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What would the weather conditions be like for '85 Bears v. University of Ditka.


Like what if a hurricane rolled in......




How many Gold Gloves would Tommy Herr have won if he wasn't playing at the same time as Ryne Sandberg?

It's hard to say. Herr would have still needed to outperform Steve Sax and Glenn Hubbard to win the award. After 1988 Roberto Alomar would've been in the mix as well.

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Just looking for Orlando Magic history made me look for expansion draft results form the late 80's NBA and early 90's MLB so here we are. I actually remember recording the 1992 Marlins/Rockies draft. Ugh how sad is that? Oh Nigel Wilson we harldy knew ya.


1988 NBA Expansion Draft


Miami Heat

1. Arvid Kramer, Mavericks

2. Billy Thompson, Lakers

3. Fred Roberts, Celtics

4. Scott Hastings, Hawks

5. Jon Sunvold, Spurs

6. Kevin Wlliams, Sonics

7. Hansi Gnad, 76ers

8. Darnell Valentine, Clippers

9. Dwayne Washington, Nets

10. Andre Turner, Rockets

11. Conner Henry, Kings

12. John Stroeder, Bucks


Charlotte Hornets

1. Dell Curry, Cavs

2. Dave Hoppen, Warriors

3. Mugsy Bogues, Bullets

4. Mike Brown, Bulls

5. Rickey Green, Jazz

6. Michael Holton, Blazers

7. Michael Brooks, Nuggets

8. Bernard Thompson, Suns

9. Ralph Lewis, Pistons

10. Clinton Wheeler, Pacers

11. Sedric Toney, Knicks


1989 NBA Expansion Draft


Orlando Magic

1. Sidney Green, Knicks

2. Reggie Theus, Hawks

3. Terry Catledge, Bullets

4. Sam Vincent, Bulls

5. Otis Smith, Warriors

6. Scott Skiles, Pacers

7. Jerry Reynolds, Sonics

8. Mark Acres, Celtics

9. Morlon Wiley, Mavericks

10. Jim Farmer, Jazz

11. Keith Lee, Nets

12. Frank Johnson, Rockets


Minnesota Timberwolves

1. Rick Mahorn, Pistons

2. Tyrone Corbin, Suns

3. Steve Johnson, Blazers

4. Brad Lohaus, Kings

5. David Rivers, Lakers

6. Mark Davis, Bucks

7. Scott Roth, Spurs

8. Shelton Jones, 76ers

9. Eric White, Clippers

10. Maurice Martin, Nuggets

11. Gunther Behnke, Cavs


1992 MLB Expansion Draft


Colorado Rockies

1. David Neid, Braves

2. Charlie Hayes, Yankees

3. Darren Holmes, Brewers

4. Jerald Clark, Padres

5. Kevin Reimer, Rangers

6. Eric Young, Dodgers

7. Jody Reed, Red Sox

8. Scott Aldred, Tigers

9. Alex Cole, Pirates

10. Joe Girardi, Cubs

11. Willie Blair, Astros

12. Jayhawk Owens, Twins

13. Andy Asby, Phillies

14. Freddie Benavides, Reds

15. Roberto Mejia, Dodgers

16. Doug Bochtler, Expos

17. Lance Painter, Padres

18. Butch Henry, Astros

19. Ryan Hawblitzel, Cubs

20. Vinny Castilla, Braves

21. Brett Merriman, Angels

22. Jim Tatum, Brewers

23. Kevin Ritz, Tigers

24. Eric Wedge, Red Sox

25. Keith Shepherd, Phillies

26. Calvin Jones, Mariners

27. Brad Ausmus, Yankees

28. Marcus Moore, Blue Jays

29. Armando Reynoso, Braves

30. Steve Reed, Giants

31. Mo Sanford, Reds

32. Pedro Castellano, Cubs

33. Curt Leskanic, Twins

34. Scott Fredrickson, Padres

35. Braulio Castillo, Phillies

36. Denis Boucher, Indians


Florida Marlins

1. Nigel Wilson, Blue Jays

2. Jose Martinez, Mets

3. Bret Barberie, Expos

4. Trevor Hoffman, Reds

5. Patt Rapp, Giants

6. Greg Hibbard, White Sox

7. Chuck Carr, Cardinals

8. Darrell Whitmore, Indians

9. Eric Helfand, A's

