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Beatles' Guitar Solos

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Is it possible with all the reverance and millions of words devoted to the work of the Beatles that the one area that usually doesn't get much talk is the solo guitar work in their songs? Granted most of their songs didn't have many solos, certainly not long ones, seeing as how the majority of their songs were in the 2-4 minute range. And perhaps the most discussed guitar solo on a Beatle song (While My Guitar Gently Weeps) wasn't even played by a Beatle. So here's a few songs to relisten to particularly for the solos-


"I Feel Fine"

"Drive My Car"


"Hey Bulldog"

"Back in the USSSR"


"Let it Be"

"Get Back"

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Granted George Harrison doesn't get lots of credit for his guitar work (except when he passed) its pretty easily to overshadow it with the talent of Paul McCartney and John Lennon song writting.


Solo's aren't really the Beatles niche as much as melody and structure.

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their solos get about as much attention as they should. they're tight, melodic, and simple, and they're pretty obviously there to serve the song as a whole. they were never a great band of technical musicians, and they never set out to blow anybody away with flourishes.


they pretty much treated every solo with the exact same approach, but if you're as good with being tight and catchy as the beatles were, why even try to wow them with something else? they found a great formula and they stuck with it.

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