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Just skimming through the Striker specials:


"One of the reasons I loved WCW..."


Vince really doesn't listen to this guy does he? I love it.


I finally got around to watching the NWA ep and Striker took time out to mock Schiavone and Crockett for never being able to determine which camera they should be looking at. That had to make Vince blush. Though Striker turned around and pushed the NWA weekly show on CoD.


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I just subscribed to this mainly because of the old 1993-1994 RAW's, especially Brutus Beefcake's return and subsequent broken nose at the hands of Money Inc. I am able to save the videos to my computer and put them into respective folders, but I am sure I won't be able to view them unless my subscription is current, which is no problem for $4 a month. The reason I chose the monthly one is I am sure to have at least $4 in my account every month, whereas I might not have $40 for the payment each year because of other bills. The $4 a month for me is a sure thing. Anyways, the content will automatically renew each month and I won't have to redownload any of these vids to my computer, right? So far I've saved all the RAW's, the 1993 SummerSlam Spectacular because I love the ending of the cage match, and all the Wrestling Challenge episodes.

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You were able to save the files or save the links? Assuming you mean the links, they'll never expire (as long as your subscription is current) and new videos are added each of the 1st four Mondays of every month. No new videos on the 29th, but there should be updates the next 12 Mondays after that.


There's definitely a lot of other good stuff worth skimming through like the Hot Bed eps, the IC Title series, a couple SNMEs/arena shows, ect.

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Well I saved the links yeah, it's the same thing to me because it works all the same. I have the whole SNME collection on dvd so I don't need/want any of that, but I've saved the ECW Legacy debut episode, the Generations debut episode, all of Matt Striker's History Lessons, and the Legacy of the IC Title, all parts. I also saved all the results and edited them in Microsoft Word to make it easier to see what I have and which episode numbers they are, etc... The only thing I really need to get on is the Hot Bed eps.


So every Monday new material comes out? I don't really know the schedule.

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They've been changing it around quite a bit over the last few months. It used to be the 1st of every month, then it was the 1st & 15th of each month, and now it appears they've settled on the 1st 4 Mondays of each month. The next update will be January 5th.


They plop on about 15-20 hours a month which sure beats the days of 2005-2006 where it would be 3-4 hours/month.

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Before subscribing to Legacy, I used to buy a few dvds/yr. But I erased my dvd budget for this. For the price of about 2 dvds, you get at minimum 180 new hours/year. So even if you only care to watch 1/4 of that, you're still coming out way ahead since unlike Classics on Demand, they don't delete shows/matches.

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It seems like a lot of the WWE.com matches I want to watch are listed but aren't actually available to be watched. I wonder if they're re-encoding a lot of the files or what...

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The Survivor Series 2002 Elimination Chamber was what I was thinking of, mostly.

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A new post from them about the next few months:


Hello WWE Universe for the final time in 2008!


We want to thank each and every one of you for helping make Legacy one of your destinations this past year. Believe it or not you all helped make the service a better place by providing feedback each and every month.


We appreciate that feedback and encourage it to continue in 2009.


Speaking of 2009, get ready for brand new videos on Monday, January 5th. We have over 15 battle royals and at least one Royal Rumble match in its entirety each week. Plus The Fink will give us his favorite Royal Rumble moments in a 4-part weekly special.


While the entire schedule (always subject to change) will be released this Monday here are a few of the matches we're offering:


-1989 and 1990 Royal Rumble Match

-Cody Rhodes will share his favorite match from the Royal Rumble (My Favorite Match)

-Some extremely rare battle royals including:

-Bunkhouse Battle Royal from Boston

-3 AWA battle royals including an "Iron Man Survival Battle Royal"

-A battle royal from SMW (we promised we'd feature SMW in '09).

-Some battle royals only seen on home videos in the '80's and '90s.

-World War III

- 4 episodes of Monday Night Raw (heading into the 1994 King of the Ring) and Wrestling Challenge (the fallout of WrestleMania III)

- Introducing with an exclusive interview with the bizarre one, Goldust.

- Brand new episode of Generations.

- J.R.'s pick of the month


Stay tuned on Monday to see the rest.


As for future months:


February: We're going international and there will be at least one match never seen in the United States featured. Also included are matches taped in Australia, Japan, South Africa (not from Raw), Germany and England. Perhaps we'll even pull a match from Stampede Wrestling (that's technically outside of the US right?). Plus ECW Legacy will return with a brand new episode.


March: The power is in your hands for March. Along with all of our originals we're going to to countdown your favorite WrestleMania match from each year. And no worries, if the match voted on happens to already be in our archives not only will you get an upgraded 750K version but we'll also air the match that came in 2nd place. Stay tuned to an official update in the few weeks.