10. Bryan Harvey, Angels

11. Jeff Conine, Royals

12. Jesus Tavarez, Mariners

13. Carl Everett, Yankees

14. Dave Weathers, Blue Jays

15. John Johnstone, Mets

16. Steve Decker, Giants

17. Cris Carpenter, Cardinals

18. Jack Armstrong, Indians

19. Scott Chiamparino, Rangers

20. Tom Edens, Twins

21. Andres Berumen, Royals

22. Robert Person, White Sox

23. Jim Corsi, A's

24. Richie Lewis, Orioles

25. Danny Jackson, Pirates

26. Bob Natal, Expos

27. Jamie McAndrew, Dodgers

28. Junior Felix, Angels

29. Kerwin Moore, Royals

30. Ryan Bowen, Astros

31. Scott Baker, Cardinals

32. Chris Donnels, Mets

33. Monty Fariss, Rangers

34. Jeff Tabaka, Brewers

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I'm officially a gambling degenerate.


I lost $100 on Miami -6.5, so I went looking for a game to make it back, but the only thing left to bet on tonight was a second-half college basketball line between South Alabama and Western Michigan. I stuck $120 on USA -2 and actually listened to the bet come in on their radio station's web site.

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Art Schlichter, the first quarterback taken in the 1982 draft, was a gambling degenerate as well. Soooo...


First drafted Quarterbacks since NFL/AFL merger


1970: Terry Bradshaw, Louisiana Tech (Steelers)

1971: Jim Plunkett, Stanford (Patriots)

1972: Jerry Tagge, Nebraska (Packers)

1973: Bert Jones, LSU (Colts)

1974: Danny White, Arizona State (Cowboys, 3rd round)

1975: Steve Bartkowski, California (Falcons)

1976: Richard Todd, Alabama (Jets)

1977: Steve Pisarkiewicz, Missouri (Cardinals)

1978: Doug Williams, Grambling (Bucs)

1979: Jack Thompson, Washington State (Bengals)

1980: Marc Wilson, BYU (Raiders)

1981: Rich Campbell, California (Packers)

1982: Art Schlichter, Ohio State (Colts)

1983: John Elway, Stanford (Colts)

1984: Boomer Esiason, Maryland (Bengals, 2nd round)

1985: Randall Cunningham, UNLV (Eagles, 2nd round)

1986: Jim Everett, Purdue (Oilers)

1987: Vinny Testaverde, Miami (Bucs)

1988: Tom Tupa, Ohio State (Cardinals, 3rd round)

1989: Troy Aikman, UCLA (Cowboys)

1990: Jeff George, Illinois (Colts)

1991: Dan McGwire, San Diego State (Seahawks)

1992: David Klinger, Houston (Bengals)

1993: Drew Bledsoe, Washington State (Patriots)

1994: Heath Shuler, Tennessee (Redskins)

1995: Steve McNair, Alcorn State (Oilers)

1996: Tony Banks, Michigan State (Rams, 2nd round)

1997: Jim Druckenmiller, Virginia Tech (49ers)

1998: Peyton Manning, Tennessee (Colts)

1999: Tim Couch, Kentucky (Browns)

2000: Chad Pennington, Marshall (Jets)

2001: Michael Vick, Virginia Tech (Falcons)

2002: David Carr, Fresno State (Texans)

2003: Carson Palmer, USC (Bengals)

2004: Eli Manning, Mississippi (Giants)

2005: Alex Smith, Utah (49ers)

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Anyone remember when Taco Bell sponsored that 1-1 game between Shaq and Hakeem? I wish that had actually happened :(

Me too, and the double decker tacos they were promoting kicked ass.

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January 1st is traditionally a bowl day, just not this year. Here's bowl results from 10, 25, and 50 years ago. You'll notice how much the number of bowls has ballooned even just from 10 years ago (from 18 to 28 now).


