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We're going to use this until the wrestling draft is over, at which point I'll move this into an archive for us all to look at. I don't know where I'll put it at that point, but I'll figure it out. Until then, post everything about the wrestling draft here. Non-selections, ideas, supercards, roster discussion with other people (create your own thread for people to talk about in and give opinions if they want) you name it.

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This is awesome. Thank you for making this easier for us all.


To everybody in the draft awaiting details, The Franchise assembled a list (which is very much subject to change for those who want to move their presentation up/back).


October 1: TheOriginalOrangeGoblin

October 3: Drury37

October 5: Garth

October 7: KingKamalaClassic

October 9: Crandamaniac

October 11: 909

October 13: Diamonddust

October 15: The Great Mazto

October 17: Mellow

October 19: Broward83

October 21: Hunter's Torn Quad

October 23: bps21

October 25: Steviekick

October 27: The Franchise

October 29: Hawk34

November 31: Brooklyn Zoo

November 2: naiwf


The idea is to create a separate thread for each participant to post their wrestling card(s), so that we can discuss them separately without creating a giant mess. My ears are definitely open on this one. Also, there is a separate thread going on right now for us to post our final roster (along with stables, divisions, company name, etc.). Please post whenever you can!

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What the hell's this thread about? You should remove this and pin the draft ideas thread up top. Then move us up to where general chat is. We will become a legit part of TSM!



This whole forum was initially a spin-off of the Wrestling Draft which was going to have supercards posted by the people who drafted, so they made a folder so that each supercard could have it's own thread without cluttering up the Old School Wrestling folder... aaaah, how such good plans go to waste.

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