April: Hall of Fame month. We'll be providing matches with past year Hall of Famer's and those who will be inducted this year. We're getting extra help from The Fink in pulling some obscure and rare matches.


May: While we don't want to give away the theme quite yet, it will solely focus on a specific tape library that we haven't devoted nearly enough attention to.


So have a Happy New Year and we can't wait to see you in 2009!

-WWE.com Legacy

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OK so maybe I'm a loser for posting shortly after new years but I'm really excited for Legacy this Monday. I wonder how they're airing the WWIII because Benoit is in each match.


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Yeah, I am stoked for this Monday as well. I'm a battle royal whore & it'll be nice to see a few AWA ones.


Maybe since Benoit was only 1/60 of the match, it's not such a big deal. I'm guessing they'll show the 1996 one since Big Show won that and I believe the Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom were all eliminated in the 1st minute of the match as they fought all around ringside (They can probably join the match slightly in progress w/ about 55 guys left to get around Benoit).


I even like the themes for the upcoming months.

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I'm very excited for Feb and April. I'm really not a big fan outside of WWE so I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy the May theme but I'm willing to give it a chance.


As for March, I think they've been good about not putting matches from WrestleMania up due to the anthology. I remember last year being "Road to WrestleMania". So this year at least we're getting to vote on our favorite matches so it won't be too bad.

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WWE.com Legacy has updated for the first time this month. They said they would be releasing a schedule of the full month but I can't see it if they have:


Raw: Episode 60

April 25, 1994 | Approx. run time: 43 mins.

With a gigantic Intercontinental Title defense against Diesel during the weekend, Razor Ramon has a tune-up match against Double J, Jeff Jarrett, on Raw. Can The Bad Guy pick up a victory and momentum heading into his title defense (catch this match on last months Legacy of the Intercontinental Championship). Also find out if The Headshrinkers will finally get their long awaited tag team championship match against The Quebecers! All this and more on Raw. Stay tuned because Jan. 12 Raw airs on WWE.com Legacy


Wrestling Challenge: Episode 28

March 15, 1987 | Approx. run time: 37 mins.

What sort of controversy will Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan stir up this week on the Snake Pit? Is Hulk Hogan nearby? In ring action, Ricky Steamboat, Demolition, Junkyard Dog and Billy Jack Haynes are all in action. Plus, hear from your favorite Superstars as they discuss their matches heading into WrestleMania III. Don't forget Jan. 12 another episode of Wrestling Challenge airs on WWE.com Legacy


Legacy of the Intercontinental Championship: Part XIX

January 5, 2009 | Approx. run time: 54 mins.

How long will Big Daddy Cool reign supreme as the Intercontinental Champion? We'll head to the 1994 SummerSlam as Diesel defends the title against the man whom he defeated for it, Razor Ramon. Plus, two other big title matches are included on this episode!


Diesel vs. Razor Ramon (SummerSlam '94)

Razor Ramon vs. Tatanka (Monday Night Raw 9/26/94)

Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna (Monday Night Raw 10/24/94)



Introducing: Goldust

January 5, 2009 | Approx. run time: 15 mins.

The bizarre one himself, Goldust gives an exclusive interview on Legacy about his debut match against Marty Jannetty. Find out first hand what it was like walking down to the ring for the first time with one of the most unique entrances ever. After the interview you can relive Goldust's debut match from In Your House. Exclusive Legacy Content: Never before seen interview with Goldust.


The Fink's Greatest Royal Rumble Matches Special - Part 1

January 5, 2009 | Approx. run time: 80 mins.

The Fink, Howard Finkel, comes to you each week in January to relive his favorite Royal Rumble moments. Included are classic Rumble matches and title matches that made the event so memorable. This first part relives the first couple of the Royal Rumbles. Stay tuned for the next few weeks because not only will The Fink bring to you more classic Rumble moments, but he will also have exclusive interviews with WWE Superstars! Stay tuned for Jan. 12 when part 2 comes your way!


Ron Garvin vs. Greg Valentine - Submission Match (Royal Rumble 1990)

Rockin Robin vs. Judy Martin (Royal Rumble 1989)

Dino Bravo's World Bench Press Attempt (Royal Rumble 1988)

Royal Rumble Match from 1988


The Fink's Hall of Fame Selection: Harley Race vs. Haku

January 15, 1989 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.

The Fink goes back to the 1989 Royal Rumble for his Hall of the Fame pick. This unique match features two Superstars both managed by Bobby Heenan. Not only do they share a manager, but they also share the desire to be called King. The crown is on the line and which Superstar will be carried out on a throne after this match?


Royal Rumble 1989 - Royal Rumble Match

January 15, 1989 | Approx. run time: 76 mins.

