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Patty O'Green

Anglemania feedback

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Very, very enjoyable work from everyone who wrote. I think its on par with last years show, which was also very good. Maybe this one is even a bit better now that I think about it. You should all be quite proud of yourselves. Good efforts with some people writing three matches, and very good writing. Much respect to dudes for this one.

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Enterprise vs LGS/CAE: Nice little opener. There seems to be problems between the Lone Star Gunslingers. Interesting to see where that leads in the coming weeks.


Always nice to see the Originals pop in with a cameo at AngleMania.


Love Generation vs Internationally Known: Hot six-man with lots of near-falls. I was a little surprised at the result, but I have a feeling that the LG will be back.


I have to say Patty is doing better with Tony Tourettes than I ever could have hoped to. Nice segment.


James Cone vs Jester: Brutal match with great drama. Big AngleMania return for Cone.


Todd Cortez vs Landon Maddix: Terrific story, outstanding match. Antoher result that surprised me a bit, as well.


MISTER Warrior's promo was excellent. I went through it in my head a couple times, trying to imagine what it may sound like had the actual Warrior cut the promo.


Zack Malibu vs Bohemoth: In a word, awesome. The powerbomb to the ramp was particularly sick. And then Bo snuffs Zack after picking up the win. I want more.


Krista vs Alix: Another terrific match, but the postmatch sequence is what I'll remember most about this one. What does the future hold here? I can't wait to find out.


MISTER Warrior vs Vinny Valentine: I expected an entertaining squash, and was not disappointed. So, nice work.


I'll do Ed's stuff when it comes in.

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Just to update everyone I am still writing the main event. I'm making this a fucking EPIC! Hey, it's AngleMania and it's the main event, you can forgive me for wanting to make this extra special. I should be done HOPEFULLY by tonight at like 2 a.m. or so, so I just wanted to let you know that it's actually coming unlike my match at the Leap Year Spectacular so to read it when it's edited in.

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Highly entertaining show. As Patty said, on par with last year’s event.


Cool and elaborate opening. The kind a mega show like AM deserves. Had no idea Maggie is now the Women‘s Champ. Checked the title history thread and saw no mention of it.


Patty didn’t half ass the show that’s for sure, breaking out the OAOAST Originals/celebrities, DVD advertisements and a hilarious interview with TT.


Burrough Boys vs. TK & Reject: Took us 6 years but we finally had our SD Jones/King Kong Bundy moment, or Chavo/Kane depending on your view.


Love Generation vs. Cucaracha International: Kick ass bout. The 450 spot was tremendous. It’d make a helluva visual.


James Cone vs. Jester: Good stuff from one of the best writers here.


Team Heyross vs. Heavenly Rockers: Talk about finally. For years I’ve called Team Heyross one of the best tag teams on the roster and yet they never held the titles…until now. About damn time. That coming from the man who had the power to make it happen long ago. But hey, we eventually got it done! :D


Alfdogg vs. Sandman: This was brutal in a good way. :lol: at the hoodie.


Landon Maddix vs. Todd Cortez: These guys channeled Ricky Steamboat/Randy Savage and stole the show IMO.


Damn was that Warrior promo great. Mr. Warrior for World Champion!


Bohemoth vs. Zack Malibu: Bo probably has more than just adrenaline flowing through his veins. :lol: Anyway, this was awesome beyond words. Loved the Iron Claw/power bomb spot, but the ending? Tell me Bo isn’t turning heel. :(


Krista vs. Alix: Another epic bout here, resulting in the reunion of COD.


Vinny Valentine vs. Mr. Warrior: Real or fake, you won’t ever see a cool down match this hot.


Match of the Night: Pick any match from the show and you wouldn't be wrong, but I'm going to go with the one that had me cracking up... Vinny Valentine vs. Mr. Warrior


Quote of the Show: “And not letting go! He better squeeze tightly, or he'll lose control!”

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Attention everyone. Attention everyone: THE MAIN EVENT HAS BEEN EDITED INTO OAOAST ANGLEMANIA VII!!!




So, there it is! It's done! Finished! Finito! Completed! Woooo!


I am probably not going to have enough time to do Colombian Heat vs. Spanish Fly in a Crybaby Match for the OAOAST United States Championship this week...maybe I'll get it done by next week. Maybe.


But the main event for OAOAST AngleMania VII has been edited into the show now! So you can go ahead and read it and add it to your feedback if you want to!


I apologize for the lateness once again. I had hoped that I wouldn't have been late with this one, and I ended up being late with it as usual. Oy vey! I'll try my very best not to be late anymore with ANY of my stuff in the next year! I'll try my very best! I will! Really, I will!


Still, the important thing is the main event of OAOAST AngleMania VII has been edited into the show, so we have a (almost) complete show now! YEA!

Edited by Ed Wood Caulfield

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