10 Years Ago


Las Vegas: Toledo 40, Nevada 37

Aloha: #11 Kansas 51, UCLA 30

Copper: Texas Tech 55, Air Force 41

Alamo: #19 Texas A&M 22, #14 Michigan 20

Sun: Iowa 38, #20 Washington 18

Holiday: #10 Kansas State 54, Colorado State 21

Independence: LSU 45, Michigan State 26

Liberty: East Carolina 19, Stanford 13

Carquest: North Carolina 20, #24 Arkansas 10

Peach: #18 Virginia 34, Georgia 27

Sugar: #13 Virginia Tech 28, #9 Texas 10

Cotton: #7 Colorado 38, #12 Oregon 6

Orange: #8 Florida State 31, #6 Notre Dame 26

Outback: #15 Penn State 43, #16 Auburn 14

Rose: #17 USC 41, #3 Northwestern 32

Gator: Syracuse 41, #23 Clemson 0

Citrus: #4t Tennessee 20, #4t Ohio State 14

Fiesta: #1 Nebraska 62, #2 Florida 24


25 Years Ago


Independence: Southern Miss 16, McNeese State 14

Garden State: Houston 35, Navy 0

Holiday: BYU 46, #19 SMU 45

Tangerine: Florida 35, Maryland 20

Fiesta: #10 Penn State 31, #11 Ohio State 19

All-American: Arkansas 34, Tulane 15

Sun: #8 Nebraska 31, #17 Mississippi State 17

Liberty: Purdue 28, Missouri 25

Gator: #3 Pittsburgh 37, #18 South Carolina 9

Bluebonnet: #13 North Carolina 16, Texas 7

Sugar: #1 Georgia 17, #7 Notre Dame 10

Cotton: #9 Alabama 30, #6 Baylor 2

Rose: #5 Michigan 23, #16 Washington 6

Orange: #4 Oklahoma 18, #2 Florida State 17

Peach: #20 Miami 20, Virginia Tech 10


50 Years Ago


Gator: #13 Auburn 33, #18 Baylor 13

Tangerine: Nebraska-Omaha 7, Eastern Kentucky 6

Orange: #14 Duke 34, Nebraska 7

Cotton: Georgia Tech 14, #10 Arkansas 6

Sugar: #5 Navy 21, #6 Mississippi 0

Rose: #1 Ohio State 20, #17 USC 7

Sun: UTEP 47, Florida State 20

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Random basketball lists.


1984 All NBA Team


First Team

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lakers

Larry Bird, Celtics

Magic Johnson, Lakers

Bernard Kings, Knicks

Isiah Thomas, Pistons


Second Team

Adrian Dantley, Jazz

Julius Erving, 76ers

Moses Malone, 76ers

Sidney Moncrief, Bucks

Jim Paxson, Blazers


1988 College Basketball All-Americans


First Team

Sean Elliott, Arizona

Gary Grant, Michigan

Hersey Hawkins, Bradley

Danny Manning, Kansas

J.R. Reid, North Carolina


Second Team

Danny Ferry, Duke

Jerome Lane, Pittsburgh

Mark Macon, Temple

Mitch Richmond, Kansas State

Rony Seikaly, Syracuse

Michael Smith, BYU


1980 Team-by-Team NBA Win Shares Leaders (yes basketball win shares)


Celtics: Cedric Maxwell

76ers: Julius Erving

Hawks: Dan Roundfield

Rockets: Moses Malone

Spurs: George Gervin

Bullets: Wes Unseld

Knicks: Bill Cartwright

Cavs: Dave Robisch

Pacers: Mickey Johnson

Nets: Mike Newlin

Pistons: John Long/Bob Lanier


Lakers: Kareen Abdul-Jabbar

Sonics: Gus Williams

Suns: Paul Westphal

Bucks: Marques Johnson

Kings: Otis Birdsong

Blazers: Kermit Washington

Clippers: World B Free

Bulls: Reggie Theus

Nuggets: Dan Issel

Jazz: Adrian Dantley

Warriors: Sonny Parker

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I found this photo of Vermeil a little while back from 1975.


He's always been crying. I think he cries after he finishes a box of cereal. Oh the memories of Count Chocula.

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Ok one of the things I hate the most are celebrities with sports. It's one of the things that makes me hate the Lakers so much where they show all the bandwagon celebrities trying to get on camera.

So this ESPN Hollywood show is like the worst show ever for me. What was horrible was having two biased celebrities(that dude from Desperate Housewives that is from Texas and Snoop Dogg) giving their analysis on the game. Then they say "we'll have a full celebrity recap the day after the game!"

Yeah nobody cares what celebrities were watching football.

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I don't know what's more interesting...


The fact that Tom Tupa was the first QB drafted in 1998.


Or that no QBs were drafted until the 3rd round.