Relive the very first 30- Man Royal Rumble! From Hulk Hogan to Shawn Michaels to Ted DiBiase to Mr, Perfect it's anyone's guess who will be named the 1989 Royal Rumble winner.


AWA WrestleRock - Women's Battle Royal

April 20, 1986 | Approx. run time: 13 mins.

The ladies of the AWA battle it out to be the queen of the ring. While you might not recognize some of these names, keep a look out for Sherri Martel, Debbie Combs and Luna Vachon who each have competed in WWE.


SmackDown - 20 Man Battle Royal

July 21, 2007 | Approx. run time: 24 mins.

Earlier in the evening Edge was forced to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship due to injury. Later on, 20 men competed in a battle royal for the championship. Who will reign SmackDown supreme as the new World Heavyweight Champion?


Smokey Mountain Wrestling Rumble

January 28, 1995 | Approx. run time: 15 mins.

A true gem discovered in the WWE tape library. The Superstars of Smokey Mountain Wrestling competed in a Rumble match with entrants coming in every minute. While many of these men are not well known, keep a look out for the Rock 'N Roll Express and D-Lo Brown.



They have the full Rumble 1988 show already so why the need to repeat two things from the show in the Fink's special is a bit strange - do we really need to see the Bravo Becnh Press again??

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I asked on the WWE Universe forum and they'll be releasing the schedule later today or tomorrow, but this is next weeks lineup:


-Raw #61

-Wrestling Challenge #28

-Fink's Royal Rumble Countdown Part 2- Featuring his favorite tag team Rumble matches.

-1990 Royal Rumble Match

-41-Man Battle Royal- WCW Thunder

-$50,000 Tag Team Battle Royal- Madison Square Garden

-Bunkhouse Battle Royal- Boston

-Battle Royal- Lowell, MA

-AWA Battle Royal - 7/15/1984

-World War III- WCW 1996



I think the Lowell, MA one is from a Coliseum Video won by Bob Backlund in 94

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I get the impression Fink really does pick his favorite matches and Legacy isn't stopping him from pulling repeats. If these genuinely are his favorite matches then I don't mind too much about repeats.

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FWIW, the archive is updated.


Perfect timing on the January update since I just finished watching ECW Legacy capping off my viewing of the December videos except for Raw which I usually let add up then KO them in 1-2 sittings.


Not an impressive list for The Fink but I'm guessing we'll get Rockers/Orient Express from 1991. But if I know the Fink, we'll get Bushwhackers/Beverly Brothers instead. Though I may be the only one not to get too angry over that since gaining a new appreciation for the Bushwhackers once I became a 'smark'. Ironic, I know.

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Legacy (no, not Randy & Cody. Or on 2nd thought, maybe it was them.) put up their entire January schedule here:




Some notables are the AWA: Team Challenge Series finals. Those following the AWA on ESPNC have already seen that one. What a mess that match was but noteworthy since IIRC, it's the last original televised match in Verne's AWA.


A battle royal from WCW Saturday Night?


I looked up the Prime Time battle royal on Cawthon's site and it is indeed the one Berzerker won. Huss Huss Huss!


Royal Rumble 1996 will be added too. I really hated Shawn Michaels in this era though the match is fun especially Vader crushing fools after his elimination.

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Just watched the 4/11 Raw followed by Haku/Race. Nice to see throne dumping in back-to-back videos. "We got em!" - Heenan . . . gold!


Also watched the AWA chick battle royal. This was no good and made even more painful by Rod Trongard who completely mixed up Candi Devine w/ Debbie Combs the entire match. Cringeworthy. Too bad Verne didn't have the foresight to yell insanities into his headset. If he did, I'm sure Rod would have used a modified Harry Doyle standby "Don't worry, nobody's watchin anyway"


Seemed like someone in Legacy owns the RR89 CV version and wanted to fill in the blanks. Haku/Race, Robin/Martin complete, & the complete Rumble w/ prematch interviews not on the CV were all plopped in this week. Feels like we're getting RR89's deleted scenes.


That Goldust interview regarding his debut clocked in at a whopping 45 seconds or so. "So I wrestled Marty Jannetty and beat him w/ the Curtain Call" was the gyst of it. I miss the creepy Goldust entrance w/ the higher pitched music than he has today.


Vince sounded like he was on acid during the Razor/Tatanka & Razor/Yoko matches from the IC Title ep. For anyone that complains about Don West, take a listen to the headset bully here.

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New update (one of their best weekly updates in a long time)


Raw: Episode 61

May 2, 1994 | Approx. run time: 41 mins.

