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SWF Sunday Night Frost

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The "I got sick of waiting on Spike's match" edition.




SWF Sunday Night Frost and HOLT report

April 23, 2006

Jacksonville, Florida, at Alltel Stadium

Report by James Crupi of Mayport, Florida, Smartmarks.com reader


Dark Match:


- Ryan Dustin beat Martin Hunt in 7:14 with the Real Deal. I haven’t seen Dustin in a long time, but he looked decent in the ring, so he must have gotten back on the wagon.





- Bloodshed flat-out destroyed Tokyo-X in a Hardcore match in about 5:00, and the only reason that it took that long is because Bloodshed was enjoying ripping Tokyo-X open like a Christmas present. The first time I’d ever seen a live evisceration before. When they stretchered Tokyo-X out, they had someone trailing behind, holding what looked like X’s guts in a bag. :ph34r:


- The Memphis Eel beat Nick Blum in 2:59 with a piledriver. Afterwards, the Eel gave a little “concert” in the ring, until Drazon and Bo came down for their match and threw him out of the ring.


- Judge William Hearford and Fugue beat Jamie Drazon and Perfect Bo in 8:31, when Judge hit the Surprise Witness on Bo.


- Frost was light on promos tonight: The sole video package talked about the intense rivalry between Bruce Blank and Insane Luchador. Afterwards, Kevin Cole interviewed Blank, who said that IL had outsmarted himself by asking for this match. Blank said that he didn’t know what IL was thinking by faking his own death last summer, but that, when he was done with IL, he was going to wish that he’d stayed wherever he’d been hiding.


- There was a ten-man invitational Battle Royal featuring Ebony, Ced Ordonez, Rob E. Dangerously, Ace Lezaire, Wayne Blank, Munich, Chance Silver, Bryan Levy, Christian Fury and Evan Wolfe. Sarah Leavenworth (Mistress Sarah) came down to be the guest commentator for the Battle Royal, to a nice pop. I read in the Wrestling Panda newsletter that she’s recovering well from a severely injured knee, but that her wrestling career is likely over.


The Battle Royal was won by Fury, last eliminating Munich. Afterwards, Fury got on the house microphone and announced his retirement, thanking all the people who have followed him throughout his career, and said that he would leave the door open to a comeback. Fury escorted Sarah backstage, and both left to a pretty good ovation.


- Todd Cortez and Max King wrestled to a ten-minute time limit draw. King demanded more time, only to kick Cortez in the balls and run like hell before he could get back up.







- Man, that Davis/Cross match was tremendous! Easily the best match I’ve ever seen by either man… When Davis went for that top-rope powerbomb, and Cross countered with that Super Space Rana, my eyes jumped out of their sockets! And that tope con hilo that Davis hit was unreal! I later heard that TV audience didn't get to see most of the match because of "technical difficulties." Boy, did you guys miss out!


- Jay Hawke and Manson really have great in-ring chemistry! I wouldn’t mind seeing Hawke/Manson becoming a Battleground tradition… Manson’s selling of that DDT was AMAZING!


- I should have known when I saw Landon come down with Megan that something was up… This match was a massacre until Maddix put his two cents in. I just hope that, after this, Megan sticks to what she does best… swinging from poles… I've been told that my "HLA = Ratings… YA GET ME?" sign actually got some camera time. One of my buddies said he saw it on the SmarkTron but I didn't catch it, someone who watched from television write and tell me if it made it. I even got a quick “THUN-DER-THIGHS” chant going in my section.


- Sly was a beast in the Air Raid match; I thought that he was going to win it for sure, but even so, a great comeback match for him. Stryke had a strong showing, too. There was almost a surprised silence when Grendel won, mostly because I don’t think that anyone was expecting it. I don’t know where’s going with that bit about “redemption” in his pre-match promo, but I guess since he’s the Cruiserweight Champion, we’ll all have the chance to find out.


- You know, Road Warrior Ani…I mean Bruce Blank is really becoming someone that you absolutely love to hate - his entrance alone was worth the price of the ticket. Flaming light tube swords and Scythes were awesome weapons but Insane Luchadore must really have some tremendous faith in Bruce Blank to let him sling such a large bladed weapon such as the scythe at his head like that. I was for sure we were about to have a new clip for the next ‘Faces of Death’…on top of the IL suicide that was suppose to be on the next one. EMT’s had to clear out a bunch of glass just to have a path to stretcher IL out, but I’m just surprised they didn’t have to take him out with a white sheet over him after that absolutely sick as hell Psycho Driver. After this match I would think the SWF has big plans for Bruce. Maybe the long overdue push to the International scene is finally on his horizon.


- Then they took a ten-minute intermission to clear out the rest of the ring, during which time Funyon hyped the upcoming World Tour. Then they had a drawing where the grand prize was two ringside tickets to 13th Hour. Too bad I didn’t win those… Finally, about a minute or two before the start of the International Title match, Funyon asked the crowd to recognize Michael Craven, who I guess showed up because the show was in his backyard. Craven had a luxury box and stood up to acknowledge the fans, but they shit all over him; I mean, they booed like crazy, and somebody even got a “Don’t Come Back” chant started!


- The International Championship match was awesome. How about that rolling swan-dive headbutt Jimmy the Doom pulled off? Talk about being creative! Too bad he screwed it all up with that 540 splash, which had to look even sicker on TV. After the match ended, Jimmy stayed down on the mat for at least a good three minutes, and Lois didn’t even get in the ring to check on him; she just stood outside darning socks, if you can believe it! Either he hurt himself legit or was just really going for the hard sell.


- I couldn't really tell you anything about the Spike/Zyon match; I had to pee, and there was a crazy-long line in the men’s room!


- Triple J did a good job of carrying Maddix in the main event. Landon did a good job of keeping the crowd heated by mixing in some cheating at just the right times… I went NUTS for that exploder onto the post! You could hear it from all the way up where I was at! I have to admit, it was quick-thinking by Maddix to shift to the Gedo Clutch, but seriously, he should cut that belt and half and give the other half to Megan, because she totally won that for him!



Biggest Pops

1) JJ Johnson

2) Wildchild

3) Jimmy the Doom

4) Amy Stephens

5) Insane Luchador


Most Heat

1) Landon Maddix

2) Michael Craven

3) Bruce Blank

4) Megan Skye

5) Jay Hawke

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Great stuff, I like the "in person" feedback on the PPV, shame we missed that one match cause it sounded like a winner ;)


what does HOLT stand for?

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