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NCW No Remorse - 2/26/05

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Wrestling fans, don't forget about NCW No Remorse! This season-opening webcast is coming on February 26 at 7 PM ET and can only be seen at http://www.NCWwrestling.com. This will be 3 HOURS of backyard wrestling mayhem showcasing the best matches from October 2004 to February 2005!


The Card:

Ladder Match for the NCW United States Backyard Wrestling Championship (from Enid, OK)

Chris Sanner vs. Hardcore Snider


Fatal Four-Way Match for the NCW European Backyard Wrestling Championship (from Pori, Finland)

Killer Whale vs. Raiser vs. John Rhyme vs. Shadow


NCW-BWA Back to School Match (from Vacaville, CA)

Vortex vs. Nick Rage


NCW Mid-South vs. XWF TLC Match (from Lafayette, LA)

The KliniK & Double X vs. Jett & Lil Ace vs. The Law & Josh


NCW Quebec I Quit Match (from Montreal, QC)

Snash Dog vs. Nore


NCW Xtreme Triple Threat Match (from Wausau, WI)

Mark Priebe vs. Suicidal Youth vs. Vapor


Empty Arena Match for the NCW New York State Title (from Alfred, NY)

Orion vs. Glade


NCW-CCW vs. NCW Finland: No Holds Barred! (from Pori, Finland)

Adventure Man vs. TnT


NCW Amsterdam Singles Match (from Amsterdam, NY)

Rocco Crusher vs. Big Guns



Don't forget to check out the official NCW site at (http://www.ncwwrestling.com).



Here's the official press release.

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Please note, bob, that someone has clearly programmed TSM to say "useless moron" after every time 5cott K3ith's name is written.


I knew you'd stop into this thread; this is the first time I've seen you on TSM since September (the last time I wrote a thread like this).

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It's fun, isn't it?

I wish they'd program in more little things like that, like putting 'PIMP' before 'Batista' or something like that.

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