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1/19 SWF Lockdown HOLT Report

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SWF Smarkdown HOLT report

January 19, 2005

Providence, Rhode Island at Dunkin’ Donuts Center

Report by Mike Gage of Dover, DE, Smartmarks.com reader



What a kick-ass show!



Dark Matches:


- Andrea Montgomery beat Rob Gilbert in 3:41 with Done and Dusted.


- Dominic Korgath crushed Ryan Dustin in about forty seconds, nailing him with a chokeslam as soon as the bell rang, and then immediately snatching him up in the Torture Rack.


Wrath Tapings:


- John Duran came down to the ring, complaining about how there was some kind of conspiracy to keep him off television, and said that he needed a big win to get back in the good graces of the powers that be, so the crowd erupted when “Night of Fire” started to play, and Ced came down to ringside! It was a very fast-paced match, and Duran was pretty much in control, but he went off the deep end when Ced started to make a comeback, and got himself disqualified at 7:16 for hitting Ced in the face with a steel chair.


- Wildchild beat Manson in 8:22. Before the match, Manson got on the microphone and said that he still owed Dub Cee from when he almost ended Manson’s career in the JL. The match was brutal, with Manson dominating most of the way, but Wildchild turned the tables when he countered the Consequences, turning it into a sick Hangman’s neckbreaker! Dub Cee put the match away with the Wild Ride.


- Jamie Drazon beat Chance Silver in 4:55 with the Demolition Dreams.


- SWF World Heavyweight Champion Sacred beat Mak Francis in 17:08 in a non-title match, when he hit the Cruel Fate.






- Munich told the referee that Max King used brass knuckles on him, and demanded that he check King out. The referee stopped King before he could get to the back, and ordered him to return to the ring, but King got into a scuffle with Munich as soon as he returned to the ring, and the referee got in between them, allowing Kelly to re-locate the brass knuckles in the confusion, so King still got off scott-free!


- Carnage apparently proposing to Candace Okimurra in the middle of the ring may be the damndest thing I’ve ever seen on a wrestling show! I couldn’t hear what Candace said to Carnage, but the big fella didn’t look very happy, whatever it was… so I’m leaning towards ‘no.’


- And the slump continues for Austin Sly… on the other hand, though, Stryke was looking very crisp for someone who hasn’t been on TV in months. I’m not sure how good a chance he has of winning the ‘Fuck, but he definitely looked ready for it.


- And another win by Johnny Dangerous to stay undefeated since his return, and it’s a testament to how great this show was for this to be the third-best match on the show; at any other event, this could have been a main event, and a hands down MOTN! I’ve got to give it up to Spike Jenkins, though: he’s got more heart than I ever gave him credit for, and this match could have gone either way.


- Cortez should be shot for what he did to Dace coming off that cage, and that Super Inverted Atomic Drop; you just don’t do that to another man… But, did Dace ever get him back! I can’t believe that they were allowed to show that match uncensored on television.


- After the cage match, there was a brief intermission while the ring crew took the cage down. Funyon got on the microphone and announced the upcoming show dates, and then reminded fans to check their local listings for this week’s episode of Wrath. Then they had a Divas match while they were waiting for the fans to get back to their seats, which saw Jet beat Kelly Connelly by count-out in a non-title match at about 2:35.


- Maddix got a big-time win over Sean Davis in a GREAT match, and that Land of Nod is developing into a legitimate death move; you don’t see many people get out of that these days. Now, if Landon can get a rematch against Sacred, he’ll have a clean sweep of Rev-0!


Biggest Pops

1) Landon Maddix

2) Dace Night

3) Johnny Dangerous

4) Todd Cortez

5) Carnage


Most Heat

1) Sean Davis

2) Max King

3) Spike Jenkins

4) Stryke

5) Danny Dagda

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