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1988 had to be one of the weakest quarterback classes ever as not only was there none selected until the 3rd round, there were none taken in the 4th & 5th rounds. Here's all the qb's drafted that year:


3rd Round

68. Tom Tupa, Ohio State (Cardinals)

76. Chris Chandler, Washington (Colts)


6th Round

149. Don McPherson, Syracuse (Eagles)

151. Scott Secules, Virginia (Cowboys)

159. Stan Humphries, NE Louisiana (Redskins)


7th Round

175. Mike Perez, San Jose State (Giants)

180. Kerwin Bell, Florida (Dolphins)


10th Round

256. Bud Keyes, Wisconsin (Packers)

274. Todd Santos, San Diego State (Saints)


11th Round

281. Danny McCoin, Cincinnati (Lions)

282. Danny McManus, Florida State (Chiefs)

283. David Weber, Carroll College (Raiders)


12th Round

328. Steve Slayden, Duke (Browns)


So only two quarterbacks in Chandler and Humphries that had success in the NFL. Danny McManus had success in the CFL and is still limping around there. Tupa actually would be 3rd in NFL passing attempts of that list as he was the Cardinals regular starter in 1991 and didn't convert to punter until 1994 with the Browns (he played both positions at Ohio State). Guess who was one of Tupa's back up in 1991? Chris Chandler.

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I knew his name sounded familiar as I was able to watch some CFL this past year for the first time in probably ten years but forgot about him.


Time for a random list...well Canada theme so year-by-year Win Shares leaders for the Montreal Expos.


1969: Rusty Staub

1970: Rusty Staub

1971: Rusty Staub

1972: Mike Marshall

1973: Ken Singleton

1974: Bob Bailey/Willie Davis

1975: Steve Rogers

1976: Woodie Fryman/Steve Rogers

1977: Gary Carter

1978: Gary Carter/Ellis Valentine

1979: Larry Parrish

1980: Gary Carter

1981: Andre Dawson

1982: Gary Carter

1983: Tim Raines

1984: Tim Raines

1985: Tim Raines

1986: Tim Raines

1987: Tim Raines

1988: Andres Galarraga

1989: Tim Raines

1990: Tim Wallach

1991: Ivan Calderon

1992: Marquis Grissom

1993: Marquis Grissom

1994: Moises Alou

1995: Mike Lansing

1996: Moises Alou

1997: Pedro Martinez

1998: Vladimir Guerrero

1999: Vladimir Guerrero

2000: Vladimir Guerrero

2001: Orlando Cabrera

2002: Vladimir Guerrero/Jose Vidro

2003: Livan Hernandez

2004: Brad Wilkerson

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Yup on September 4, 1994 against the Bengals in the Browns 28-20 win after a TD pass by Vinny Testaverde to Leroy Hoard. So with Testaverde connection I figured I'd just post the 1st round of the 1987 draft and then I looked at the running backs drafted in the 1st round that year:


3. Alonzo Highsmith, Miami (Oilers)

4. Brent Fullwood, Auburn (Packers)

14. D.J. Dozier, Penn State (Vikings)

19. Paul Palmer, Temple (Chiefs)

21. Roger Vick, Texas A&M (Jets)

24. Rod Bernstine, Texas A&M (Chargers)

25. Terrence Flagler, Clemson (49ers)


Highsmith was a complete bust rushing for just over 1100 yards in his career. Fullwood rushed for 821 yards in 1989 and then was out of the league after 1990. Dozier is best known for being a failure in two pro sports, football and baseball. Palmer barely cleared 1000 yards for his career and was done after 1989. Vick rush for 1289 yards in his career and done after 1989. Bernstine is the "star" of the list but he was best known as an H-Back. Then Flagler rushed for a whopping 237 yards in his carer but has two Super Bowl rings by lucking out by being drafted by the 49ers. That is one ugly first round class of backs.


The draft wasn't a total bust for running backs as the Chiefs grabbed Christian Okoye in the 2nd Round and then of course Bo Jackson was drafted by the Raiders in the 7th Round a year after he was taken #1 overall by the Bucs but never signed and decided to play baseball. Hey not like anyone else wanted to play for the Bucs in the 80's.

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Six Wild Card teams have made it to the Super Bowl since the Wild Card round was added back in 1978. Here's a quick look back at the results of their Wild Card games.


Oakland Raiders - December 28th, 1980 - def. Houston Oilers 27-7


Raiders blew open a 10-7 game in the 4th quarter behind a 44 yard touchdown pass from Jim Plunkett to Art Whittington and a 20 yard interception return for a touchdown by Lester Hayes. It would be another 20 years until a playoff game was played in Oakland.


