on. Two writers are what makes tag matches so fun to write. You can bounce so many ideas back and forth!


Anyway, shoot me for my comments if you want. I just wanted to try and be informative is all.

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Guest Korgath
I’m not so sure about Korgath; all I know is that he’s a 350lb Gaijin from Japan, and the Knight of the Royal Order. He needs some character development to use in those matches so maybe everyone else will know how Korgath should read as well.


And Korgath, no offense man, but how can you be mad that the Royal Order didn’t win when you didn’t even help him write some of it? I don’t know you’re situation, so I can’t really say anything, but come on. Two writers are what makes tag matches so fun to write. You can bounce so many ideas back and forth!

No offence taken. I was busy the weekend and didn't have time to spend at a PC. And this is the first time I've not contributed part of the match. However, we have yet to score a win as a tag team.


As for character development - there's nothing wrong with slapping "generic uber-hoss" on him for now, I hope. I know the SWF is full of colourful characters, and I've personally planned to have Korgath walk along the beaten paths of destruction that Janus and Aecas have trodden before - but not yet.

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Because no one's commented on Carnage's match...


~ Your King is a little weird, but that’s part of the breaking-in period for new commentators. The easiest way to write King is to imagine that one little loudmouthed bastard from high school who was on student council and thought it somehow made him better than anyone else he ran into. Granted, it’s not a direct translation, but it’s going to work a lot better than the jovial Lawler-esque style you seem to be employing. I doubt this factored into why you lost the match, but if you want to improve your commentary is going to be important. As a side note, Pete’s a little weird, too, but he is for everyone. It’s probably easiest just to keep him as a straight play-by-play man until I can get him to come around and give us a tutorial.


~ Remember Tom Swift? “That lady’s got a nice ass,” Tom said cheekily. “I can’t believe I’m a licensed plumber,” Tom said with a flush. This is the sort of thing you want to avoid. Your dialog attribution is colorful, granted, but it’s distracting and sometimes comes off as cheesy. This is a case where you want to show and not tell. Using attributions like “King snips” should really be reserved for situations where you can’t carry over the commentators’ tone from the dialog. Syllogistically, they should be rare if you’re writing good commentary.


~ The actual wrestling was solid. It’s not a five-star match, but neither is 98% of what we put out. It was, however, a little thin. The match could have used a little more action in the same vein… another sequence where Cortez went on offense, for example, and one where Carnage took control of the match by using some more dynamic moves. Not necessarily suplexes per se, because suplexes are the last refuge of the damned in the SWF (“Hey, look, a bland spot! I’ll throw 75 supes in there!”), but something that moves away from what might have come across as a bland offensive match for Carnage. You use a lot of submissions, and I recognize that I requested a pure wrestling match. It could, however, have used stuff like a brainbuster or a pumphandle slam to spice it up just a little. Failing that, Cortez is a perfect guy to use as Shawn Michaels in a match like this – he throws a lot of exciting offense and bumps his ass off, whereas Carnage plays Sid. It’s a perfectly respectable match style if it’s spread out properly. I’m assuming from the length of your match that you were time-pressed, so don’t worry too much -


~ Lots of the little stuff in this match was distracting. Again, I’m sure this wouldn’t have cost you the match, but things like capitalizing move names inconsistently (either do it all the time or, even better, only capitalize gimmick-named moves), doing a spell check and not having Carnage’s escorts appear out of thin air at the finish after questioning where they were in the opening go a long way toward readability.

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