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Lei Tong

Random SHOOTO fights

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Some SHOOTO rookie action upped by MSIA:


Bantamweight (56 Kilograms)


Ryuichi Miki vs. Hiroharu Matsufuji




Featherweight (60 Kilograms)


Teruyuki Matsumoto vs. Takeya Mizugaki



Teruyuki Matsumoto vs. Joji Shimada



Satoshi Yamashita vs. Takeya Mizugaki



Naoki Yahagi vs. Atsushi Asano




Lightweight (65 Kilograms)


Hiroshi Nakamura vs. Yutaka Nishioka



Hiroshi Nakamura vs. Seigi Fujioka




Welterweight (70 Kilograms)


Shinji Sasaki vs. Ken Omatsu




Middleweight (76 Kilograms)


Katsuaki Niioka vs. K-Taro Nakamura (Highlights)



Mateus Irie Nechio vs. Tomokazu Yuasa (Highlights)



Yuki Konishi vs. Yosuke Mikami



Akihiro Yamazaki vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida




Light Heavyweight (83 Kilograms)

Kintaro vs. Masashi Yozen



Yoshinori Ashikawa vs. Ryuhei Sato



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Dude. Really. Quit bein a bitch. More! I wanna see the recent Aoki/Kikuchi fight, and I knows you got the goods.


Randumb thoughts:


K-Taro looked good against Niioka, I dunno if he really did cause I don't know how good Niioka is, but he showed a nice clinch game and a better rnc and that counts for somethin. Is K-Taro coming back to UFC?


Carvalho vs. Inoue was sad. I watched it cause Carvalho is local, but damn. Too much of an open, loose, guard. I dunno Carvalhos history, but that ground game looked straight out of something you'd see at Joslins rather than MMA. Having said that, Inoues GnP (from guard, no less) was tight. Where would you say Lion stands in SHOOTO right now, Carvalho too for that matter?

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Like most of K-Taro's Shooto opponents, Niioka was in over his head against a guy with too much experience. K-Taro has handled the jump up in class well thus far, though, having beaten Jhun easily (like everyone else, lately) and dropped a reportedly close one to Larson. He's scheduled to face Fickett at the next UFN, IIRC.


Lion is SHOOTO's top dog at Lightweight (American featherweight), though outside of the Carvalho rematch he hasn't been as impressive as one would hope out of a SHOOTO champion, and a possible match with Hioki would arguably favor the Iron Broomstick.

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Caol Uno vs. Marcio Barbosa - it says a lot about a fight when the first two rounds are clipped and there still is little action. I can't believe how tight that guillotine was from Barbosa, and equally shocked at how long Uno lasted in it.


Speaking of guillotine chokes, Alexandre Franca Noguiera vs. Uchu Tatsumi was a quickie that had lil nog knocking Uchu down with some quick, hard (if not a bit wild) shots and finished it quickly after the stand up with a choke that had his entire body tightly wrapped around his japanese opponent.


Dokojonosuke Mishima vs. Din Thomas opened with one of the coolest takedowns ever from Mishima. Mishima sprawls really well at one point and the two get to their feet only for Mishi to immediately trip Din down. GodDAMN Mishima is great here. Din on the other hand. Well. I don't know whats going on with Dins hair at this point in his career. Mishima is looking VERY young, as well. Din wins after rocking Mish standing and then wrecking him with some serious aggressive gnp. Fight finished due to a cut. Very much a tale of two fights.


Baret Yoshida vs. Masahiro Oishi - Yoshida demonstrates one of the most active guards I have seen in this fight, sick ground game displayed here. Maybe Lei can drop some science on this guy, cause this guy fights like jiu jitsu on crack. Baret wins with a nice rnc.


Luiz Azeredo vs. Mach Sakurai - The sequence that begins with Azeredo throwing a flying knee is dope. You really notice a marked improvement in Sakurai from these days, as I think time has benefited, both in training and demeanor. His striking today is so much better, as is his physical conditioning. I would love to see this fight today, not because I think it would be different in result, but because I think it would be awesomer.

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Baret's always been a personal favorite of mine, though his limited MMA success and um... eloquence *cough*... have landed me on the BUTT of many jokes from my peers.


In MMA, he's very chinny, underpowered and can;t wrestle too well. Hence the mediocre record. In pure grappling he's fared better, especially in no-gi competitions. He made it to the finals in 2001 and 2003, winning all but one of his matches by submission, IIRC. He was eliminated early in 2005 by Gilbert Melendez. though he recently won a ZST grappling tournament, which included a win over Reuben Charles (who then proceeded to completely own at Mundials).

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Answering my own request, Akira Kikuchi vs. Shinya Aoki II.


Credit to Curry for tellin me.


First two rounds were very good and active, then they decided to mail-in the 3rd.


Might as well show their first fight too.



2/17/2006, SHOOTO: Victory of the Truth

Shinya Aoki vs. Akira Kikuchi





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