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SWF AftershoXXxxxXxXxX Card!

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation presents...
SWF AftershoxxXXXxXxXXxxx!
Live, Friday, September 22nd, from Niagara Falls!
(6pm PST, 10pm EST; check local listings)
(Send all promos/marked matches to chirs3)



Genesis VII is in the books, and given the Herculean effort our competitors put forth, Joseph Peters decided to give (almost) everyone the week off! But while there may not be much wrestling tonight, we still expect to see and hear from our superstars, many of whom have already booked promo-time for this show!


THE MAIN EVENT - Hardcore Match
Jacob Helmsley vs. Bruce Blank ©

-> A stupid oversight by one of the bookers (who shall remain nameless - it totally wasn't me) caused the returning Jacob Helmsley to be left off the Genesis card! Vowing to set things straight, JP made this match top priority for AftershoxxxXXXxXxX! Helmsley requested a Hardcore match, and we couldn't think of a better match for him than the King of Ultraviolence himself, Bruce Blank!
Rules: NONE~!
Word Limit: 4500
Send to: chirs3


Opening Promo: Michael Stephens


NEXT WEEK: Michael Stephens vs. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins, Cruiserweight Championship Match!

Given the quality of the PPV matches (and one day's less writing time), I think a promo show is in order. :P

However, if you'd like a match for this show, request away. :)

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LOL I put together a match that really pushes Bruce's departure from the Hardcore division and now this


Just when you think you're out ;)


It's cool I'm game :D


Also on this show:

Senior Referee Matthew Kivell explains his Genesis 7 decission to stop the International title match


And in a seperate segment:

Bruce Blank speaks on such matters as a) Beating Jay Hawke and b) his little "unscheduled apperance" during the Matthews / Dangerous match.


If you thought Bruce was cocky before you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Bruce, I will be getting Jake's stats up by tomorrow afternoon I promise... I just have to either A. dig them out of my computer somewhere or B. just make a new set of stats for him, but I promise you I will have them up by 7 tomorrow afternoon.

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Shoot I was planning on being done by then ;) (just kidding) I promise to have my stats updated by then too (new entrance music mainly)

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Jake, if you need them I've still got your (well, one set of your) old stats saved on my computer back from when you were my very first opponent ever.


In fact, here they are.




Jacob Helmsley

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 23 yrs old (Birthdate: 1/12/1979)

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Steel Pipe


Looks: Jacob is very muscular. In the ring, he wears black baggy leather pants with green stripes down the sides, no shirt, and arm-bands around his biceps. Jacob has long, dark black hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has green colored eyes with a deep gash down the middle of his left eye. Coming to the ring, Jacob wears a long black trenchcoat with the initials JH in dark green on the back, left front, and on the right bottom of the coat.


Ring Entrance: “Meaning of Life” by Disturbed. Jacob does not taunt the crowd at all coming to the ring. Very slow, demonic like walk style.




Strength: 5 (can lift up to 350 lbs)

Speed: 4 (Quick on his feet… very few aerial attacks)

Vitality: 9 (There is no such thing as putting this man down easily.)

Charisma: 2 (Rarely speaks. Gets crowd reactions from his actions, not promos)


Style: Technical/Submissive expert. Good hardcore skills.


Signature moves:

1. Evenflow DDT - (By this one, I mean the REAL Evenflow, from Raven's old WCW days, and the one in No Mercy. That starts out with a kick to the gut, and then finishes with a DDT in one swift movement… no stalling)

2. Sambo Suplex - Used as a set-up to the "Fear Factor"

3. "Corkscrew" - 360 degree twisting Missile Dropkick - Jacob leaps off of the top rope, twists his body into a spin while keeping his legs outward, and hits the opponent around the upper neck area.

4. "Blackout" - Standing hooking heel kick into reverse Fame Asser - Jacob does the spinning heel kick, and as he kicks him, he wraps him knee around the neck of the opponent, and slams him down for a reverse Fame Asser. Jacob keeps the knee wrapped around the throat of the opponent, for a modified chokehold that frequently KOs the opponent late in the match.

5. Stalling STO (Jacob Stalls for 5-6 seconds, before hitting the STO… the move looks like a cross between the Rock Bottom from No Mercy, and the STO 2 from No Mercy)

6. Top-Rope Inverted Brainbuster

7. "Buzzkill" - Chicken Wing headlock

8. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin

9. "Soul breaker" - Stalling Dominator - Jacob pulls the opponent into a dominator position, and keeps him there for a Canadian Back breaker for 15-20 seconds. Weather or not the opponent gives up after 20 seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down for the Dominator.

10. Chicken Wing Jawbreaker


Common moves:


1. Double Arm DDT

2. Gore into the turnbuckle

3. Rolling Leg-Lock

4. Fisherman’s DDT from the Top Turnbuckle

5. Kneeling Backbreaker (Jacob kneels down, and pulls the opponent down forcefully making his back connect with Jacob’s leg)

6. Russian Leg-Sweep

7. Standing Dragon Sleeper

8. Reverse DDT

9. Top-Rope Hurricanrada

10. Backslide Pin

11. Falling Nackbreaker

12. Guillotine Leg-Drop (when opponent is on a table or flat breakable surface)

13. Belly to Belly Suplex


Rare moves:


1. Stalling Hangman's DDT - Jacob sets the opponent up in a powerbomb position, picks him up onto his shoulders, but lets the opponent drape down in front of his chest, in a hanging position. After five to ten seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down on the back of his neck with considerable power.

2. “The Drop from Above” – Stalling reverse Michinoku driver

3. “Downfall” – Powerbomb through a table or the such in Hardcore style matches

4. “Revenge” – Stalling Pedigree

5. “Air Canada” – Top-Rope Phoenix Splash






"Black Stallion" ~ Modified standing Vertebreaker ~ Jacob wraps the opponent’s arms around his back in a standing position so he and the opponent are back to back, like a set-up to a Backslide pin. Jacob then leans forward in a Bridge type position slamming the opponent’s neck onto the mat, and Jacob holds it for a pin.



"The Fear Factor" - a modified Indian Death lock from No Mercy. Instead of dropping to the floor, and getting up again, Jacob drops to his back, and stays down on the ground, gradually increasing pressure on the legs until submission or TKO.



Notes: Jacob is one sick puppy. He doesn’t care about anything else except his own personal achievements. He is a total loner. He does not trust anyone, not even his own former close friends. Jacob’s only devotions in life are to his accomplishments and his pipe which is never out of his possession. He will never think twice about injuring anyone, whether in the ring or outside of the ring and has no regrets when the deed has been done.

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badass... Thanks Toxx. I was hoping that I didn't have to come up with a whole new set of moves for him.


Bruce, watch the stats thread, because I'm making just a few modifications to that (having to do with his appearance and music, etc.)



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