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ROH 10/19/07 Survival of the Fittest & San Francisco 10/21/07

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Survival of the Fittest '07 - Las Vegas: 19th October

Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Matches:


-ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. 2004 Survival Of The Fittest Champion Bryan Danielson


-2006 Survival Of The Fittest Champion Delirious vs. Austin Aries


-2005 Survival Of The Fittest Champion Roderick Strong vs. Brent Albright


-Race To The Top Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. Davey Richards


-Rocky Romero vs. TJ Perkins


-Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney vs. Karl Anderson


All winners will advance to the Survival of the Fittest Elimination Match later in the main event.


Tag Team War

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher


Plus more with Human Tornado, Tony Kozina, Shane Hagadorn and others.


WrestleFanfest 2007 Convention Card - San Francisco: 21st October

ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness defends vs. Jay Briscoe


Bonus Main Event- 2nd Match In Best Of 3 Series

Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries


FIP World Heavyweight Title Match

Roderick Strong vs. Claudio Castagnoli


Grudge Match

Delirious vs. Brent Albright


Tag Team Attraction

Davey Richards & Rocky Romero vs. TJ Perkins & Tony Kozina


Special Challenge Match

Adam Pearce with Shane Hagadorn vs. Karl Anderson


Special Attraction Match

Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney vs. Human Tornado


Plus: Mark Briscoe; Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher of The Age Of The Fall and more.


I know a bit of discussion on the show has gone in the thread on the convention, thought it deserved its own though seeing as how this is quite a big weekend for ROH, testing the waters out West.


The two SOTF events I've seen have both been enjoyable, not the best concept in the world but normally executed well.

I hate the fact that there's a couple of scrubs in qualifying matches though. From a kayfabe perspective, what have either Perkins or Anderson they done to enjoy the privilage of being entered in one of ROH's big annual events? Other than that the qualifying matches look like good news.


I see the final as being: Danielson vs. Aries vs. Strong vs. Claudio vs. Romero vs. Hero. Here's hoping for a Hero win tonight.

He could really use the win to elevate him and make him a credible threat again. It seems like he's been just a jobber to the stars as of late and could really be a top guy for ROH in my eyes if they let him.

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Wow...was not expecting that.


Crowd is estimated between 200-300


1) Roderick Strong over Brent Albright to advance to the SoTF Finale with a gutbuster.


2) Chris Hero over Karl Anderson with an STF. Anderson looked impressive in a "give and take" match.


3) Rocky Romero over TJ Perkins


4) Austin Aries over Delirious via submission. This match woke up the crowd and was said to be very, very good.


5) Claudio Castagnoli over Davey Richards with a Ricola Bomb.


6) Nigel McGuinness and Bryan Danielson fought to a 20-minute DRAW.


~It was announced that the winner of this 3-way (Tornado v. Kozina v. Hagadorn) gets into the Finals.


7) The Human Tornado over Tony Kozina and Shane Hagadorn when he pinned Kozina.


8) The Age of The Fall of Jacobs & Necro over Jay & Mark Briscoe in an "all over the venue streetfight" when Jacobs made Mark pass out following a DDT on a chair and Jacobs' submission.


9) Survival of the Fittest 2007 Finale:


~Hero pinned Tornado after Hero's Welcome

~Hero pinned Romero after Aries hit 450 splash

~Hero pinned Aries with a roll-up

~Hero pinned Strong after Hero's Welcome

~Chris Hero over Claudio Castagnoli after Todd Sinclair stopped the match when Claudio passed out in a submission hold by Hero.


Chris Hero is you 2007 Survivial of the Fittest Winner!



Credit: ROH Board

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Really pleased that Hero won. He entertains me no end and is one of the few guys that actually gets heel heat. I love that he eliminated everyone in that match. We're never going to hear the end of that. Clearly needs to be Hero making the challenge against Nigel at GBH VI Night 1 after that big win.

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Guest jotumare
*Chris Hero defeated The Human Tornado with the Hangman's Clutch in 12:56. Good opener with plenty of Tornado dancing. Claudio Castagnoli hit the ring and beat on Hero


*FIP champion Roderick Strong defeated Claudio Castagnoli in 13:31 with the Gibson Driver.


*Adam Pearce defeated Karl Anderson in 7:35 after a piledriver. Anderson looked good and "may have lost a tooth" from a stiff lariat. During the match, Delirious hit ringside and bit Shane Hagadorn.


*Brent Albright defeated Delirious with the T-Bone suplex in 8:12. During the match, Delirious had Albright tapping to the Cobra Stretch but the referee missed it as he was distracted by Adam Pearce.


*The Age of the Fall's Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher defeated Davey Richards and Rocky Romero. Lots of brawling in the crowd. Necro hit a Tiger Driver on Richards while Jaobs hit his guillotine choke into a DDT on Romero.


*Bryan Danielson defeated Austin Aries in 18:47 with a small package in what was described as an incredible match.


*ROH champion Nigel McGuiness defeated Jay Briscoe in his first title defense with a wrist submission in 18:52.


