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SWF Lockdown cuts away from whatever was just going on and treats the viewer to an image of a door backstage, blank white save for a faceplate across the top that reads ‘MAGNIFICO’. A hand comes from off-screen and politely knocks on the door. The camera zooms out to reveal that it’s Ben Hardy rapping on the entrance to ELM’s dressing room. He waits a moment after knocking, listening for any response from inside.


“Magnifico?” Ben tentatively calls out. “Do you have a moment for a quick interview?”


Silence. Ben looks at Gus, shrugs, and then slowly opens the door to the dressing room. He carefully enters and immediately catches sight of Magnifico, reclined in an easy chair with a magazine over his face. Light snoring is picked up as the camera zooms in on the publication, whose headline reads “Luscious Lolitas of La Paz”. Hardy observes Magnifico for a moment before cautiously grabbing him by the shoulder and gently shaking it.


“Er, Magnifico?” Ben whispers.


ELM groans, grabs the magazine, and tosses it haphazardly behind him. He then turns and stares coldly at Ben Hardy.


“Damn it, Ben, I thought you’d give up after I didn’t respond to the knocking.” Magnifico complains. “Can’t you see I’m trying to enjoy a rare day off? Do you need my attention that desperately?”


Ben swallows before speaking. “This’ll only take a minute, I swear.”


Magnifico releases an exaggerated sigh. “Fine, whatever.”


Relieved, Hardy quickly takes a seat at a folding chair across from ELM, doing so as Magnifico reclines in his easy chair once more and closes his eyes.


“Okay, first off…” Ben begins, “What is your reaction to JJ Johnson’s sudden departure from the fed?”


ELM grins but doesn’t open his eyes. “My reaction is amusement at JJ’s seemingly limitless cowardice and lack of honor. I was kind enough to give him a second shot at the title, yet he’s not even man enough to honor his end of the agreement and apologize to me after losing. He can make any excuses he wants, but the fact of the matter is, JJ was simply too much of a coward to look me in the eyes and apologize for his inexcusable actions. He went so far as to leave the fed to avoid doing so. Absolutely pathetic.”


“And what about Wes Davenport?” Ben questions. “You’ve barely made mention of him since he won the shot at your title at the Clusterfuck, but it appears there was some visible tension between you and him when he was commentating the second match between you and JJJ.”


Magnifico opens one eye and uses it to glare at Ben. “There isn’t any tension between us, Ben. The look I gave him at the end of my match with JJ was simply to confirm that he had seen what I’m capable of. Johnson, at the very least, was a professional wrestler. Wes Davenport is nothing more than an actor who’s gotten insanely lucky thus far. You saw what I did to JJ, Ben. Just imagine what I’ll do to Wes.”


Hardy looks down, avoiding Magnifico’s one-eyed gaze. “I think I know the answer to this already, but what’s your prediction for your match with Wes at From the Fire?”


ELM chuckles. “Two minutes and fourteen seconds. Victory by pinfall.”


“Are you quite satisfied now, Ben?” Magnifico asks, as he closes his eyes and tries to get comfortable in his easy chair. “I really want to talk about Wes as little as possible. He isn’t even worthy of being spoken about by me.”


“Er, yeah.” Ben mumbles. “Thanks for your time, Mag - ”




ELM’s already snoring before Hardy can even finish his sentence. Ben shakes his head, gets up, and exits the room, mumbling ‘cocky asshole’ under his breath as he does so.


“What was that?” Magnifico sharply questions, his eyes flying open as Hardy passes through the door.


“Nothing!” Hardy cries behind him as he doubles the pace of his exit. ELM watches him leave, mutters something to himself, and returns to his nap.

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Sorry Mags. I opened your promo to see if it needed to go a certain place, decided to put it later in the show, then because it was already opened I missed it when it came to posting the rest of the show. If I do this again I'll be on guard against that.



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