New England Patriots - December 28th, 1985 - def. New York Jets 26-14


Patriots would get their first playoff win ever on their way to becoming the only team to ever win three road playoff games on the way to the Super Bowl. Fell behind 7-3 in the 2nd quarter but would score 20 unanswered points capped by a fumble return for a touchdown by Johnny Rembert.


Buffalo Bills - January 3rd, 1993 - def. Houston Oilers 41-38 OT


The most famous Wild Card game ever as the Bills made the greatest comeback in NFL history after trailing 35-3 early in the 3rd quarter. Back up quarterback Frank Reich threw four touchdowns in the second half to lead the comeback. Steve Christie's 32 yard field goal won it in overtime.


Denver Broncos - December 27th, 1997 - def. Jacksonville Jaguars 42-17


Broncos got revenge on the Jaguars for an upset in Denver the previous year. They led only 21-17 after three but back up running backs Derrek Loville and Vaughn Hebron combined for three fourth quarter scores to turn the game into a blowout. Terrell Davis had 184 yards rushing.


Tennessee Titans - January 8th, 2000 - def. Buffalo Bills 22-16


Maybe the second most famous Wild Card game as the franchise formely known as the Oilers got revenge of sorts for the comeback from seven years earlier. After the Bills took a 16-15 lead on a Steve Christie field goal with 16 seconds left the Titans would score on the ensuing kick off with the "Music City Miracle" where Frank Wycheck threw a lateral across the field to Kevin Dyson who ran 75 yards for the winning score.


Baltimore Ravens - December 31, 2000 - def. Denver Broncos 21-3


Ravens crushed the Broncos holding them to 177 yards in total offense. The big play of the game was a 58 yard touchdown pass from Trent Dilfer to Shannon Sharpe in the 2nd quarter.

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Bruce Sutter played on the 1982 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals so here's the top players from 1982 in both leagues by position using Win Shares.


National League


C: Gary Carter, Expos

1B: Jason Thompson, Pirates

2B: Joe Morgan, Giants

3B: Mike Schmidt, Phillies

SS: Dickie Thon, Astros

OF: Dale Murphy, Braves

SP: Steve Carlton, Phillies/Joe Niekro, Astros

RP: Greg Minton, Giants


American League


C: Lance Parrish, Tigers

1B: Eddie Murray, Orioles/Cecil Cooper, Brewers

2B: Lou Whitaker, Tigers

3B: Paul Molitor, Brewers

SS: Robin Yount, Brewers

OF: Dwight Evans, Red Sox

DH: Hal McRae, Royals

SP: Dave Stieb, Blue Jays

RP: Dan Quisenberry, Royals

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

USC vs. the 85 Bears


Who wins?


Coach Ditka vs. USC and let's spot USC 24 points.


I got Ditka 124-24.


That's really how that game would turn out, if you really think about it. Singletary was an animal. He'd kill the fuck out of Leinhart at least five times. Richard Dent and the Fridge beating the fuck out of some kids from California? My god, it'd be beautiful.

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1996 Lists


1996 All-NFL Team


QB: Brett Favre, Green Bay

RB: Terrell Davis, Denver; Jerome Bettis, Pittsburgh

WR: Jerry Rice, San Francisco; Herman Moore, Detroit

TE: Shannon Sharpe, Denver

C: Dermontie Dawson, Pittsburgh

G: Randall McDaniel, Minnesota; Larry Allen, Dallas

T: Gary Zimmerman, Denver; Erik Williams, Dallas


DE: Bruce Smith, Buffalo; Alfred Williams, Cinncinati

DT: John Randle, Minnesota; Bryant Young, San Francisco

LB: Kevin Greene, Carolina; Chad Brown, Pittsburgh; Sam Mills, Carolina; Junior Seau, San Diego