~Bryan Danielson hits the ring and brawls with Nigel. Age of the Fall run in to attack Jay Briscoe. Mark hits the ring to help Jay but is beaten down as well. The No Remorse Corp hits the ring and clears out the Age of the Fall. THEN Aries hits the ring and takes out the NRC. He nails a plancha to the outside on everyone. HUGE BRAWL insuing. Jay Briscoe and Davey Richards also end up flying outside of the ring on everyone. Chris Hero then hits the ring to taunt everyone, and Claudio heads out and floors him with the Riccola Bomb. Claudio addresses the crowd on the mic, and the show ends!

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A match was left out. Before the Necro Butcher & Jimmy Jacobs vs Davey Richards & Rocky Romero match, Rocky and Davey wrestled two guys before hand. Tommy something and TJ something. I'm not familar with the ROH wrestlers so I really don't remember their names. That tag match was fun to watch and one I really enjoyed. The Necro Butcher & Jimmy Jacobs tag match wasn't that fun for two reasons: 1. 75% of the match took place on the other side of the cow palace so I couldn't see any of it, not even when they were on the stage. 2. I got bored during the match after seeing a nice solid tag match.


I also really enjoyed the Bryan Daneilson vs Austin Aries match and the Nigel vs Jay Briscoe match.


Quick funny story: So since I really don't follow ROH, I barely know any of their wrestlers, well Devil Mountain Wrestling had a booth there and we had a few tvs set up showcasing a few shows from a couple of Nor-cal promotions, and I see this one guy in a football jersey watching the matches, so I walk up and hand him a flyer and talk about Devil Mountain Wrestling. I asked him if he was local and he told me no he was from Delaware. So I said well if your still here in two weeks, please come check us out or you can also follow our promotion online at www.Devilmountainwrestling.com. I thanked for his time afterwards and walked away.


Later in the night, I'm watching the ROH show and it's main event time and then I see the guy I was talking to walk behind Jay Briscoe holding the ROH tag titles....I had promoted the DMW show to Mark Briscoe.

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That's pretty funny, maybe they'll look for bookings if they are ever out for PWG. The only ROH wrestlers I've met are Nigel McGuinness and I talked about Joe vs Kobashi for a few minutes with Julius Smokes, both were nice guys. That and I guess I bumped into AJ Styles on the way out of Better Than Our Best, and my friend then got his autograph. I'm a working out, fitness nut since I want to be a wrestler, and AJ is about 20-30 pounds lighter than me, but my shoulder felt like I just hit a brick wall.



Judging by the attendance, does anyone think they'll return to the west coast next year for one more try?

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Guest Super Leather

Just saw this thread after posting in the convention thread...I would doubt that ROH was stoked on the attendance at the Cow Palace, but I don't know that the card was that well-promoted outside of normal channels. Despite years of wrestling history at the Cow Palace, it was not the best venue for ROH to make their debut, or for that convention to take place...they're just not going to come even remotely close to filling that building up. I wonder how that show is going to come across on DVD...it may very well look like an old school WWF show with how much they tried to darken the place. The fact of the matter is that the Bay Area's local indie scene is not only a small one, but is not concentrated to areas like San Francisco or Oakland. APW and BTW operate out of suburbs like Hayward and Union City, for instance. And WWE skips the Cow Palace or what used to be called the Oakland Coliseum most of the time, opting for San Jose instead.


I really do hope they come back. I'd certainly go if they do. It was nice being in a crowd of true wrestling fans, however small it was. Perhaps I should start hassling them through emails.

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Can someone tell me why in Necro Butcher's match, the match was no DQ and no count out, and why was there no 5 or 10 count in the title match?

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I don't like that idea then if that's true. When I was watching the Necro Buter and Jimmy Jacobs tag match and the Main event, I actually got upset when I realized that the tag match had become a No DQ match with no annoucment and that the Referee wasn't duing his job during the main event. That Ref wasn't even warning the guys to either get back the ring or get off the turnbuckles, he was just standing there and watching.

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hmm maybe they don't. The FIP match has a 20 count but that's most likely because it's FIP rules, but then again I sware I saw a Ref do a 10 count during one of the matches.

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Well, unless they changed recently and it's possible because I'm really off the pace with ROH, I think there's no count-outs. Plus, I think you can half expect any Necro match to have no rules without warning or explanation. After all, it's Necro.



Actually, looking at the card, Davey and Romero were announced as wrestling TJ and Kozina, which they apparantly did. So chances are Necro/Jacobs vs. Davey/Romero was impromptu, therefore non-sanctioned, therefore there weren't any rules. Which leaves the only question "how come ROH referees can just make matches on the fly by calling for the bell". But, I dunno.

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Necro/Jacobs vs. Davey/Romero was impromtu. Basically after the Davey/Romero vs TJ/Kozina (first match I really got into by the way.) the lights went out and Jacobs/Necro music of a girl screaming (annoying as hell) started playing and out they came. They got in the ring and challanged Davey and Romero then the Ref rang the bell. Then they spent most of the match in the crowd on the other side of the arena, leaving many fans not being able to see what was happening.

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