The Tag Team Championship is on the line as The Quebecers defend against The Headshrinkers. Can Captain Lou add another tag team championship to his wrestling resume? Speaking on Hall of Famers, Chief Jay Strongbow makes a special appearance on Raw and the brand new Intercontinental Champion, Diesel, is the guest on King's Court. Stay tuned because Jan. 19 Raw airs on WWE.com Legacy.


Wrestling Challenge: Episode 29

March 22, 1987 | Approx. run time: 40 mins.

After Andre appeared on the Snake Pit last week, WWE World Champion Hulk Hogan shows up. What final words does the Hulkster have to say before heading into the main event at WrestleMania III? Also, the Hart Foundation, Koko B. Ware, King Kong Bundy and Hercules are all in competition this week.

Don't forget Jan. 19 another episode of Wrestling Challenge airs on WWE.com Legacy


The Fink's Greatest Royal Rumble Matches Special - Part 2

January 12, 2009 | Approx. run time: 130 mins.

The Fink looks back at some of his favorite tag team matches from Royal Rumbles past. Which teams will make the cut? The Hart Foundation? Rockers? Bushwhackers? Also, you never know who The Fink's going to interview and what Royal Rumble match he chooses to close out the show.

Stay tuned for Jan. 19 when part 3 comes your way!


Rockers vs. Orient Express (Royal Rumble 91)

Glamour Girl vs. Jumping Bomb Angels (Royal Rumble 88)

Bushwhackers vs. Beverly Brothers (Royal Rumble 92)

Carlito & Primo Colon discuss their father in Royal Rumble 93

Royal Rumble Match from 1993


Royal Rumble 1990 - Royal Rumble Match

January 21, 1990 | Approx. run time: 74 mins.

The 3rd annual Royal Rumble match was one of the biggest ever. From Mr. Perfect to Hulk Hogan to The Ultimate Warrior it was anyone's guess who will walk out the winner! If you've never seen this match or want to relive it again, you're in for a big treat!


Thunder - 41-Man Battle Royal

May 3, 2000 | Approx. run time: 25 mins.

This will go down as one of the most dysfunctional, unorganized and confusing battle royals in wrestling history. And for those reasons alone this is a must see match!


Madison Square Garden - $50,000 Tag Team Battle Royal

October 20, 1986 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.

With $50,000 on the line it's anyone's guess which team will survive the battle royal. The rules are simple: if you or your partner is eliminated, the entire team is gone. While the favorites were definitely the team of King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd, you're in for a surprise when you see who leaves MSG with all the cash.


Boston - Bunkhouse Battle Royal

January 3, 1987 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.

It was dress as you please in this battle royal from Boston. While most wrestlers wore their street clothes to the ring, some chose to be slightly more ostentatious. However it doesn't matter what you wear as long as you're the last man in the ring!


Home Video - 20 Man Battle Royal

August 15, 1994 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.

You see these men compete each week on Raw on WWE.com Legacy and here's your chance to see them all battle one ring. Whether it's Yokozuna, Diesel, Typhoon or even the 1-2-3 Kid it's anyone's guess who will win this 20-man over the top-rope battle royal.


AWA - Battle Royal

July 15, 1984 | Approx. run time: 12 mins.

This battle royal features many of the prominent wrestlers who competed for the AWA including Hall of Famers Dusty Rhodes and Curt Hennig. While there are more familiar faces, if you're able to name everyone without using your wrestling encyclopedia then you certainly know your wrestling!


World War III - 60 Man Three Ring Battle Royal

November 24, 1996 | Approx. run time: 24 mins.

60-men competing in 3 rings for a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Who will survive in this cutthroat contest? Plus, the New World Order is involved and they're not making any allies in the ring. Find out who makes it to the end and wins this unique Battle Royal.



Oh by the way the World War III Battle Royal is joined in progress to cut out guess who's involvement...

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Tony has a winner of a line during the Battle Royal:


"Everything logical you can think about in WCW over the past few years, throw it out the window!"


If you pay attention very early on, you'll note a fan gets into the battle royal. Scott Steiner leaves the ring to beat the crap out of him.

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I absolutely hate the constant split screen during WW3. I wouldn't mind it if it came and went but it stayed until the final 10 guys or so.


The Fink must have quite the hardon for RR88 for adding yet another match from that event. I'm 1/2 expecting Steamboat/Rude next week.


But for the most part, this is quality stuff. I wonder how many times Monsoon will say "I hope they've reinforced the ring for this one" in the January videos.

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Gotta love that not only was the Thunder battle royal overbooked crap, but twice the WCW cameras missed big moments at the end.


And did someone walk out and through the gimmicked stage intended for DDP/Jarrett? Tell me that actually happened?

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By the responses, I'm guessing the answer is no but is anyone else having problems w/ the Thunder video? It craps out for me at around the 30 second mark and it won't resume until after the 12 minute point.

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