CB: Deion Sanders, Dallas; Ashley Ambrose, Cincinnati

S: Darren Woodson, Dallas; LeRoy Butler, Green Bay


K: Cary Blanchard, Indianapolis

P: Chris Gardocki, Indianapolis

KR: Michael Bates, Carolina

PR: Desmond Howard, Green Bay

ST: Jim Schwantz, Dallas


1996 MLB Win Shares Leaders by Team


Cleveland: Albert Belle

New York: Bernie Williams

Texas: Ivan Rodriguez

Baltimore: Roberto Alomar

Chicago: Frank Thomas

Seattle: Alex Rodriguez

Boston: Mo Vaughn

Milwaukee: Jeff Cirillo/Jose Valentin

Minnesota: Chuck Knoblauch

Oakland: Mark McGwire

Kansas City: Kevin Appier/Tim Belcher

Toronto: Pat Hentgen

California: Tim Salmon

Detroit: Bobby Higginson


Atlanta: John Smoltz

San Diego: Ken Caminiti

Los Angeles: Mike Piazza

St. Louis: Brian Jordan

Montreal: Moises Alou

Colorado: Ellis Burks

Houston: Jeff Bagwell

Cincinnati: Barry Larkin

Florida: Gary Sheffield

Chicago: Brian McRae

Pittsburgh: Jeff King

New York: Brian Gikey

San Francisco: Barry Bonds

Philadelphia: Benito Santiago


1996 College Basketball All-Americans


First Team

Marcus Camby, UMass

Ray Allen, UConn

Tim Duncan, Wake Forest

Allen Iverson, Georgetown

Tony Delk, Kentucky


Second Team

Kerry Kittles, Villanova

Danny Fortsen, Cincinnati

Keith Van Horn, Utah

Jacque Vaughn, Kansas

John Wallace, Syracuse


Third Team

Lorenzen Wright, Memphis

Brian Evans, Indiana

Jason Sasser, Texas Tech

Stephon Marbury, Georgia Tech

Shareef Abdur-Rahim, California


1996 College Football All-Americans


QB: Danny Wuerffel, Florida

RB: Byron Hanspard, Texas Tech; Troy Davis, Iowa State

WR: Marcus Harris, Wyoming; Ike Hilliard, Florida

TE: Tony Gonzalez, California

OL: Orlando Pace, Ohio State; Juan Roque, Arizona State; Chris Naeole, Colorado; Dan Neil, Texas; Aaron Taylor, Nebraska

AP: Kevin Faulk, LSU


DL: Grant Winstrom, Nebraska; Peter Boulware, Florida State; Reinard Wilson, Florida State; Derrick Rodgers, Arizona State

LB: Canute Curtis, West Virginia; Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern; Matt Russell, Cloroado; Jarrett Irons, Michigan

DB: Chris Canty, Kansas State; Kevin Jackson, Alabama; Dre' Bly, North Carolina; Shawn Springs, Ohio State


K: Cory Wedel, Wyoming

P: Noel Prefontaine, San Diego State

KR: Tim Dwight, Iowa


1996 NBA Win Shares leaders by team


Chicago: Michael Jordan

Orlando: Anfernee Hardaway

Indiana: Reggie Miller

New York: Anthony Mason

Cleveland: Terrell Brandon

Atlanta: Steve Smith

Detroit: Grant Hill

Miami: Alonzo Mourning

Charlotte: Larry Johnson

Washington: Brent Price

Boston: Dana Barros/David Wesley

New Jersey: Armon Gilliam

Milwaukee: Vin Baker

Toronto: Damon Stoudamire/Tracy Murray

Philadelphia: Clarence Weatherspoon


Seattle: Gary Payton

San Antonio: David Robinson

Utah: Karl Malone

L.A. Lakers: Cedric Ceballos

Houston: Hakeem Olajuwon

Portland: Clifford Robinson

Phoenix: Charles Barkley

Sacramento: Mitch Richmond

Golden State: B.J. Armstrong

Denver: Dale Ellis

L.A. Clippers: Loy Vaught

Dallas: Jim Jackson

Minnesota: Tom Gugliotta/Sam Mitchell

Vancouver: Greg Anthony

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I wouldn't exactly put John Starks in the same sentence with Patrick Ewing. To be honest I didn't know there was such a statistic until a couple of weeks ago when looking around basketballreference.com for useless info. I really have no idea how reliable the stat is.


And for the hell of it here's the Knicks' Win Shares leaders during the Ewing era.


1986: Trent Tucker

1987: Bill Cartwright

1988: Patrick Ewing/Mark Jackson

1989: Ewing

1990: Ewing

1991: Ewing

1992: Ewing

1993: Ewing

1994: Ewing

1995: Ewing

1996: Anthony Mason

1997: Ewing

1998: Larry Johnson/Charlie Ward

1999: Johnson

2000: Allan Houston

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